Sorry for the slight delay in getting this episode out, I was off at a convention getting Yuki’s autograph. (a dream come true honestly.)

With this, we are caught up with the original anime on Zodiac member introductions and I believe this is the last one we’re going to see in season 1.

Episode 20 introduces us to Hiro, the zodiac sheep. Along with Kisa (The tiger), one of the youngest members of the zodiac at age 12. His age is actually a big factor in his character, because he’s reached that pre-teen struggle of a first crush. Mixed with the complications of being cursed, as we remember with Hatori. Romance isn’t really encouraged among the zodiac, and this doesn’t just apply to people from outside the zodiac. Akito gets angry as Hiro says that he loves Kisa and hurts her. Hiro gets scared naturally, and withdraws from her. However, this times up with her being bullied and becoming non-verbal.
Tohru helps her.
He couldn’t help her. This leaves Hiro with a deep resentment of Tohru, which leads to him bullying her for a good chunk of the episode.

First by stealing her notebook, that has a picture of her mother contained in it. Momiji and Kisa help Tohru get the notebook back, but Hiro’s emotions kind of explode and it’s clear to everyone that he is deeply jealous of Tohru and what she means to Kisa.
He continues to bully her as he comes to visit Shigure’s house to do things with Kisa, treating her like a servant. Getting on her case if the tea isn’t out fast enough. It’s genuine, bratty behavior from a child. The most important thing to remember in this episode is how young he actually is.

Things sort of resolve at the end of the episode after they go to the park though, Tohru goes over to buy crepes for the three of them and Hiro comes over to talk with her. Hiro’s struggle is one that many kids have, and something we all regret when we’re older. The need to grow up, to become more mature. He thinks these things will help him protect Kisa. He only views himself as a useless kid. Tohru also brings up a good point, it’s hard for people to admit that they are still childish or that they have some growing up to do.

Hiro doesn’t magically stop being jealous, he isn’t even sure he can live up to the ideals she speaks of. Of one day becoming Kisa’s prince. However, he does soften up enough to buy her crepe for her and pay for himself and Kisa.

Of course, this episode would be great with just this content (and the amazingly talented Luci Christian taking over the role of Hiro from Aaron Dismuke who voiced him originally.) However, we have to sit and talk about the scene with Shigure and Hatori. As Hatori speaks to Shigure about what happened to Kisa, he remarks that he’s surprised that Shigure doesn’t know about this already. That he thought that Akito told Shigure everything about the family. Shigure says no, not everything. He also says it’s fine for Akito to scheme.
That in the end, he is the one that will come out the winner and he can’t wait for that time. It’s interesting, schemes among schemes a sort of private contest. The best part though, is when he speaks of how all of them are bad at love.
Yes, he’s implying Hatori and Kana. Yes, he’s implying Hiro and Kisa. It’s deeply hinted in his tone and the way he speaks of it though that he means something else as well. This my friends, is what we call foreshadowing.

The preview clip was of Hana’s voice. I have a guess as to what the contents of the next episode will be with just that small hint. So i’ll be looking forward to see how the 2019 remake does with what is (probably) another one of my least favorite episodes from the original.
It has been very good at making those episodes more tolerable.