Well, it’s time for the weekly dose of our hopeless demon girl and intense magical girl providing us with precious content. And each week I’m consistently surprised by the refreshing content that they provide. Sure, they aren’t breaking any new barriers, but the interactions between the two feels so natural and they just fly by! This anime does a really good job of giving us viewers something to engage with. It’s fast paced, so if you ever look away you’ve missed quite a bit of content!

This episode started off with an absolutely hilarious recap provided to us by our favorite ancestor, Lilith. Lilith has since fallen (lol get it cause she’s a fallen demon) from someone with quite a bit of influence, to essentially just a door stop and I mean that both literally and figuratively. She spent most of this episode trying to further the goal of Shamiko only to be shut down by the mother. However, despite her being drunk or hung over for the rest of the episode, I enjoyed her little cut-aways where she would just make little sounds. So, despite me wanting Lilith to do more, I was quite content with her role in this episode.

Momo is finally better from her cold and she’s back better than ever, well…. maybe except for a great deal of her magical strength, but she’s still as ruthless to Shamiko as she has ever been. Her fascination with muscle-building will never cease to amaze me. Especially the way that she tries to convince Shamiko to participate in it. It’s almost hard to see whether she’s actually trying to help Shamiko, or just tormenting her, but it’s probably both. However, in all of these little interactions, I love seeing more and more about Momo and I can’t wait until next week when we probably get to hear more about her back story. Who is this sister she is talking about? What was her life as a full-time magical girl? How did she become one? Were Shamiko and Momo connected before Shamiko became a demon? Who knows? But I hope that we get more answers.

But speaking of things revealed to us, we finally got to see the orange magical girl!! I wish we could have seen more of her, but I’m glad that she was able to make an appearance. I personally really hope that the three of them will just be very good friends and all work towards some common goal, but that’s a bit too optimistic. I mean, this may be a comedy anime, but they could just punch us in the gut and give us drama! Especially, with that episode title. Hoo, I really hope that they don’t try to make her an unbearable character. I’m keeping my hopes up, I’m ready to see what the next episode will bring us!

On a completely unrelated note, I only just realized how Anri looks very similar to Shamiko’s mother and sister. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that her bangs and eye color are the same as Shamiko’s family, but I have a feeling they’re gonna pull a fast one on us. All this time, I just thought Shamiko had main character syndrome, but maybe there’s a swapped at birth story hiding in here somewhere…

Despite my mediocre detective work, I’m still excited to see how the story develops from here and for just more fun and cute content.


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