Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 21: Against Corps Rules

It’s hard to feel bad for the demons in this show, considering how evil they were and how many people they killed. But the way the show does it…eh, I guess so. Rui did awful things and was incredibly abusive towards his fake family, but like Tanjiro said, he was once human and he was actually showing regret in the end. And the fact that his parents showed up in the end and declared that they’d follow him anywhere, even if it was Hell was tragic, but incredibly sweet. He really did have the bond he wanted, but at the time didn’t realize it. Too bad he had to treat others like absolute garbage.

What I wonder is why Muzan sought him out, and how? What does Muzan look for, or does he just look for anyone that’s at the end of their luck? That’s probably the most plausible guess right now. The easiest way to get someone to join your side and work for you is by finding a vulnerable person and “saving their life”. I mean, that’s kind of how cults and shit work, right? It’s a crappy thought. Muzan certainly is dastardly.

Anyway, look at Nezuko!

Look how cute she is!!! I swear that Nezuko will be the death of me one day. <3

This episode wraps up this arc. The survivors are being treated and wrapped up like mummies, and everything is basically being cleaned after. Tanjiro steals my heart as always. While Rui was awful, Tanjiro still lends out a bit of his genuine sympathy to the kid like he does with all demons. Something Giyu is not able to understand, but his mind can change I bet. I mean, he let Nezuko after all. There’s still a little bit of action as Shinobu arrives to the scene to kill Nezuko. Even when Tanjiro tells her that she’s her sister, Shinobu decides to kill her gently with a different poison. Yikes. Tanjiro runs off with his sister while Giyu deals with her, but unfortunately he’s tailed by the girl from Final Selection. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen her, but what I forgot is that she also has a butterfly hair tie. And she basically looks like a smaller Shinobu, so I’m guessing they’re sisters. She’s a rookie like Tanjiro but she seems to have more authority as she was directing the Kakushis. Family recommendation, I guess.

The girl goes after Nezuko and we’re treated to the cutest chase scene ever. Eventually we hear a messenger crow asking for Tanjiro and Nezuko to return to headquarters, in custody. This makes the chase stop and also Giyu and Shinobu to stop bickering, which was pretty amusing. They weren’t kidding when they said that they don’t get along.

A slower episode this time around, but still really good. We finally wrap up this spider arc and now it looks like we’ll be meeting the rest of the Hashira next episode, and they look awesome. Their designs are really varied and I can’t wait to get to know them.

I think Blaziken man catches my interest the most, but honestly they all look amazing. Anyway, I suspect that the higher ups are going to question Tanjiro’s questionable situation with Nezuko. I hope they don’t try to separate them and instead will help, but who knows. We don’t really know much about the higher ups, especially the one man we’ve barely seen, so anything can happen. At least have the decency of letting him rest before questioning him! His bones are broken and you yell at him to wake up? D:


Unfortunately still a weeb

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4 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Fanart of reversed-role Nezuko and Tanjirou, where she’s the MC and Tanjirou got demonized:

    It’d make for interesting relationship dynamics, esp. if written as a shoujo with shounen action (Giyu as love interest, with overprotective Tanjirou trying to cockblock to protect Nezuko’s dignity?)

  2. Thong Do says:

    I like Giyuu cause despite looking like your stereo aloof cold and emotionless black hair guy in anime( Sasuke, Levi, Byakuya,…) he actually quite a dork. Also a fun game to play is to guess the element/theme of each pillars.

    • Berry says:

      Haha that’s true. I also like Giyu because of that.

      Hmm, well Blaziken man’s element has got to be fire or I’ll be disappointed. The pink/green-haired girl is probably plants or nature. Guy with swords, maybe earth? Or chains? The tall guy…I’m not sure actually. Something spiritual, I’d guess. And I can’t make a guess for the man/woman with the green tint. Hopefully I get a couple right!

  3. Ecarg312 says:

    Oh boy…that Blaziken man…is gonna make you feel emotions…

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