This week, Lala enrols into the girls’ school, but it wasn’t quite what she expected!

I have to say, this episode was incredibly well done. I am glad that they were able to use this event in a meaningful way! I appreciated seeing the theme of Lala’s struggle to adjust as a foreign student. One of Lala’s biggest struggle was going to school without her AI assistant. In her world, AI provide them precise instructions and answers to their question. In fact they demonstrated the consequences of being too dependent on AI, as Lala was shocked when she learned that Earthlings of Hikaru’s age can (usually) add two digits, something she cannot do. I commend her for trying problem solve on her own, but at the same time I felt sad for her because she wasn’t comfortable with asking for help. And the reason for that was also because she was struggling to fit in with the class. She became incredibly self-conscious of what others have thought of her, and tried to change herself to fit the mould. Luckily Hikaru noticed how uncomfortable and stressed out she was, and decided to talk to her about it so she wouldn’t have to deal with it alone.

This week we also finally got to see what the Master’s blessing changed about the general’s weapons! It took me a minute before I realized what it did exactly, and that was taking the target’s imagination, and whatever that may be, will reflect the form of the enhanced weapon. In this case, Karunori’s imagination was a hover board (BACK TO THE FUTURE STYLE) of a sorts. It was creatively used, but I would say it best served as a shield compared to the whole ‘crash into everything’ sort of destruction Kappard was doing.

Next week Elena will be back in the spotlight, featuring more about her family!


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  1. elior1

    this was a great episode focusing on lala her struggle was hard and I felt sad for her also that hoverboard caught me off guard

  2. asiafan

    I still don’t get the whole imagination concept in this series. What was Karunori’s imagination that led to changing Kappard’s weapon into a hover board? Otherwise it is still a great episode focusing on Lala’s development on Earth.

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