Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo Episode 3

This week’ case was about resolving a “rodent” problem, which has chewed out Waver’s favourite cafe’s electric grid. Besides causing Waver a headache of his sanctuary being out of commission, preventing him to comfortably and efficiently do his work, the pest was also responsible for the disappearances and murders of various people, including one member of the rodent control team that had come to investigate the problem. Flat and Gray later found the man’s corpse as they trekked further into the Mage’s Workshop.

Although the whole ordeal felt pretty basic, it didn’t make it any less dangerous. In fact Waver had a close call himself when he encountered the beast, barely managing to fend it off, resulting a draw. He required Gray and the boys to come and retrieve him and give him medical attention. They also took a gamble when they were confronted by Geuldoa Davenant, the culprit behind the whole mess and murders that has been transpiring off-screen (not to mention the internal power struggle transpiring in the Zoology department), and another mage who was hoping to reach the “root”. Waver knew they wouldn’t stand a chance had Geuldoa resorted to brute force, so he followed Iskandar’s wisdom and partially bluffed his way through it. Oh my heart!!!!!

But much to surprise, for much of this episode Waver had taken the backseat. Instead, the spotlight was on Flat and Svin, and introduced us to a few more his students of his class, all with colorful personalities. It was nice to see, especially since I am quite interested in their characters. And as it turns out, Svin has a crush on Gray, but the poor soul doesn’t realize that she is misunderstanding his affection/care for her, and had actually thought he disliked her. Luckily Flat clarified to her that was not the case, but he didn’t specify why either. Nonetheless, Svin is out of luck given that Waver has instructed them not to get too close to Gray, probably because of her discomfort of being seen by others (as she quickly shied away and hid her face when her hood blew off last week), among other reasons.

As for Flat, we learned that he appreciates Waver for accepting who he is. It’s great to see Waver embrace all these unique personalities. It really speaks to his character of how much he cares and looks out for his students who like Flat, have trouble fitting in both at home and within the Clock Tower organization. And of course it makes it even more fun when we see Waver’s childishness get the better of him (ie: his signature “Iron Claw”). It really allows him to be more personable with his students as well, even though it may not be approved by some, such as Luvia.

Compared last week, this episode was a lot more simplistic and playful, and Waver for most part was out of commission or doing work behind the scenes. It served more of an intermission while Reines and Luvia did some investigation regarding the Holy Grail. Apparently, two positions for the association position has closed. I suspect we will learn more about why Waver wanted to get involved with the association next week.


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3 thoughts on “Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo Episode 3

  1. I think what they mean when talking about 2 slot for the association is to participate in 5th holy grail war which taken by rin and shirou at the last minute

  2. Notice: On Saturday I made the call to take the entire weekend off because my arms were too inflamed to write. Due to my current condition, I would like to give myself until the next episode (Saturday) to see if any improvement are made over the week.
    If I’m good, Episode 4 & 5 will be released as a double post, and if I come to the conclusion that I need to reduce my workload, then among the four shows I am covering, I will have to drop this one. If that ends up being the case, I will leave a follow up note here.

    1. UPDATE: I have come to a decision it would be in the best interest of my health to reduce my workload, so that means I won’t be able to continue covering this series. ; ^ ;

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