Carole & Tuesday Episode 21: It’s Too Late

It’s so disappointing that we’re getting such good episodes so late in the game. If we had episodes like this and last week’s for most of the show, I would have enjoyed it much more. I suppose I can at least enjoy this last bit, because things have picked up so fast.

I feel awful for Angela, and right now I’m a little scared for her. After Dahlia suffers from a heart attack (I’m guessing), we suddenly find out that her mama may not even be her real mama? This is a little irritating because this was never built up, but whatever. With this piece of news, Angela has completely lost herself. Even though Tao was released on bail, he hasn’t contacted her. Dahlia is in the hospital, she may not even be her mom, so the question is who is she? Who is she really, where is she from, who are her real parents? And what’s worse is that she feels like she’s just going to be replaced by her AI replica, so what even is the point of her existence? Literally everything around her is falling apart one by one, and the worst of it is is that she’s completely, and utterly alone. There’s no one to be there by her side and it’s painful and scary to watch her slowly lose her mind, downing so many pills. She can easily kill herself with her behavior and it’s nerve-wracking. The last scene with her and her rabbit AI was like something out of a horror movie. It’s sad how bright and cheery things are for CandT, while Angela is suffocating in her own darkness. Tao is out on his own slowly plotting his revenge against Shwartz, which I guess will also contribute to taking down Jerry. I’m not too irritated with Tao since he has no idea that Dahlia is in the hospital, but I sure hope he takes Angela’s literal cry for help seriously. Angela has never shown such insecurity and she doesn’t seem like the type of person to ask for help and I think Tao knows that. While he wants to enact his revenge on Shwartz, I think he’ll make time for Angela. At least, I hope so! Hurry!

On the other end of the spectrum, Carole and Tuesday are having a pretty good time. Carole goes out on a little date with Roddy to buy Carole a birthday present, and with Christmas around the corner things are all fun with holiday spirit. I thought it was really sweet that Roddy bought the girls a real Christmas tree as a present, thus continuing to be best boy. The girls’ album comes to a close at the end as they perform their last song at a church, and honestly it was very nice. And to top it all off, Gus really was Santa as he got the girls one hell of a collaboration for the Grammys. And I’m so happy because it’s with Crystal! I’m glad she came back because she was starting to be one of those one-off characters this show likes to have. So all in all, really good things for them.

Oh, and Carole got confessed to in a song. While Ezekiel delivered another stellar song, I couldn’t help but laugh at the entire thing only because of the unrealistic and insane scenario. There’s no prison anywhere on Earth or in space where the guards would actually agree to film you. When Ezekiel asked the guards, I was ready for them to beat the shit out of him. And yet they actually recorded him, let him send the video to his buddies, so they could edit it and give it a beat in like…a day or something? Honestly it’s hilarious. He still could have made it, but it would have been more realistic if he stole a phone from one of the guards and recorded himself rapping, no cuts and editing, no music or beat. Just him standing in front of the phone, rapping. And then upload it in secret. I think that actually would have made the song a little more powerful and a lot more personal. With the professional editing and music, it just sounds like any other song. But the song is specifically for Carole, both as a love letter and as a goodbye before being deported back to Earth. The lyrics were really sweet and personal, and I think it would have been even more personal if he released it without all the theatrics. Either way, the song and scene was great even though the whole scenario of it was laughably dumb. I’ll let it slide.

Also, seeing how Earth looks just makes it even more sad that Ezekiel had to be deported. It looks awful and only makes me more curious what the hell happened to it. We can only make guesses though. Things are exciting and it really feels like we’re inching to the finale. I’ve been enjoying these last couple episodes so let’s hope we get more quality.


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