Carole & Tuesday Episode 4: Video Killed the Radio Star

I have no clue what to make of this episode. I felt like it was completely pointless but it still had some good in it in relation to Gus and Marie. And it was also pretty funny too, I couldn’t stop laughing at the abomination that was their music video. It was entertaining in the least.

So because they screwed up with Ertegun, Gus decided as their Plan B that they should create a music video. Which makes sense really, but what didn’t was how spectacular they wanted their music video to be. Giant robots, zombies, lots of dancing, expensive cars, explosions….for their song, “Hold Me Now”. I actually thought they were making a video for the laundry song but still! None of those things fit with the theme of either song! But that’s what they wanted? Roddy ordered an AI robot that can help with this sort of thing but for some reason he ignores that 2,000+ reviews on fake Ebay that average a one-star rating. Probably because it’s cheap. Seeing the one-star review, I knew this wasn’t going to go well at all, and of course it didn’t. Especially when the robot says he’s fueled by beer. IDEA was an asshole but it made me laugh as it sat back, watched Space Dandy on his phone, and drank beer in the bathtub. He did kinda put effort into the music video though…I guess. But that included so many ridiculous things like destroying Roddy’s robot figures, destroying Ertegun’s expensive car, making Roddy dance 120 times, and whatnot. Also yeah poor Roddy. He’s adorable but he got the brunt of all the robot’s crap, even if it did make me laugh quite a bit.

There’s not too much else to say. They find out IDEA is a scambot and they return him and their music video was a complete failure. This episode was pretty much an homage to music videos as it had many music video references like Thriller, Take on me, etc. Again, this show really likes to pack in all the real world music references that it kind of becomes a little much but I can’t lie, the zombie part was hilarious.

This episode wasn’t entirely too important. I just found it silly that they all suggested all those themes even though it had nothing to do with their song and that Gus would even try to get 120 singers, Hollywood actors, and a giant robot. It was just a silly filler episode since nothing was really accomplished, but it was still fun at least.

We got introduced to a new character named Marie, Gus’ ex-wife. I like her character a lot already and I hope she becomes a recurring one like Roddy and Ertegun. She’s sweet, nice, and she had no problem helping Gus out with makeup and costuming for Carole and Tuesday. Which I found surprising really. Either she’s really generous and easygoing, or she just has a lot of trust in Gus even if he hasn’t had the best career (though not too shabby). She has a really soothing voice and she takes a liking to Carole and Tuesday very quickly, and she really does help with the costumes and makeup. There was no reason the girls needed ALL of that makeup and wardrobe but hey, at least they made a new friend. Hers and Gus’ relationship is pretty interesting and I’d love it if the showed explored it more. They’re both on pretty good terms and there doesn’t seem to be any awkward tension between them. I even found it pretty cute that they both have the same hairstyle. They can share a drink and have a normal conversation together, and Marie is able to tell him that she’s going to get remarried to her girlfriend. It shocks him but he’s happy for her, glad that someone else can give her the happiness that he wasn’t able to give. We don’t know “where they went wrong” as she put it, whether it’s related to her sexuality, falling out of love, work getting in the way of their marriage, or all of the above. Though they get along perfectly fine, you can’t ignore that Gus was a drunk before. A broken marriage on top of a failed career probably pushed him over the edge but thankfully Carole and Tuesday picked him up from that. Still, there’s no awkwardness between them so their falling out probably wasn’t that bad.

It sure is nice seeing a same-sex couple being depicted normally. Marie and her girlfriend sharing a kiss, Marie asking Carole and Tuesday whether they had a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s just…normal. And that’s how it should be. Hopefully, something like this can be normal in our future.

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