There were no winners in this week’s episode. While some of our characters had shining moments of happiness others, quite frankly are hitting rock bottom. Some of the drama seemed to hit its climax, but it’s pretty clear that we’re not safe yet. Oh yes, things are going to keep getting worse before anything can get better. But I guess, the real question is: will anything get better for our characters? Will they finally find happiness, will they come to an understanding of what’s good and what’s a very questionable decision? Perhaps, but where’s the fun in that?

After the previous episode, I was probably most worried for Hitoha. I didn’t expect anything to happen between her and Milo-sensei, but this anime tends to push some boundaries.  Amagi and Sonezaki watch her get into Milo’s car and, like a good friend they go after her and try to stop her from making stupid decisions. They don’t end up catching her, but hey it’s the thought that counts. After arriving at the love hotel Milo reveals his true intentions, but Hitoha goes above and beyond anything that I would have expected her to do. Oh man, I was getting really nervous during the scene, but at the end of the whole scene I think I ended up feeling pretty sorry for her. Her crush on her teacher is definitely more obsession if anything, but watching her cry into his chest just hurt! I want the two of the to be happy, but not in a relationship sort of way. However, when I think about it. Based on this whole experience I think their relationship might change, I mean, once you cry like that in front of someone you can never go back. So I’m hoping they’ll be able to start over and just generally support each other in different ways ie Milo helps her become a better writer and Hitoha helps him get closer to Emi. It’s a dream, but someone should come out of this happy! But on that note, I still don’t really know what he means when he refers to himself as a coward, so if you have any insight or clarification for that, please share!

I think Momo gave the biggest surprise of the episode, just straight out confessing to Sugawara. Sure, it wasn’t really the time or place to do it, but I’m glad that she’s finally come to the realization that through her, rather unfortunate, interactions with Sugimoto she’s realized that she’s developed feelings for Sugawara. Of course, we’ve seen it since much earlier in the series, but its nice for her to come out and say it. Also! I really wanted to like Sugimoto, perhaps he could have been a genuinely good person and just not have clicked well with Momo, but no. He decided to show his true colors and ugh I don’t know if he can be redeemed. If anything, I think that might be the last time we see him for the remaining episodes unless he decides to show up and stir up trouble. I get that Momo was kind of rude to begin with, but I don’t think that she was wrong in the way that she responded? Perhaps if she was nicer about at the cultural festival things might have gone a lot better this time around.

And now for my biggest and most frustrating pain point: Sugawara. Like I said before, she’s complex and interesting, but boy she’s really difficult to enjoy – even a little bit! I understand that she’s been conditioned to act this way, but with so many people coming to her telling her that her actions are not okay, I’m frustrated that she continues to act this way!! And her reactions to it are perfectly normal! when you like someone that much to have them reject you it really does hurt, you begin to think that it’s because you’re not attractive or just generally unlikable and of course that will eat away at you. However! After what she did on the train to him, having her then say “Are you willing to go that far to refuse me? Am I that unattractive?” was just really manipulative and all around not good! Perhaps in a different context she could have asked those questions, but seconds before Izumi straight up told her that 1) he thought he was protecting her from a creep and 2) that those actions were not okay! Sugawara this is not how get a boy to like you! And further more! She continues to play with Izumi’s emotions with the “But you got hard” and “Why don’t you practice on me?”. It’s very clear that she’s not in love with him the same way that Kazusa is, but rather more interested in the  concept of ess-ee-ecks. Which in hindsight is something we’ve seen since episode one, but I really wish she would take a step back and consider her actions and maybe not be so selfish? With her actions she is harming at least three other characters: Izumi, Kazusa, and even Momo because she is getting between relationships and destroying very important relationships. Perhaps she’ll come to understand this in one of the next episodes, but I won’t get my hopes up.

Izumi on the other hand is very distraught by her words and actions. He comes out of nowhere with a confession, but he’s confused and things are about to get complicated. And here I thought things were going to start looking up for Kazusa. I really hope that Sugawara’s words don’t eat too much at him. Perhaps, he’ll talk to someone and realize that his physical reaction was just that, a physical reaction. It’s probably not something he could have controlled in the moment and it was just unfortunate that it happened. I just really don’t want it to get in the way of his friendship and relationship with Kazusa. I’m fine if the two end up breaking up, but I don’t want there to be a rift between the two….

And despite all this drama that happened in this episode what got me the most was the announcement about Jujo-san (I finally learned her name too!). Sonezaki was finally getting along with her and realizing that yeah people are different in expressing themselves and their feelings, but you know what? They can have those feelings and it’s okay! But man, seeing the bye-bye on the cookies for Sonezaki, that really hit me.

I can say one thing for sure: this anime certainly keeps me on my toes. I’m interested in seeing if there will be a resolution to all the conflict that this episode brought out, or even just one.


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