A Certain Scientific Accelerator Episode 6 – Scavenger (Corpse-Eating Squad)

First off, apologies for the lateness! Time got away from me this weekend and I didn’t have an opportune moment to write until now. And man was I missing out because this episode was amazingly cathartic.

I think this episode really highlighted the true difference between a Railgun or Index series and an Accelerator series. Namely, this is brutal. When Naru was using the excavator on them and blood was just splattering everywhere, Accelerator gut punching a girl into a truck and then electrocuting her, and piercing them with stone spears until the leader just passed out from fear and soiled herself. Let’s just say it isn’t the type of show I’d want to watch in the morning, when I have the rest of the day ahead of me, ya know? It’s pretty dark. I mean, you wouldn’t expect less from when Accelerator takes the lead role, but it’s such a major divergence from the series predecessors. That being said, I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t fist pumping a little bit when you hear his voice from the iron maiden. ‘No one’s ever escaped our team combo’. Lol k. Without someone like Touma around, who probably shouldn’t win anyway but that’s another story, you can really see the true OP-ness of Accelerator. He is one broken ass character. When he flew through the air to punch her in the stomach. Oooo, I felt that. I’m glad my thoughts about this episode being hype from last week didn’t fail me.

Accelerator is basically the personification of talk shit, get hit. I love it. I really thought the scavengers would do more though. Or even like put up any resistance at all, actually. When they all got terrified when he first came in and reflected Naru, I thought maybe they were leading up to a plan. Like it was a feint. After finishing the episode though, I guess not. I would like to once again reiterate that every organization that is trying to harm the city should probably be taught to recognize this man on sight. They’d save a lot of time and energy that way. Or like, if you see a small girl in a lab coat who announces what she’s thinking as she’s doing it, just run.

The scientist lady watching from the robot, the one who seemed to unleash the scavengers from their incubation chambers or what have you, she was also shook from the encounter. She did make a good point. Out of all the people in the city, millions of people, the strongest of the strong coming in was definitely drawing the short end of the stick. Even that was satisfying to me though. You know how whenever a scientist-type’s plans get messed up they just put on a smirk, usually because there’s a next phase or they say it’s good research or something? Well, not this time. I love it when a good plan gets truly foiled.

Apart from the fighting we got to dive into a little bit of the motive behind the scavengers, as poorly thought out as it was. Academy City is like a big school so the fact that it’s so messed up is the “teachers” fault. I don’t think the Academy part of Academy City is to be taken quite so literally and I don’t really understand who they classify as teachers. Probably anyone who gets in their way, I guess. Basically the theme of this season is justice. Everyone is out pursuing their own justice, which is different from everyone else’s, and in the name of justice they’ll do whatever they want. Killing people, kidnapping people, taking hostages, you name it. Then there’s Accelerator who likes to beat the crap out of kids for rehabilitation purposes.

Accelerator making a joke is the strangest thing to me. I’m talking about the ‘Stop ignoring me. Say something, would you?’ part. “Some-thing-would-you.” Actually, at like the exact same moment as Leader, I was like ‘huh?’ It took me a second to realize he was making a joke. The most ill-timed joke, but it was so unexpected it actually made me laugh harder than if he said somewhere else.

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