Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 15: Mount Natagumo

Oh boy, spider demons. Those little spiders were gross but the design of the spider demons were pretty cool. The trio finally are healed and now move on to their next mission and things get ugly fast.

Another ok episode. It took awhile for things to get exciting as we started off with more comedy that I’m still not a fan of. Zenitsu is suddenly in love with Nezuko because she’s so pretty and chases her around and Tanjiro, and no one wants to talk about him and his sexual harassment? Call me a party pooper but that’s exactly what it is and it’s being played for laughs and I don’t like it. Anyway, the boys prove they can’t really work with each other too well right now. There’s a lot of bickering and fighting amongst them, with Zenitsu overreacting and being scared as usual, and Inosuke being brash and rude and just being very out of touch with pretty much everything. He didn’t exactly understand why the old lady was praying for them, and it really shows that he’s lived his whole life alone in the mountains if he’s this detached.

Tanjiro is the middle man, of course. The three of them don’t mesh very well, but we saw that as a duo, Tanjiro and Inosuke can work well for the most part. We also got to see Inosuke’s own special ability with his super spatial awareness, which tracked to the one controlling the webs.

It wasn’t difficult to put two and two together, what with the title screen having a web on it, that spider demons were behind all this. Using their web, they controlled the demon slayers and had them kill each other and it’s interesting because it looks like it’s a spider family!

It looks like the higher ranks are going to join in on this battle, and I’m glad to see Giyu again. I can’t wait to see him and Tanjiro meet up again after all these years and to see them fight beside each other. It’ll just be really exciting to see Giyu’s reaction to Tanjiro and Nezuko, but I’d love to see him in action as well. We also got introduced to another fellow Hashira by the name of Shinobu. I can’t really tell what kind of character she is just from that scene but I look forward to her proper appearance. I’m also very curious who the man in this scene is. Just from his interaction with Giyu and Shinobu, he must be the head of the Demon Slayer corps to be able to give them orders. He’s been a mystery and we only saw him very quickly near the beginning of the show so I wonder when we’ll even see his face.

This new arc had a bit of a rocky start. I’ll be honest, I think ever since Zenitsu was introduced, the show has taken a little dive. I was used to the dark and grittiness of the show with its little bouts of comedy here and there, but now I feel like there’s been a little too much of comedy, where it feels like it’s not balanced very well? It kind of takes away from the intensity I normally felt before, because this time I wasn’t as into this when Inosuke was doing something ridiculous in the background or when Zenitsu was wallowing on his own before remembering Nezuko, screaming. Hard to take things seriously when there’s something silly happening. The show has become slightly less enjoyable because of this, sadly. That’s why I hope things pick up soon, and Giyu and Shinobu should bring back the seriousness of the show I love.

Here’s Nezuko, just because.


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2 thoughts on “Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 15: Mount Natagumo

  1. The opening chase scene of Zenitsu is an anime original scene and it kinda weird to me too. If i remember correctly, Nezuko is like the only person Zenitsu doesn’t act like that to. Their scenes mostly consist of he giving her flowers, show her cool stuff and talk to her while she in the box.

    1. Ahh really? Then that was a bad addition. -_-
      I don’t mind if he gives her flowers and talks to her through the box (that’s actually really cute), but don’t be a creep and chase her around and mess with her personal space. Don’t make this boy into a creep.

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