This was one of the few episodes that was a very well thought out fluff episode, and an entertaining one at that! In order to cover up the truth behind the battle between the Notraiders, we have an alien agent from Galactic Starscape Alliance disguised as a Human claim all of what had happened part of his special effects for his film! The whole thing is was such a stretch, I loved how the writer even had the characters acknowledge how much of a stretch their stories were! But as crazy as it was, they needed something to throw Kaguya and his team off-track, especially since it’s so important to Galactic Starscape Alliance’s to keep aliens a secret from Humanity.

Hilariously, the agent finds himself forced to produce something after Hikaru takes the story a step further by insisting they were his actresses for his movie. And boy, did she underestimate how difficult it would be to act. Elena was the only one who could put on a decent performance, Madoka (adorably) read the script word-by-word and Lala and Hikaru were monotone actors, it was golden!

Additionally, the girls were under pressure to make his film a success because Lala had been caught for breaking the law, and was due to be sent back to her home planet. Luckily through the power of friendship, they were able to touch his heart and be given an exception.

As fluffy and fun as the episode was, it was great to see they didn’t waste any time with the enemy already making adjustments to the girls’ power-up. Now that the master is awake, he is hungry for their power! I greatly appreciated that we got to see him provide his generals a permanent buffed up to their weapons to better equip them for their fights against the precure. I also especially liked the fact even though Ayewon had the enhanced dark pen (which they added a nice highlight to), the girls did not luck out and recover it as they had for other pens.

However during the scene which the Master provided the weapon upgrade, seeing Bakenyan’s uneasy expression gave me a sudden realization that he might actually be an undercover agent of the Galactic Starscape Alliance! And if it proves to be true, then it makes this episode all the more important, because this is the first time we are actually seeing the Galactic Starscape Alliance we have heard so much about from Lala, in action!

Next week, it looks like more fluff on the way with Lala abiding to the agent’s condition that she must blend into the Human Society as he had. She will be be enrolling at the academy with the girls, getting to experience Earth’s school-life. But it looks like it might be a tricky transition, as this episode established that while Lala has been blessed to be able to converse with Humans, she still cannot read their language and needs her AI to help translate that for her. So I’m looking forward to see how she will adjust and adapt to the new setting!


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  1. Elior Levi

    Eva now that we reached episode 12 what do you think of star twinkle precure so far?

  2. asiafan

    That is a good theory of Bakenyan’s role in this story. I also have another theory in that he is maybe another faction that is trying to take the powers of the Princess Pens all to himself. After all he did say something along the lines of “whoever gets the all of the pens has the power to change reality”, or something like that.

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