Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. – Episode 4

Unlike the previous episodes, this episode focused a lot more on the other four members of the literature club while Kazusa continues to deal with her “rejection” from Izumi. And boy, oh boy are they really setting up for some drama to come in the next few episodes. From Sonezaki’s drastic change in appearance to the reappearance of Momo’s old classmate, there is just something for all the girls in this anime. I haven’t quite decided if I like what some of the drama is setting up for namely, Hitoha and Milo as well as a soon to be misunderstanding between Kazusa and Sugawara, but I’ll try not to think about it and hope that good and beautiful scenes come out of them. So, for this entry, I’m gonna talk a bit about the other four girls.

I’ll start with Sonezaki. I’ll admit, I wasn’t super interested in Sonezaki going into this anime, but I’m starting to find her more and more charming with each scene that she’s in. Though, this is probably because I’m a fan of Amagi. However, his straight forward nature is what really brings out some of my favorite moments with Sonezaki. In this episode, she changes her appearance drastically and suddenly everyone in the class begins to agree that she looks like a model, thus starting this major shift in character for her. I’m interested to see if she’ll continue to pursue this change, or it will be a classic “I’ve accepted, and love myself for who I am” and she goes back to the tied back hair and glasses look. Personally, I think whatever the decision is, as long as it’s executed nicely, I’ll enjoy it. I want to see a relationship with her and gyaru girl start! Since episode two we’ve seen that the other girl has shown some sympathy towards Sonezaki and I really want more to happen with it. Lastly, Amagi. Probably my favorite boy that we’ve met so far. He’s simple, straight to the point, but most of all he’s just straight up honest. Of course, he may be a little silly and kind of bumbling around, but he’s going for it and I just can’t help but cheer him on. Watching Sonezaki read his report for honestly made this entire episode for me. The way he was able to just dig into a lot of the harbored pain that she had with just one simple word? It makes me happy.  I just want to keep cheering him on!

Next, I’ll talk about Sugawara and Momo. It’s very clear that Momo cares for her friends, but she’s worried that her inexperience will end up being a problem. But Sugawara is able to help her find the light by telling her to borrow the words and feelings from books and use them to help her very true desire to help her friends. Then we have a very charming scene between the two where Sugawara admits that both Kazusa and Momo are the only two best friends that she’s ever had, which was something Momo really needed to hear. After that, Sugawara really just drops out of the episode until the very end when Izumi approaches her. I have a feeling that Kazusa is going to think that Sugawara has feelings for him and they’re gonna fight about it and eventually Sugawara will develop feelings for him. Hnng…. I really… don’t want that to happen, but it probably will. Don’t ruin this friendship, girls!!

This is the first time Momo has been in the spotlight and I’m still not too sure what to think of her. I love that she really wants to help her friends, but I want to know what drives her to do so. She’s kind of outlier in the series because, while she does think about sex, she doesn’t do so in regards to a boy. She seems more hung up on the whole concept of sex rather than actually engaging in the act. I personally think that her love and/or desire will be directed to one of the other girls as she seems more focused on developing relationships with others. But! We still met someone who could change all that. Enter Sugimoto, the mysterious old classmate that has resurfaced and makes the attempt to reconnect. I think that I like him so far, but I wonder if he’s lying about just wanting to be friends with her. Of course, he could be totally honest about those feelings right now, but who knows if others feelings will come up. Or you know what? They just become really good and supportive friends, which is probably what I want to happen the most, but where’s the drama in that?

Lastly, I’ll go ahead and talk about Hitoha and Milo, the romantic relationship that I hope doesn’t happen. Dynamic between the two? Good. Them being in a romantic or even sexual relationship? Not good. Hitoha approaches Milo about his screen name to which he gives the classic “I was a weak kid and just wanted to be strong”, which in all honesty is a completely valid reason. But the conversation starts going south as Hitoha then and criticizes him for becoming a high school teacher as she is now aware that he has sexual fantasies. Without without a beat says he has no appetite for them because they are disgusting. And boy! If that wasn’t a metaphorical slap to the face he ends up doing even more damage to Hitoha’s ego when he equates her writing to that of a middle age man. Of course, that was a bit of a low blow, but how was he supposed to know that she was trying to become the next up and coming erotic novelist?

Once again I find myself eagerly awaiting the next episode and I hope you all are too!


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