This episode was quite the roller coaster, but I also can’t believe how fast everything happened. So far it seems like things are going well for two of our girls, while the others didn’t quite get their happy ending. I think that overall, things developed much better than they have been in the previous episodes and there were definitely some shining moments that made me smile! However, there were some moments where I was shaking my hand at the screen! I know it’s for the drama, but still…

At first I thought this episode was going to be about jealousy, and to be honest there was quite a bit of jealously floating around in the episode. However, I wasn’t sure that some them would just be pushed aside. However, in Sonezaki’s case it seemed to be a good thing to bring her and Amagi together. And I’m thankful that it did! I felt that many of the nice moments of the episode actually involved Sonezaki despite her not being a major focus for… pretty much the entire episode. First we have her see her boyfriend joking around with a girl we don’t know and that gets her all flustered. At this point I was worried that she might try to break it off with him in the classic “you deserve better than me” moment, but it gave us a really good moment with her classmate. And I like that her classmate is unapologetic and outright with what she says, sure she was there for the physical aspects, but admitting that she does love her boyfriend was exactly what we needed. Plus! I really like that when they introduced the boyfriend that he wasn’t some big over the top character, it was just all around a good moment. AND THEN we get the confession! I’m so happy that she was able to admit all her feelings towards him! 10/10 for these two in this episode.

Hitoha on the other hand (as well as Sugawara) had jealousy affect her in a much more negative way. It’s clear that she has feelings for Milo-sensei and like I’ve said before that makes me super nervous, but nevertheless it still hurts a little bit to watch her pine after him. I thought when the teacher complimented her work, was perhaps going to be the moment where she felt reinvigorated as a writer, but I don’t think that has been the case… Despite all of this, I am interested to see how she develops for future episodes. The only person who I felt didn’t get touched by jealousy was Momo, but I don’t think this episode really did her justice. But generally, I have felt that the whole series has been giving her a whole lot. She finally shut down Sugimoto in this episodes, and while I understand that she wants to make it abundantly clear to him that she doesn’t like him, I have to agree with his friends that she was pretty darn rude about it. I have a feeling that won’t be wrapped up very well either, like yeah, he was pretty obnoxious, but she could have handled it better… sigh…

But let’s talk about Sugawara and Kazusa. I know I wouldn’t be as engaged if there wasn’t a little bit of drama, but Sugawara! What the heck! I understand that you don’t want to be some boring girl, but this is not the way to go about accomplishing that goal! And sometimes being boring is okay! I don’t really have a whole lot to say about Sugawara except that I generally disagree with everything that she is doing. Like, why would she do what she did, when they were in the middle of a performance and she knew that Kazusa was going to confess, and that they’ve made it clear that they care about each other? Sugawara! This is not how we keep friends!!! Seeing as we still have about 4 episodes left, I have a feeling she’s still going to add more drama, but I wonder if her actions can be redeemed…, but I’ll save that for a future episode.

Instead! I am so proud of Kazusa for gathering the courage to talk to Izumi, we haven’t let them have a decent conversation since forever. Of course, she… didn’t really say much in that interaction, but I’m happy with how it turned out! Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this episode went! I hope the next few will be equally enjoyable



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