Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 100

Happy 100th Episode! 😀

This week, to spotlight was shifted onto the Hanoi Knights and Akira and Emma working on trying to figure out how to effectively save everyone and stop Bohman. It was unexpected, but I really liked that this was done because it is so important to make these characters relevant. They don’t need to be ‘duelling’ to do their job, they have a different role, and that is playing as support. Luckily for the hacking squads, Faust was able to make a breakthrough by discovering a potential vulnerability in Bohman’s Neuron Link Skill, and were able to come up with a plan how to attempt exploiting it.

In order to use the Neuron Link skill, Bohman requires an immense amount of power. The key to the system, lies in the two Link VRAINS worlds overlapping each other. So the idea is, if they split it up, Bohman won’t be able to use the Neuron Link skill anymore, or at least that’s what they hope. However the plan cannot be done with the offline team alone, Emma and Akira, who are online will be working with them, along with a special bonus of Emma’s Virus Bomb, kekeke, if it all goes well, this could be really fun ahaha. And honestly, I hope this plan succeeds because it was be freaking hilarious and amazing to see them knock Bohman off his high-horse. But it’s a race against time since Bohman appears to be going through the players list by the order which they have logged in, giving Emma and Akira estimate of how much time they have to work with before they are attacked by Neuron Link as well. Of course, also by doing that, they may not only be able to stop Bohman’s “cheat” method, but also buy more time to protect those who are logged in, and get them out of there.

And speaking of the players logging in.
Oh my god.

Did anyone else have to PAUSE the episode when Bohman announced more players are logging into Link VRAINS?!
I litterally, needed a moment because I could not handle the stupidity. The proverb: ‘Curiosity killed the cat’, is exactly what is currently transpiring. As the world learns about how players cannot log out of Link VRAINS, we have fucking stupid people, who have the audacity to log into a system, that has been publicly announced they can’t log out. And you know what was the most startling part about the newly logged in users? It was their reaction. While they most likely heard about how people can’t log out, it seems as though they had thought it was some kind of publicity stunt, leading to an event in the network.

And that brings me back to SOL Technology: Their silence in this matter is also to blame for this. It has been reported that rather than making a public announcement to plead to the public not to log into network, they are choosing to remain silent. As result, it’s the complaints piling up of users being unable to log out that’s making the headlines. A lot of us have been speculating on how SOL Technology would turn the tables. I have said it time and time again for the last few weeks how this company is completely toast, but as some have suggested, if they were to somehow manipulate the footage into pinning the blame on Playmaker and the others for the network being hijacked, would they still be able to salvage the name of their brand? It would be rather interesting if the writer chooses to go in this direction, as rather than being hailed as a hero as he has done in the past incidents, Playmaker’s name could somehow be branded as a traitor, but that just seems really messy and I’m not sure how well that would play out.

With Yuusaku having been somewhat benched this episode, it’s an understatement why there wasn’t much progression with the duel, but I didn’t particular mind it because in turn, we got to see progress being made elsewhere. But that isn’t to say nothing happened between him and Bohman. In fact, this week Bohman starts yapping about how he’s the “evolved form” of Yuusaku, (no, just no!), and because he’s special to him, he will place his data in a special place inside him, promising to grant him happiness forever. Of course Yuusaku flat out refuses to accept his ideals and definition of ‘utopia’ (which still blows my mind how he thinks the world would be a fucking perfect as the sole existence). He also made a valid point of how Bohman is just lonely (which is absolutely true, but doesn’t excuse him of his actions), but he’s not your mushy type of hero is going to give out hugs, scream about the power of friendships or smiles. Instead Yuusaku argues that: while people’s views may clash from time to time, it enables them to grow a broader mind by accepting each other despite their differences. And this right here, is the key to co-existence.

Next episode, oh my god that preview! At the end of the episode, Bohman looked pretty annoyed to see Yuusaku still have both the will to fight on, and cards up his sleeve! And now Ai is gonna do something crazy, and that animation style! You know it’s gonna be wild when they got those crazy expressions! I cannot wait, it’s going to be a doozy!

PS: Here’s to hoping we actually get to see Cyberse Clock Dragon land a punch. It’s been a long time since we last saw this dude, so hopefully he can actually shine.


