RobiHachi Episode 10

Well, so much for tying up all those loose plot ends, because this week’s episode is all filler, no killer as usual. To be honest though, I’m Team Robby here. He’s been upfront about his criminal record for the duration of the trip (he is also objectively correct about the toilet paper, only complete savages don’t tear along the lines) and Hatchi’s out here acting like he didn’t know. How was Robby supposed to know that Isekandar visa requirements were the one aspect of the universe that Hatchi hadn’t extensively studied? But, well, it turns out that he hasn’t, leaving the boys’ trip to Isekandar in jeopardy as they realise last-minute that Robby’s life of crime will give them trouble at customs. Except it turns out Hatchi can just pay off Robby’s debts and everything is fine, rendering the whole thing pointless.

And so here we are. With a “we had a fight so we’re splitting the house in two episode until we realise we’re IMPORTANT to each other”. In 2019. I never cease to be amazed at how little everyone involved cares. I mean, it’s not about it the plot, though, is it? It’s about the fujobait. But are people getting off on them talking about piss on the toilet seat? Well, more power to them, I guess. The whole thing felt deliberately circular to me, though, in a way that was kind of frustrating.

Damn, they really said it. But if the writers realise they’re doing that, maybe they could just… write real lines instead of padding like their lives depend on it? I dunno, just an idea. Call me crazy. I guess everyone was just trying to get paid and get out as soon as they could.

Yang and Co had supposedly the best time ever on Pinopendio, but we don’t get to see any of that because it would involve writing, and we’re not doing that this week.

But hey, screw everything, we Isekandar now! That’s something, right? With two whole episodes to spare, at that. What tight pacing. And I guess we’ll finally find out what the fuck is going on with Hatchi’s backstory next time, which is exciting.

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