A double post this week for the action-packed episodes we had the pleasure to get. There’s not much to say other than the fights were exciting and, as usual, very stunning to watch. Tanjiro and Tamayo’s talk gets interrupted by the two demons that were sent after Tanjiro, and both of them were quite strong.

There were lots of great teamwork at play on both sides in this fight. Arrow demon would use his arrows to control the direction where the temari balls would go. After taking a blow, Yushiro regenerates his head and gives Tanjiro a hand by sticking a talisman on his forehead so he would be able to see the arrows as well, making the fight a little easier.

Eventually everyone took part in the fight, Yushiro showing off his invisibility skills and Nezuko with her kicking! She had her leg lobbed off in Episode 9, but with the healing medicine Tamayo gave her, Nezuko came back stronger than ever. Not that the medicine had any strength enhancement, but she came back with a stronger drive to protect Tamayo and Yushiro, as she sees them as her own family members aka she sees them as humans to protect.

Tanjiro’s handling of the arrow demon was very smart but even with his finishing blow, the demon still gave him a beating and tried taking him down with him. Nezuko took on the temari demon in an intense match of “pass the ball” with Nezuko coming out on top. But knowing that the temari demon wasn’t even going all out, Tamayo intervened and started questioning her about who Kibutsuji really is. While she was doing this, she was secretly using her own ability and letting out a mist akin to a truth serum. This led to temari girl accidentally saying Kibutsuji’s name out loud, which triggered the curse that ended up killing her.

It was brutal. This show never ceases to amaze me in how horrific it can be, like with Kibutsuji killing that one girl, and the arms ripping out of temari girl’s body and crushing her to death. And thankfully they didn’t show that last part, but the visual horror of giant arms ripping out of her, one from her mouth even, was enough to freak me out a little. This show isn’t classified as a horror but the horror in this with its visual elements and suspense (like the kidnapping scene a few episodes back) is top notch. I shudder at how this scene looked in the manga. No wonder that kidnapping demon was terrified shitless when Tanjiro started questioning him.

A couple things mentioned were interesting in these two episodes. Tamayo is a fugitive, which I’m guessing means that she fled from Kibutsuji’s control. She even tweaked her own body to not be affected by the Muzan curse. Another thing is the mentioning of a group called the 12 Demon Moons. The two demons claimed they were part of the group, the group that work directly under Kibutsuji, but upon inspection they actually weren’t. Tamayo pointed out that demons of the group have numbers engraved on their eyeballs, but neither of the demons did. Whoever these 12 demons are, they’re actually going to be stronger than the arrow and temari demons. Which is a terrifying thought on account that they all had a bit of trouble handling them. That’s definitely something to look out for in the future. And while the temari girl was annoying, it was sad how she wanted to play with the ball. Tanjiro said she sounded like a little girl and she most likely was a little girl when Kibutsuji turned her into a demon. Even though she’s probably killed countless people, she was a bit of a victim herself.

One very interesting thing was how Nezuko perceived Tamayo and Yushiro. From the start she saw them as human, as her own mother and little brother. She protected them and fought with them, and once it was all over, she patted Yushiro’s head while hugging Tamayo. I had wondered why this was since Nezuko was only able to see humans this way, and they’re demons. But like how Tanjiro guessed, I did as well, that while they are demons, they still have their humanity. They’re still very kind people that mean no harm and Nezuko was able to see that. And Tamayo’s reaction warmed my heart. For hundreds of years, she probably thought her humanity was totally gone and for Nezuko to see her as any other human must have been an amazing feeling for her. That just makes her and Yushiro part of their family. Yushiro turning around in the end was very sweet as well, that little shit. :’)

With their location known, Tamayo and Yushiro are going to head off somewhere else and Tanjiro and Nezuko are going to stick together of course. Together forever~ This definitely won’t be the last time we’ll see them so I look forward to when they pop up again. Tanjiro already has his next mission, the poor kid can’t catch a break. And at the end, he comes across the lightning pasta head boy from the OP. First impression isn’t looking all that great from me personally, but I wonder what kind of dynamic this kid will bring to the show.


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  1. Thong Do

    Most readers hate Zenitsu (blonde guy) at first, but he somehow became the 2nd most popular character of the manga

    1. Berry

      That doesn’t seem surprising as I’ve seen most people are very excited for this kid. I feel like he might get on my nerves but I’ll save judgement for now. ^^;

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