This episode really gave Lilith, or Shamicen a chance to shine! I really love that she is being included a lot more in the episode because she adds a fun dynamic to the group. She’s obviously not the kindest, smartest, or bravest but she balances out all the others really well. I still feel bad that she ends up being forgotten and often just a physical and verbal punching bag for some of the girls. Still, I find myself feeling “oh nice! Lilith is here” whenever she has a moment to talk, rather than grumbling and groaning that she’s shown up again. I can’t wait for more episodes where we get to have her interact with all the girls. Perhaps she’ll make a real, physical appearance in the next episode!

I liked that right out the gate the episode showed off the new and improved crisis management outfit and the solution that came with it. I love that they are ready to accept how absurd the outfit is, but also provides reason for why it was that way to begin with. Usually when I watch an anime and characters have outfits of similar nature I usually just shrug it off and accept that that is just their design. So having it justified was both refreshing and absolutely hilarious. Moving on I was happy to Shamiko’s determination in trying to beat Momo at something! We’re able to see that she’s more than just a kind and spacey girl, because she can actually do really well when putting her mind to it, but we also get to see more of Momo’s competitive nature. Lilith also gets a chance to shine by making her way up on the list of top scorers for the exam. Unexpected, but boy was that great. The teachers just readily accept that Shamiko is a demon and the little paper weight she carries around 80% of the time is also her great ancestor. And it’s not even to humor the student! The teacher actually spoke to the statue and let Lilith take the test. It seems like such a small thing but it really makes a good and fun impact!

Once this challenge is over Mikan makes a return (which is great, because I was worried she wasn’t going to show up)! Shamiko still has a bit of a fear of the new magical girl, but is still ready to spend some time helping her overcome parts of her curse. While it doesn’t quite go as planned for Mikan, Lilith got a brand new experience and Shamiko didn’t have any misfortune fall upon her. Also, while it’s certainly not a new thing, I always enjoy when a character goes to watch a movie, or TV and ends up rooting for something that’s not the villain. That will never cease to amuse me and so watching Shamiko sympathize with the Zombies was something that brought a smile to my face. After the movie is over, Mikan and Shamiko run into Momo. One of my favorite things about Momo is that her demeanor doesn’t change, she still seems disinterested and distant, but she fixates and becomes obsessed with things! (And don’t worry Momo! I support Tama Sakura too!). She’s just able to do everything with a straight face and that just really adds to her charm. But! I really want to know more of her back story. who was she before she stopped the vehicle from crushing Shamiko?? Gah! I just really want to know!


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