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10 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 100

  1. One small problem I have with this episode, just one small one is the pacing of the duel: We have had 1 1/2 episode now and Yusaku is just now on his second turn and that just dosen´t feel like a season final to me.
    On the other hand holy shit is this episode awesome, for once I properlly hit the jackpot on how Yusaku is gonna win this duel and how he gets there, second while Bohman´s Master storm acces is getting old aswell I LOVE what his final play is.
    Yusaku is going to go though the summoning methods intil his arsenal is used up that I had no doubt about and then AI´s sacrifice that we see in the trailer for next week is gonna somehow allow Playmaker to get a Link 5 Cyberse that can do the deed and cut down Dragrid.
    Bohman´s Chimera Hydradrive Dragrid only have 2 effects? NOPE, the way I see it even if they are seperate monsters those heads count as the same monster (Since Bohman rig the dice) and we allready have a effect negation and destruction effect.
    Guess to those who see this, What should the design be of Playmaker´s Link 5, effect and Link arrows?

      1. I know about Link Mail Archfiend but frankly that monster is summoned skull support and at the same time far to weak for this situation. The ATK reduction and prevention of destruction by banishing is nice and all but it can´t do the job, furthermore I truly belive that it needs to be Link 5 not 4 to have the neccesary power.

  2. I don’t know if this is a Spoiler

    Spoiler (?) Monster Detail

    (sorry if it is) but… In Rising Rampage (The pack after Dark Neostorm) It has a Link-4 Cyberse Monster in it called “Link Mail Archfiend”. It requires 2+ Fusion, Synchro or Xyz monsters to summon it. Considering what’s on Yusauku’s field…. Well… New Link monster! Also… You should check it out. I find it interesting.

    Also… I found this episode to be a more for some reason. Maybe it’s because it’s the 4th time we’ve had Yusauku and Bohman Duel. I don’t know…. I liked the episode I just found it boring.

  3. In my opinion, human individuality is the most beautiful aspect of humanity. It defines us and gives us life. Bohman’s mindset is stupid and old-fashioned for he mentioned past historical events. Yes, individuality brings in strife, but strife allows individuals to judge their actions and help them realize how it can affect their actions and strive to better themselves for the future. That is why society is like this today because individuality helped society evolve. That’s why I can relate to Yusaku because the past may shape people, but it doesn’t define them because individuality helps them grow.
    What I like about VRAINS is that dueling may still be a key factor to conflicts, but the fact that there are people who will still fix conflicts using real world methods like hacking and using pure knowledge. I really liked the parts with the KOH and GG and Akira for the sheer fact that they’re fighting a battle of intellect with Bohman alongside PM. It shows that the real world aspects are still a key factor to the VRAINS world.
    Oh my goodness, the stupidity of the people logging onto LV. It’s sadly realistic because there are people who will do this in reality that it’s scarily realistic in a sense.
    Lastly, I love the montage of PM when he thinks about his friends. I always liked that detail in media where a character thinks about those precious to them. I would always want to know who appears first and last because those are the most important people to said character. The first person would be the person someone first thinks of when mentioning someone they value. From a writing standpoint, it would be either family or a precious friend because thinking of them first eases their mind. Then, transition to other important people, and then the last person shown should also be important…probably even more than the first person shown because it shows how much that person is valued with an eased mind.That’s a little detail I like in this episode because, from a writing standpoint, it shows that SB and Kusanagi, the two people he has interacted with the most, are the ones he values a bit more than the others, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t as important. I’m sure PM likes everyone else equally. (Though I do wonder why Specter and Akira aren’t in the montage. The former might be understandable since they haven’t interacted but the latter is someone he does hold some respect for)

    1. Well said!
      As for why Specter and Akira weren’t in the montage, is probably because he doesn’t consider them friends. They are acquaintances at best. LOL!
      And yes, is truly tragic how realistic it is for people to run straight into danger for curiosity sakes.

      1. That’s true. I hope Specter and PM interact more in season 3 given that they’re also kindred spirits of the sorts.
        Speaking of which, I noticed that the Water head did not attack but only negated effects. The Fire head used its effect and also inflicted damage on PM. It makes me wonder if the Fire, Light and Earth heads are stronger than the Wind and Water heads because Bohman has both Ignis and Origin for those three former elements while he only has Windy and Aqua individually.

