Dr. Stone Episode 12 [Sulfuric Acid]

I feel like every episode of Dr. Stone really doubles as an ‘anime teaching you about science’ show, and given the age demographic for this that is appropriate. I, for one, did not know that sulfuric acid is typically surrounded by hydrogen sulfide that kills you in seconds. But today we watched the process necessary for not dying instantly to collect one of the most common chemistry ingredients I can think of. Like, I had no idea that the gases that surround it are heavier than air so tying your shoes around it could literally kill you. I also forgot that Japan thinks of Emerald as a clear blue in our context, so hearing them say green was super weird to me.

Holy shit man, nature is scary. Watching this episode reminded me just how dangerous things in the wild can be, even if you know what you’re dealing with. Sometimes I wonder how necessary it is to have men who can punch lions in this show to create tension when we’re already watching people nearly die from a real life force of terror. And it was very clever to finally give silver boy over there his silver staff for the sole purpose of having it react to the deadly chemicals in the air. The creator of this show does immense research that I can’t even begin to say boggles my mind: my scientist husband regularly verifies how authentic it is. And isn’t that why this show is astounding? Because it actually shows the depth of human growth?

There is an attempt this episode for Senku to create bus protection. If you don’t know, bus protection is what they call educating another person on a project in order to make sure if the other person is hit by a bus then the project won’t fail. Senku wants to teach Chrome what he knows in order to prevent humanity from being lost. But well. This is a shounen. Of course no one can do something that bleak because it wouldn’t be filled with hope. I don’t know how this show manages to make such a likable and well rounded cast with so much absurdity bound in absolute realism. How science make action weird?? How man punch lion and win?? How spear lift entire adult human with ease? I do not know. But I’ll buy what this show is selling.

Now that they have sulfuric acid they have one of the biggest things they need in order to create sulfa antibiotics. Everything else will be easier in comparison, but damn. I just have a feeling there is no way Kinro and Ginro will be able to win it, and given that Ruri and Chrome are set up as a potential couple…well. It seems to me as the science makes more and more sense the actual tournament will have its own process. I’m also interested in learning about the 100 tales, the tales that probably were passed down from a stone person who woke up and essentially created the current lineage in their village. Look….I need more episodes.

For science.



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