Dr. Stone Episode 7 [2 Million Years]

Now that the immediate issues with Tsukasa are over with, Senku has to come to an understanding of who this woman is and what kind of society she might be from. While this might sound easy, it’s not the case when her village immediately declares they won’t allow for him to come in. Yikes. But what actually occurs for the rest of the episode is we see a guy who calls himself a ‘sorcerer’ who is really just a scientist without knowing the term. He tries so hard to show Senku up but what he really does is become Senku’s science buddy!

You got me guys. How do I explain why it’s something fun to watch? This episode pretty much explains why Dr. Stone is fun. It’s like playing a world builder, but more importantly it’s understanding and recreating human civilization and seeing just how far we’ve come. Listen, this is the only show where two guys rubbing a bunch of rocks makes me feel emotions. There is no innuendo needed, I just cry over stupid rocks. Look at how happy those rocks make Senku! They made mercury! They dipped a spear in a golden sheen! They used the wheel!

Senku’s apprentice, Chrome, basically outright believes Senku and puts a lot of faith in him. I enjoyed every minute of this episode. I feel like I’m watching a wholesome science show for kids. Senku might as well be Ms. Frizzle. This is the Magic School Bus and I am here to watch everyone learn about ‘sorcery’ while Senku just laughs and becomes the leek spin meme in the new era. I laughed so hard as he used static electricity with leather and I’m literally more hype for them creating antibiotics than I am for most fight scenes. Excuse me, I can’t bench press a planet or become God but I CAN create antibiotics-

crap. This anime wants me to be excited about being a human who can use science? Well played. .  .animu.


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