A Certain Scientific Accelerator Episode 2 – Necromancer (Raiser of the Dead)

Ok, that opening was intense. Out of the pot and into the frying pan. I wonder if there was any background on that girl in the original source. It’s kind of awful what happened to her, not even mentioning the fact that she was trying to cut her life short in the first place by jumping off of the bridge.

At this point I’m just curious if the person who made this had a bad experience with dogs at some point in their lives. Between the dogma thing (I know that has nothing to do with dogs, but still), the leaders being called Breeder’s, the symbol is an arm holding a spiked collar… This person must’ve been bitten by a dog at some point. I just know it. I’ve never heard a character say ‘the fangs of justice’ that many times. Ahh, but I don’t think we’ll be hearing from that guy anytime soon though, considering he was… disintegrated. The first episode ended with dogs being necromancied too. Can we also talk about how the main plan for the DA group was called the Waste Recycle Experiment? That’s so fucked because the waste is the souls of the people they’re embedding into the robots, the Coffins. DA ain’t pullin’ no punches.

That casual flicking on of the battery when Accelerator heard noises from outside the room was perfect. He really just doesn’t give a shit, until he does. Then he really gives a shit. This episode was kind of interesting, in that it showed Accelerator has some sort of PTSD involving the Sisters. I knew by the end of that arc that he was against the plan for several reasons, but I didn’t think it’d had that much of a lasting impact on him. I suppose getting to know Last Order and thereby meeting a lot of the clones, maybe it’s sort of a retroactive trauma. We all know he cares for Last Order, but he was uncharacteristically calm and reassuring when she asked him if he was going anywhere. Probably still caught up thinking about his past.

Under the cape, a blonde haired beauty approaches! Esther, or Estelle??, looks like she’ll be leading the charge with Accelerator to take down DA. She’s already called him out for being actually a nice guy despite his appearances and she was prepared to die if it meant DA would be defeated. We don’t know too much yet, obviously, but she did say she was the one to teach them necromancy. The Coffins boost ESPers powers, seemingly up to 2 levels, but I don’t see how that will ever pose a real problem for Accelerator. I can only assume that the point of conflict will be a mental battle for him. I guess it always kind of is though, isn’t it? He’s never really struggled with a fight. Oh, I guess if you cut his battery somehow. That cripples him pretty effectively.

The propensity for using acronyms in this series is amazing, if you look at it as a whole. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, the last seasons of Index was me spending 80% of the time trying to remember the (almost always) 3-man squads that each had their own name. ITEM, BLOCK, GROUP, SCHOOL, DRAGON, etc. Now DA is the new one.The only other important thing we really learned is that DA is made up of several members, one of them is some sort of computer wizard with an ominous girl by his side, and they are of course planning to use Last Order to even further boost the levels of those they ‘recycle’.

“THAT WAS YESTERDAY?!” – my reaction when the Anti-Skills woman and Accelerator met after the battle. I feel like that’s the norm, but they usually don’t say it out loud. My dude literally stopped a terrorist attack yesterday and today was blowing up trucks and saving people again. It’s so sad because they are living together and grow so much closer in s3 of Index! It feels like we’ve lost progress, but I know it’s just a timeline thing.

Estelle knows the location of 1 of the facilities and it looks like they’re already heading there. I don’t really know how much they’re going to try to cover in this season, I also have never touched the source material, but usually they break it up into 2 mini-arcs. It looks like next episode will probably have Accelerator destroying some more lives so I’m excited either way, I guess.

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