Satoru messed up big time, he’s gonna be in Arata’s debt after this one. Why am I not surprised? Well served him right for his stupidity. Seriously, it was alluded by Akane that Satoru in fact knew exactly what they were for, but intended to carry it out his plan anyways because he thought he could handle whoever was behind it. What a bloody idiot. Blinded by his hatred for Anothers.

We learned this grudge came to be because of his father. It was a bit unclear to me, but it looked like his father put an Another’s life (seemingly Suzu’s in this case) above his own son. I don’t know who was the guy who was holding Satoru hostage with a knife, anyhow he was the one responsible for that scar and was dealt with. But what it looks like to me, is misdirected anger and bitterness. Satoru claims Anothers are responsible for driving Humans into madness, and I find that really ironic considering he himself has gone down this ruthless path. Furthermore, the saddest part about this is that Suzu looked like she was more worried about him than his own father.

Additionally, it really ticked me off with how he messed with Arata, setting him up for failure in a situation he knew he wouldn’t know what to do. He wanted to corner him, force him to accept that his method, of burning the cocoons was the only option. My god, I wanted to punch that smirk right off his face. It disgusted me how he looked like he was having fun seeing Arata be put in this distressful situation. But karma is a bitch, and it came back to bite him BIG TIME. Sure better hope that Another doesn’t decide to set the cocoons she wrapped them in on fire like they had to hers. Count their lucky stars that Shimizu was fortunate enough to have been able to get to cover and call Arata for help.

Better yet, while all of this is happening… Seo already figured out that Satoru made a grave mistake, as per usual. Had Arata picked up a sample for him, he probably would have figured it out sooner.

I was kind of surprised to see Kohaku back since he had previously said he was going home, but apparently not for long. It appears since he is a God himself, he will be partaking in the upcoming Gods Festival which the “Mother” Another had been preparing for. He referred to the silk that was being produced was supposed to be used for his clothes. He had also dropped some major hints about this to Arata earlier, but because he couldn’t understand what the heck he was talking about, he didn’t think about it any further.

Overall it was a fairly sluggish episode, but it wasn’t too bad. I am looking forward to seeing how Arata is going to bail Satoru out though. He definitely got his work cut out for him.


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  1. V.

    I badly want to read the manga but I am not happy that I can’t. For one thing, this manga isn’t translated at any of the manga websites, and for another it looks like few internationals actually know about this series. On top of that, there is just one website that has it, but the translating group posted only chapter 1 and that was back in early May. I’m not sure if there is an official English translation out but I’m too poor at the moment to buy them.
    I’m really sad the series is ending soon- this one should have received 24 or more episodes instead of something like Fairy Gone.

    1. Eva

      The struggle is real! I would certainly like to see this series brought over, it’s quite charming! ^ v ^ /

  2. zztop

    There doesn’t seem to be any official English release of Mayonaka Occult for now, so you need to rely on scanlations to read them. The fantranslators said they intended to pick up the series once they get the manga tankoubons, but likely RL stuff is in the way for now.
    Unrelated news – it seems Collar x Malice will be getting an anime. Date not decided yet.

    1. Eva

      I flipped out when I saw the news for Collar x Malice adaption! I think they said it’ll come out sometime in 2020. Anyhow it’s about time! I really hope they just follow the true route because the story is so damn good! Hopefully it will be in good hands!
      And since its getting a Switch port, I really hope they will localize it so we get the fandisc (Unlimited) this time. I was so disappointed when Aksys didn’t announce it last year.

    2. v.

      Umm what’s the meaning of the RL stuff that put Mayonaka second in the priority list for translators?

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