Carole & Tuesday Episode 10: River Deep, Mountain High

We have another uneventful episode with Mars Brightest. I could see this little arc lasting maybe one more episode, but with the cliffhanger we got with Tuesday in the end, it could possibly last two more episodes? Anyway, just to give a quick recap:

  • Ertegun is back and he’s a judge. His reaction to Carole and Tuesday was hilarious.
  • GGK: I don’t know how relevant her character will be after this is all over, but I guess it was kind of interesting hearing about her little backstory. It’s hard to tell which is real and maybe just her imagination, but this is Mars we’re talking about so who the hell knows. The show hasn’t done a good job in explaining Mars to us so honestly, literally anything goes. But she doesn’t look like a particularly bad person. She’s strange and mysterious, but she was a good sport and clapped for Angela and even hugged her after her loss. Her song was pretty similar to her other one last week, which is something the judges mentioned, but at least she has uniqueness. And she got some pretty uplifting words too. But, again, I would have voted for her.
  • Angela: Tao did something surprising in that he told Angela to change her song, probably for the reason the judges mentioned when criticizing GGK. She stuck to something similar, but Tao probably made her change her song to something just as poppy but more fun and cute, just to show that she has range in her music. Again, her song wasn’t anything to write home about but she ended up winning the round and is moving on to the finals.
  • Pyotr: He’s very strange, but his song was pretty good. Pyotr is weird and kind of annoying but I got to give him credit that he at least is being himself and isn’t ashamed anymore. His whole speech of accepting himself was quite nice, and his new song reflected that. It has a really good message, but maybe I would change the lyrics up just to make it less simple and more poetic. But he has a lot of stage presence. He showed off that he still has the chops, but his opponents…?

Tuesday frustrates me. I understand she’s sheltered, and I’ve said this already, but she really can’t sense that Cybelle is bad news? She bit her, was creepy with her, so why chase after her? I get that she feels responsible, but I think most people can detect when they should stay clear from someone, or at least be suspicious of them. I’m also equally as frustrated with Carole. Carole knew from the start that Cybelle was a weirdo, but this whole time Carole hasn’t really done anything. I know that Carole has enough street smarts to know that letting Tuesday go off on her own to find her stalker is BAD. And yet she let that happen. There were many moments that Carole could have been a little tougher on Tuesday just so she gets what kind of person Cybelle is but that never happened. I’ve always felt like there wasn’t much a deep connection between them, but the episode just showed that they’re very disconnected right now. For now, I believe that Cybelle is behind the birthday present. Tuesday is seen clutching her hand in pain, so she probably got in the way of their victory. Which is lame. And again, I sigh as Tuesday would even open the box when no name was there, and the fact that she had no time to open a present because she had to go on stage. I totally saw this coming.

Though I have seen people say that maybe Tao or manager Kimura is behind it? Tao and Dahlia’s conversation ended on a really strange note, and I have no idea what Dahlia realized? And I also don’t understand Katy’s serious expression and the close up on Angela’s phone. It’s all very strange and I would hope that Tao wouldn’t resort to dumb underhanded tactics, just because he does see Carole and Tuesday as threats to Angela. I am very curious to see what this is all about.

Another mediocre episode, though maybe the next one will be a little better with the drama sprinkled in. Tuesday’s hand seems injured, but knowing her, she’s probably going to force herself to play but their performance is going to be terrible. But who knows!

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