  4. Man, I can’t believe we’re on the 100th episode of Yugioh VRAINS! Has it really been that long? You’re right about the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat”. I just couldn’t believe how dumb people were. Obviously, this was no publicity stunt. Yeah, I was just shocked to see people amazed by the unconscious bodies. I was definitely not feeling that way. I was horrified! They’re just basically dead bodies everywhere in Link VRAINS. Although I will say that I was actually kinda happy that Brave Max fell unconscious. His freaking out and cowardliness really irritate me. He’s that kind of guy that says big words but never actually does it. He’s not hero material and would probably just cower in fear if he had to face anyone on Lightning’s faction.
    I feel that SOL wasn’t doing anything about the situation just for the sake of money. Queen is currently the head of SOL and is pretty much a greedy woman who treats everyone as expendable. That’s why she’s 2nd on my list of Most Despicable Villains of Yugioh VRAINS.
    I think Playmaker sees Bohman as his past self rather than an evolved form of him. This was great character development for Yusaku. He does admit that he was wrong to push people aside and that he was lonely as a result. I was so touched that he said that he made many friends throughout the series. I’m glad to see that he now considers his comrades as friends and has learned the true meaning of friendship. It’s not just Soulburner, Kusanagi and now mutual friendship with Ryoken, but also Blue Maiden, Ghost Girl, and even Go. Did it surprise you that Playmaker thought of Go when thinking about his friends? If ending 3 is any indication, Go might be redeemed in season 3. If Playmaker thinks of Go as a friend, then he might be willing to forgive Go for everything he’s done. Although in my opinion, I think Go doesn’t deserve forgiveness, especially his role in Earth’s death and then using Earth’s data in his AI chip. But overall, Playmaker must be grateful to his friends for helping him become more open-minded and leading him to say that he wishes to coexist with Ai and the other Ignis. I feel Yusaku will decide to reveal his true identity to at least Aoi and Aqua next season if he now considers her a friend.
    Bohman offering Playmaker to surrender and giving him a special place in his mind was extremely creepy. Of course I wouldn’t want to accept that. It’s just a bunch of lies. Clearly Ai had enough of the smooth talk. I was sickened by Bohman’s speech. He’s not a god!
    Looking back at the Knights of Hanoi, I can understand why Akira is apprehensive. After all, they did many unforgivable things to the main and supporting cast members back in season 1. And Ghost Girl, Blue Maiden, and Soulburner made it pretty clear when Team Playmaker decided to team up with the Knights of Hanoi that they still had a grudge against Hanoi for what they did to each of them individually and haven’t forgotten what happened. Akira seems to feel the same, especially after that Another virus prototype was planted into Blue Angel in episode 7. But I guess to save everyone and help give Playmaker a fighting chance, all grudges have to put be aside for the time being. The Hanoi lieutenants clearly seemed to regret what they’ve done to Team Playmaker in the past and they knew it was understandable they thought Akira and Ghost Girl wouldn’t trust them initially.

    1. I have to say, I think the way VRAINS has been so successfully implementing the realism of Human behaviour into the series is really giving it an edge.
      //I think Playmaker sees Bohman as his past self rather than an evolved form of him.//
      You hit the nail right on the head. Today was a great day for Yuusaku’s growth! 😀
      As for Onizuka, I mean, considering how they were trying so hard for a time to convince us that Yuusaku saw Onizuka as a friend, no, I wasn’t surprised to him, but I did roll my eyes. LOL. As to forgive him or not for killing Earth, honestly, I’m with you, I have zero interest in seeing an Onizuka redemption arc. On top of that, I feel time can be better spent on fleshing out more important characters.
      But let’s be real would’ve been criminal if they had the guts to add Naoki in the montage. XDDDD Also yes, I too was happy to see that they finally shut him up for the rest of the duel, and to be fair, I think most of us felt the same.

  5. Never underestimate the human stupidity. I…in fact consider a viable scenario if Vrains would be a real life thing.
    You can see people who starts smoking, drinking, getting high or even doing extreme things just because of their curiosity.
    You can see many people who almost kill themselves (or have killed themselves) just because they are curious to do something, It’s part of free will..

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