Ensemble Stars! Episode 8

I made a mistake. I didn’t realize I made this mistake until after I rewatched the series with my friend. But being an end skipping heathen, I didn’t check to see if anything happened afterwards… and something big happened and I ended up just kind of writhing in agony on the floor because of how dumb I was. It was a pretty big deal of Hokuto essentially giving up on Trickstar and being the first to walk away and I was just sitting there like: What..? WHAT?! What a freaking upset! Though I suppose I got a little of what I wanted in a way. And don’t worry, I actually checked the end of the episode this time. I have learned my lesson.

Trickstar has been what I can only assume to be temporarily disbanded as everyone seems to be going off in different directions. Though I had some minor issue with Isara of all people talking about how the destruction of Trickstar would have made him lose hope. Especially since he was the first one to give in to the idea of the president’s offer. However, I think I’m more interested in Hokuto’s reasonings for leaving Trickstar. While he does explain that he didn’t want to see Trickstar completely crushed, there has to be something more. Especially in regards to the president. Maybe it has to do with his parents, maybe not. Either way, Hokuto is obviously feeling pretty guilty over leaving but I can’t help but think that he feels completely cornered and believes this is the only way. Hopefully he can come to terms with his true feelings for Trickstar and not be so quick to give up on it.

On the other hand, I’ve come to warm up to Akehoshi. I found him really annoying at first. Especially since I’m not that fond towards overly energetic characters. However, he proved to be a lot more thoughtful and grounded than I thought he was. While he is far from being a favorite of mine, I definitely feel like he’s grown as a character. We also find out a little more of his motivation to be an idol as apparently his dad was also an idol at one point (if not still) and it actually kindled his love for shiny things. I can appreciate that weird fascination coming from place genuine. Especially since that quirk felt so tacked on at the beginning. I’m sorry I doubted you Akehoshi…

Speaking of Akehoshi, out of everyone in his group, it seems like he isn’t as willing to join another group and I’m glad that he didn’t even consider joining up with fine’s unit. However, I do appreciate the Power Ranger unit extending an invitation to Akehoshi to join them just to help him out instead of the underhanded method that Eichi tried to pull. I kind of wished that Akehoshi would temporarily join them until he’s able to bring back Trickstar, but I can understand his stance on the issue. Though it’s pretty freaking weird to have Anzu stand in as his partner in the unit. Especially since she’s not even allowed to sing and is forced to wear this extremely strange mask to hide who she is. Won’t that mask just attract more attention?

Also, just let freaking Anzu be her own character. STOP SPEAKING FOR HER. SHE CAN SPEAK FOR HERSELF. That part drove me crazy. I feel like the moment would have been so much more heartwarming if ANZU FREAKING HAD LINES AND AN ACTUAL PERSONALITY. But I digress.

We’ve met quite a few characters this episode with the introduction of the rest of the members in knights and the Power Rangers- er I mean Ryuuseitai. We’ve been seeing flashes of the knights unit for a while now and we finally get to see most of them in person. They do seem to be a pretty interesting unit, especially since we find out that Sakuma’s younger brother is a member. It was actually pretty surprising how doting and energetic Sakuma is towards his brother. Though we run into the typical trope of the younger being super indifferent towards his older brother. Poor Sakuma. This was legit the first time we see the guy be so energetic and he’s treated with cold indifference. It was actually really cute to see him so excited. On Ryuuseitai’s side, all of them seem to be fun guys who are quite supportive of others, especially the captain. He’s the one who gave Akehoshi a chance to fight against the student council and didn’t have any bad feelings when his offer was declined. I haven’t known him for that long, but he feels like a cool older brother type who just wants to give Akehoshi a helping hand when he needs it. And boy did he need it.

I also really liked the symbolism with the basketball. It all started with Akehoshi not being able to throw it into the hoop due to his indecisiveness on what to do in his situation with Trickstar. Later on, the captain of Ryuuseitai literally puts the ball into Akehoshi’s court, allowing him to choose what to do with it. Whether to choose to join his unit or have him try and reform Trickstar. And it all ends with the ball being passed around the entire group, basically showing that they will be his support and finally passes it to Akehoshi who finally makes a shot at the hoop. SYMBOLISING HIM SHOOTING FOR HIS DREAMS WITH TRICKSTAR. I’ll see myself out now. But in all seriousness, I’m a sucker for other groups being supportive of one another (i.e. Trigger and Re:vale towards Idolish7)  and this is no exception. Ryuuseitai are such bros and I appreciate them giving Akehoshi the encouragement he needed to work towards forming Trickstar once more.

Also shout out to the third member of the Three Eccentrics and also being a Ryuuseitai bro!

Things are definitely starting to pick up and I’m surprised that I actually care for Akehoshi somewhat now after blowing him off as that annoyingly energetic character at the start. And while he may be my least favorite in the group, I’m quite worried about what is going on with Yuuki since it seems like he was kidnapped by most likely Izumi. Since the guy seemed to be pretty interested in him (if not slightly obsessed). I’m also a little annoyed at Arashi since despite him not liking to force people, HE STILL LET IT HAPPEN. THAT’S JUST AS BAD. But yeah, we don’t know what Yuuki’s thoughts are towards all this, but I doubt this freaking kidnapping is going to inspire him to join knights. Everyone needs to be saved in some form or another apparently lol.


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