Well, that was quite a reveal. Historical breakdown before the ass kicking is fine with me. So the Rosenthals are an offshoot of the original group, banished for the idea of using necromancy. And the goal is to create the perfect golem, on the level of a god. As always, there’s the one nut job in the family that has to ruin it for everyone else. On the verge of death, Isaac imbued his soul onto the one used to revive Hirumi and has now taken over. I was confused how religious we were going with it, when the pseudo-soul mentioned a devil trying to tempt them. Well, it turns out it was just great great granddad Isaac, pulling one of his classic stunts again. Oh, Isaac. So the question of whether it was Hirumi or the pseudo-soul wasn’t right from the beginning. I thought Esther said it was impossible for Hirumi to reconnect to her body, but now it seems like it’s been some blend of Hirumi and Isaac. Like Isaac has been in control, manipulating her brother, but then with the reset she was acting like the old Hirumi. Once the pseudo-soul saw her emotional distress at her Hishigata, who was projected to not be able to survive the stabbing, it erased her control and took over. THEN Isaac, who had previously made contact with the pseudo-soul, fully took control of the body and that’s where we are now. I feel like I have to say this out loud to understand it.

Regardless, Hirumi is now supposedly a level 6. The 10,000 deaths she experienced basically leveled her up on the spiritual tree’s reincarnation cycle to the point that she is now a god. So far, she’s basically just grown a bunch of tentacles. I mean, maybe that’s godlike in some ways, but not entirely what I was picturing. Since we learned the backstory, I’ve just felt worse and worse for Hishigata. Twisted and evil, sure, but it was done out of love. Well, he wouldn’t hesitate to evaporate people either so maybe he’s not totally free of guilt either. Anyway, now he’s been stabbed and is dying and only stayed conscious enough to see the sister he did this all for turn into some terrible monster. I actually thought this episode did a pretty good job of being creepy.

Accelerator is on the move though! I love his brutal honesty towards Esther in the last scene. After being told that she is not only a failure to the family, but she’s been the one bringing death wherever she goes, she is obviously a little downtrodden about the whole thing. Whereas Touma might give a speech about how she shouldn’t let it get to her, Accelerator simply does not have the time to deal with that. This man wants to fight and wants to do it now! Of course, he threw her a bone with that ‘look how far you’ve fallen, when you used to be pretty cool’ line so I’m sure she’ll jump back in eventually. The knife she used has retained the red glow to it, which I can only assume means that it still will be used to separate the soul from the body. Now, the question is does the pseudo-soul and Isaac’s soul count as one soul? Can it separate both, will it only separate one? I have no idea.

I respect the twist, it was a bit confusing at first but still interesting, but it would’ve been cool if we were given any sort of clue to this earlier on. I’m not saying I could’ve ever figured it out anyway, but pulling these random twists out of nowhere kind of take the fun out of it. Anyway, next week is the beginning of the boss battle. Every fight before this has been pretty easy so I’m hoping there’s an interesting angle to this one. Some reason why Accelerator might have difficulty dealing with her. I thought a lot of the imagery was cool in this week’s episode. The old-looking scenes from the history, using blurs for emphasis, the rainbow-lit tower that is being created for god knows what reason. I’m excited for next week!