This show is really bad with exposition. They continue to throw names and jargon at us without really spending enough time on them, or at least explaining anything to us. I’d probably make more sense of what’s going on if I took notes from the beginning, but I shouldn’t have to take notes. Who wants to take notes during an anime episode? Mental notes, yes. Actual physical ones, no.

I see people say that this was the best episode of the show so far, and I can’t really agree. I still have no clue what’s going on right now, and this particular episode almost made me fall asleep. I don’t even care to go back and try to make sense of anything. All I kind of know is that there are at least three different groups? Dorothea, which I think might be like the CIA or FBI as they can order the police around and they handle special cases? The mafia group, and then Wolfran’s group. This episode, Free and Mariya learn about the Black Fairy Tome, which holds pages related to fairy possession. Which I think has something to do with Mariya as she possessed a fairy, no implantation like Free. Speaking of, there are 17 other fairy soldiers that survived the war with Free. I guess that’s important. So they go to the person in possession of this particular tome, which the mafia also wants as well. And then they meet a woman named Bitter Sweet, or Sweetie, who works for the mafia but doesn’t, and she also wants the tome. Which eventually leads to another chase because this show really loves chase scenes. The mafia errand boy steals the tome, and the others go after him but eventually Free and Sweetie fight each other and he’s surprised to see that she also has a fairy. So was she a soldier, or is she also another person like Mariya? Who knows. Oh, and Veronica was there too.

I think that was the gist of the episode, I can barely remember the details. Like I said, I almost fell asleep. I can’t even begin to keep up when the show keeps throwing names at you, like the authors, more city names, etc. I’m sure they’re all important, but I can’t even remember them or care because the show goes by them too quickly. I don’t even have many comments to say about the episode other than I thought it was dull. I was just bored the whole time, and my patience has run dry.

It’s disappointing, really. This was one of the shows this season I was really excited for and it turns out like this. I know I probably should give it a couple more episodes chance since it’s going to be a two cour, but I don’t even have the slightest interest anymore. I’m not attached to any character or even the plot, and there’s nothing here that interests me. I don’t have the energy to watch anymore, much less review it. If I could give it some positives, the music is pretty good save for that insert song last episode that was too loud and not very fitting. Sweetie, while cliche, seems pretty cool.

And this little guy is adorable. This fox/dog fairy thing. Don’t know how important it’ll be, if at all, but at least it’s cute. OP and ED are fantastic as well, but that doesn’t save it. Maybe I’ll keep up with people’s reactions to see if it improves or not but I don’t think I’ll be bothered to watch another episode. And that’s sad. :/



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