A Certain Scientific Accelerator Episode 7 – Download (Time Limit)

Whew… when I saw the title I was really worried that Accelerator’s battery was going to run out during the climax of the fight or something. Instead, this episode was basically a how to guide on how to piss him the hell off. In the very beginning, Esther is just breaking down his character in front of him, calling him out for being a kind-hearted person and covering it up. Leave our little tsundere boy alone!

Accelerator saves them all from death

Esther: “I’m grateful!”


Then Hishigata bringing up his past and making fun of him for playing the hero now. Oo, did Accelerator get peeved at that one. He got so angry his hue turned that evil shade of purple. That’s some scary shit.

He is downloading the Sister’s data though and apparently plans to use it to create the ultimate power for Hirumi. Curious what that’ll look like. If it’s based off of Misaka then maybe it’s like biri biri powers? I also don’t know exactly what they’re downloading. They just say the word ‘data’ and that it will help them discover the formula used and that will somehow create the perfect power user. I dunno.

Esther was cute this episode! Her and Huotou harassing Accelerator by running around in circles asking him to teach her his ‘strength’. I don’t know what she’s specifically thinking of in this instance. Dude just reflects everything. Don’t think you can learn that. I actually don’t know if she knows what espers are. Maybe the same way they don’t understand magic really, she also doesn’t understand their powers. That would make sense. I never thought about that. I’m glad she’s escaping the helpless side character route now. Not sure what she was setting up for at the end of the episode, but she seems serious about never using necromancy again after she stops Hishigata and Hirumi. She had some memory of the place she visited, with the unusually shiny tree and tables on the porch.

Ok, so Hirumi went really tentacle on us today. She got a lotta screen time. I don’t know how tf she was controlling the robots or what she was doing with the monitors when Hishigata came in from the bathroom, but it looked weird. It also kinda of seems like she’s definitely manipulating him. Called him big brother, made him blush a lot, gave him the lollipop she had in her mouth (indirect kiss oh mah gawd) and made him give up chasing Accelerator in favor of fulfilling the plans to make her stronger. Would not be surprised if she betrays him as soon as he helps her. Kind of like how he betrayed DA. The full cycle of villainy.

Gotta say, I still love Yomikawa. She takes everything in stride, immediately believed, at least somewhat, Esther’s story about necromancy and her line about all these kids wanting to take things on themselves… if she wasn’t absolutely useless, she’d be great.

Hol’ up, did he say an avocado flavored lollipop? What in the world. That sounds straight up awful. Accelerator needs to put this man down.

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  1. Xernest says:

    Oh my gosh! Accelerator’s evil laugh is really making me feel so damn good. I just wish he’ll finish that mad doctor as soon as possible though.

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