Dr. Stone Episode 10 and 11 [Cola??]

Sometimes in shounen series I have to lampshade when things are ridiculous. Earlier in the show I lampshaded how silly it was that Tsukasa can just punch lions to assert dominance. Last time I asserted it was silly that ramen noodles are different. But ultimately food is an important motivator in ancient societies and I watch JoJo’s Bizarre adventure. Who am I to argue about them in real time? Listen, readers, Soda is what saves the day in episode 10 of Dr. Stone. Ramen? Please. That’s child play. I was an innocent baby back then, lacking in understanding of our true savior. Of course an item lacking in nutritional value largely marketed through base enjoyment of sugary beverages would be what changes everything for our heroes.

featured: a bitch gen would fuck with for some soda

A lot of this episode reveals some interesting facts: There is a terrible Gaston-esque equivalent in the show who would make Tsukasa happy: he just uses brute force. He planned to kill Ruri, Kohaku’s sister, after marrying her by winning a competition. He was beaten by Kohaku who kicked the shit out of him, but she was disowned for doing this. Now the gang has to win in a new competition in order to get close to Ruri and make sure the Kingdom of Science isn’t screwed over by this loser. And of course we find all this out when Gen, Tsukasa’s spy, is stabbed when they confuse him for Senku. Huh.

Ultimately Gen gets healed and they’re now on plot C, save Ruri by winning a fight, but I’m backing the fuck up onto this Gen plot. Even after being brutally stabbed and nearly murdered because of these other jerks, all because they thought he was Senku, And this would seem like a deal breaker to me. Nope. Literally he just asks Senku to make him an ice cold soda and he’ll stick with him. Now pause before you comment: I get the implications! He’s literally asking him for a cooling system, carbonated beverages, easy access to sugar and various chemicals: it’s not like this is something easy and it shows further advancement. But maybe like ask for . . . for like a gun? I dunno man, it seems way too simple to me. But if you want to fight Tsukasa over a soda I’m fine with it. Team Science for the win.

But in episode 11 he actually makes an advancement I care about, glass! This one was good for people like me who wonder how life would be in pre historic times: being near sighted is no big deal in our society, but it’s not the case in a world where there is no glass. He manages to help Suika see despite being near sighted and he obtains the help of a craftsman to make proper glass instruments. Which, you know, science. So that’s pretty important. But still, watching the tiny old man become a super glassblower in anger was pretty much amazing. (But who doesn’t love watching glass being blown, animated or real life?)

As of now we’re just preparing for the big fight with Magma, while showing us how science is already capable of bettering everything around it. I’m excited to see the fight happen, but I am 10 billion percent sure it won’t be Ginro and Kinro who save the day in the ring. Afterall, isn’t it normally the protagonist who saves the day?


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