A Certain Scientific Accelerator Episode 8 + 9


I am doubling up this week. Apologies for the wait! But hey, did someone say… FLASHBACK TIME?!

Finally we get some backstory and learn how Esther was involved in this process. So he wasn’t using necromancy to infuse machines with souls, at least initially. He was using Esther’s ability to reanimate bodies with specific, vital organs numbed. This was going to be used as evidence that the powers are stored in the body rather than in the mind. So, by eliminating organs that were ‘turned off’ when powers were used, he can prove his theory. Ok, ok. So far so good. And a byproduct of those tests revealed that making a bigger ‘body’ for the soul allowed the subjects to release more power because they thought they could handle it. If it’s too big, the mind dilutes too much and they go insane though. So Esther was then used to contain the minds so they didn’t spread out even over large bodies. Well, hey, for a show that’s half about magic, that actually makes a lotta sense!

Oh, the undresstress! I remember her! Nice call back. And the trio trying to take pictures are the three that get destroyed by Accelerator in the first few episodes. I know that was pretty obvious to most people, but I’m actually surprised I caught that. Go, me.

Holy moly. Hirumi, why?! If you had shown your brother your test results, and that you were so close to dying, wouldn’t he have been more likely to try the experiment with you when, you know, you could still be alive? I don’t understand her logic here. This really puts Hishigata in a different light. My dude was a pretty normal, ambitious scientist trying to create a way for everyone to become level 6 espers. He actually really loves his sister, even not trying to do experiments on her that could risk her life. It makes sense now what their relationship is. A doting brother spoiling his younger sister, albeit in a different and much darker way than usual.

Well, except for the fact that that’s not Hirumi. One of the spirits is pretending to be her? Or.. we don’t know. That’s kind of interesting. We don’t know if it’s her or the spirit. I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much though, in the end. Whether she’s dead or alive, Hirumi or the spirit, Accelerator will hunt you down either way. I really can’t tell now though if Hirumi was a happy go lucky, clumsy, goodhearted girl or a mastermind. She definitely stole the one talisman and she’s surprisingly smart, more strategic and cool headed than her brother at least, but she also can’t hit a full size punching bag dangling directly in front of her? I don’t know chief, the jury is out on this one.

Ahh, purple boy is back and finally the chase scene is over! Accelerator beat the robits, chased them, chased them some more, they got upgraded, he beat them again. Let’s leave it at that, please. I didn’t come here to see Accelerator tap on a few robots. That fire tornado was hype as hell though, I’ll give it that. That prolonged laugh scene too. That must hurt the voice actors throat. It sounds so painful. I’d love to see that sound being produced from a human’s mouth. I thought that swapping positions power was going to be so much more annoying than it was. If the goal was to stall for time, they could’ve easily just kept moving him from place to place. Actually, I’d hate to watch that so maybe the way they did it is fine. Flame tornado.

Aww, I felt for all the Sisters involved in this episode. The clone who got kidnapped just wanted to help, but she couldn’t! Walking up to a giant ass robot that can use telekinesis with just a crowbar. It was also so sad when Last Order thought he was there in her hospital room after he saved the other Sister. I forgot they’re refusing to share that information with her to protect her. Her waking up must’ve reset that so a bit slipped through to Last Order before they could cut it again.

Esther fucked up, only minutes after arriving on the scene. Nothing new there. I hope that dagger she charged up doesn’t ‘lose’ it’s separation power now that she stabbed Hishigata with it. I mean, he didn’t have long to live anyway, me thinks. I have just an odd feeling that maybe Hirumi wasn’t going to keep him around. She did that weird pause when he asked her if they should go to the gym together afterwards. Maybe her real soul and the pseudo-soul are still duking it out? It’s a long shot, but maybe. And then they just have to weaken her enough for the original soul to take over again? I’m very curious what type of powers this supposed level 6 gets. Even they were saying at the beginning of episode 8 that they had no idea. I’m excited.

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