Star Twinkle Precure Episode 23

This week revolved around the mayhem of Fuwa greedily taking Yuni’s special cookie that made her drunk and gave her hiccups, which then caused her to start spawning endless copies of herself. Although the girls had figured out how to make the copies vanish (by feeding the little gluttons) it didn’t take long for the girls to become quickly overwhelmed and were unable to contain them all. It took a team effort to resolve the issue, but working together with others was something Yuni was not used to. She is so used to working independently, she doesn’t know how to rely on others. Knowing that the situation they were dealing with was impossible to handle alone, Elena wasn’t about to let Yuni go off on her own, and made sure to stay tagged with her. She also showed her the benefit of working together as a team, as Yuni had forgotten to bring some food along to give to the copies, and later the two of them were able to act on the spur of the moment to have one distract the public while the other lured out the wave that had made its way into the shopping district.

But it wasn’t just about not being used to having others to depend on, Yuni also felt she needed to resolve this problem alone because she felt responsible for it. It is definitely going to take her some time, as even by the end of the episode, Yuni was about to go off on her own again, but Elena made sure to capitalize the opportunity to make sure she stuck around for the welcome party they had put together for her.

Besides the hilarity of the situation with Fuwa’s hiccups of doom, what I really liked about this episode was that we got to see the girls switch up the pairs they are usually with. Elena and Madoka and Hikaru and Lala duos were switched up with Elena and Yuni, and Lala and Madoka, while Hikaru worked together with Prunce. It was just nice to see because I enjoy it when we actually get to see the girls interact with the others more so than the ones they usually stick close to the most. I thought the brief interactions between Madoka and Lala to be quite cute, as both of them are kind of the brains of the group. It was really funny when Madoka realized Lala’s A.I. was referring to hiccups, her expression was priceless.

I also found it amusing to some extent how Kappard was quick enough to beat Yuni to capturing Fuwa, and successfully ended their misery by scaring the shit out of her. Unfortunately for him, Fuwa slipped out of his grasp once more thanks to the girls successfully retrieving her. This probably makes Kappard the only General at the moment who was the closest to actually succeeding, especially since he even used his powers on Fuwa’s copy to enhance his weapon. Had Yuni fought him on her own, he probably would have beaten her thanks to the power of fluff balls.

Next week, the girls are back to searching for the pens and will be visiting a planet of ice and snow!


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