Enen no Shouboutai episode 10

It was a pretty laid back episode and it’s to be expected considering everything that happened in the last couple episodes. However, I still find it a bummer how this series is paced. As it moves at a rapid pace for a couple episodes and then slows down again AND THEN picks up again and then slows down again. I need to rewatch Soul Eater again to see if it had similar beats because I honestly don’t remember it being paced so weirdly. Not to mention that the first half of the episode felt like it was mostly recap.

We get to see all of the different division captains and they are definitely a peculiar (if not shady) bunch. Especially the 3rd and 4th captains. Those two are shady as heck. Don’t think for a moment did I miss the 4th’s look of intensity when they mentioned the Evangelist. I don’t trust them, especially the guy with the plague mask. Though it seems like the 7th captain has a bit of shade as well. He certainly got an attitude considering how he carries himself and he and his subordinate didn’t even greet the priest when he came in. Though I hope that the other captains can be understanding since the 8th needs as many allies as they can get.

After the meeting, I got EXTREMELY anxious when Obi revealed that he left Shinra alone to look at the Amaterasu. I was immediately like: WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE HIM ON HIS OWN LIKE THAT?! Everyone at the meeting basically stated that the Evangelist was going to start coming after Shinra. You gave them your word you would protect him! OBI WHY?! And when Joker showed up I just threw my hands in the air shouting: I CALLED THIS. Now, I have a few issues with Joker. While he seems to be an interesting character, I don’t like how he’s basically just used as an info drop. He basically spoon feeds Shinra information about his brother rather than Shinra finding out from investigating on his own. I know I’m a broken record, but there’s just too much telling in this series and not enough showing. However, I am thankful that he didn’t try and kidnap Shinra like I was afraid of. But come on people, KEEP A BETTER EYE ON SHINRA.

Now, I appreciate the group bonding moments in this episode…. I just wish this type of thing happened earlier. That way, I would feel so much more attachment to the 8th as a group and would actually be convinced of their bond. Not to mention we haven’t seen the others do much of anything lately. My care for Maki is slipping and while Hinawa is still as hilarious as ever, he feels like a stranger now. The spotlight feels like it’s ALWAYS on Shinra and not enough on the other characters. Which is a shame because they all seem to be very likeable, but I just can’t find myself to care about them as individuals or a group. Though I did find it cute when Arthur silently gave Shinra his share of meat.

Looking back at Soul Eater, that series did a good job at shining the spotlight on all three of the main characters and their partners. And while Maka was the main character, I never felt like she was hogging the spotlight or was particularly OP like Shinra is doing. Also, what Soul Eater did so well was basically showing the importance of relying on your partners and that sometimes your own power just isn’t enough, which I really liked. And while Shinra is told to rely on the others in the group, in the end it feels like he’s still sent off on his own to take care of situations so there isn’t that much good ol’ group reliance, much to my disappointment. However, I did like Hinawa’s brief talk with Shinra about how he likes being part of the group and that he can trust him and Obi with whatever concerns he has. Despite how ruthless he is, Hinawa is still a pretty nice guy and I appreciate him. I just want to see more of him and protect his smile.

Despite my gripes with this series/episode, I did like the foreboding statement that Shinra drops on how he thought that it was a good idea to share the information given to him by Joker. Does that mean there’s a traitor in the group or maybe he regrets talking about certain things since it’s inevitable that Shinra and his brother will come into conflict. Especially since the episode finally dropped Sho’s appearance at the end of the episode, sporting the same shark toothy smile as Shinra. I am interested to see what will become of the brothers as it seems that Sho might be brainwashed in some form or another. And I doubt that Shinra will be willing to fight his brother considering his promise to him and their mother.

Not much to say about this episode save for a few pretty big reveals. And while I’m still not convinced of the group dynamic, it was funny to see how much chaos Hibana and Tamaki bring to the 8th division.


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