Just from seeing the episode title “Enemy” I got my heart racing. How exciting! We finally find out who the enemy is! Before that, though, there’s quite an interesting history lesson. It turns out it’s very possible that Astra is a planet that humans went to because Earth was going to be hit by a meteorite. For a brief moment I considered this being a case of parallel universes, but that seems too convoluted, even for Kanata no Astra.

It was really cool to see how different the story seems to be for the children and how now there’s a lot of emphasis in a more ‘moving forward’ culture as opposed to paying a lot of attention to history. I figured it makes sense to set World War III at the peak of the Cold War, but like they said, if humanity was able to move from Earth to another, or even other planets, then why was history changed? I supposed they wanted to cover up the existence of the wormhole, but then if only a few people knew about it, how did they move humans to another planet? It’s all very confusing. I have a couple of vague theories in my mind, but I’ll wait to see if they reveal things right away next episode or just give more hints.

The way Kanata figured out who the enemy was and then set Charce up was very badass. I was a a bit surprised at first when they said Ulgar was the enemy, but I’m glad that didn’t turn out to be the case. I guess Charce was still the best bet, even if he was still trying his best not to stand out. I guess him being a clone of the king makes me wonder if the memories he mentioned before were his or the king’s and also if there’s an extra reason he’s being disposed of now. I really liked the trap set up, too! They almost got me to believe it as well.

So in the end I mostly wonder why the past is different and how they’re justify changing history. Polina seems really shocked by all the aspects of culture as she knows it that they have lost, but they seem to be doing well enough with no countries, weapons or organized religion. I’m guessing it’s actually the future and they make it seem like it’s earlier than the children think it is, but we’ll see. I wonder how they’ll deal with Charce now and how much longer it’ll be before  they reach Astra. I really hope there will be some more twists and reveals in the next episode!