It’s difficult to put in words all of the things that are running through my mind at the moment. It is great that they at least covered one of the mysteries that we have been wondering about for some time, but I can’t help but feel this show is about to end much sooner than any of us had originally anticipated. Though to be fair, given the current circumstances, it makes sense and would be a fitting way to do so. It’s just unfortunate that they are glossing over some other things we would like to see further develop.

And that’s precisely why I found the reveal of who was behind the Cyberse Deck to be a bit sudden. It took aback for a moment, but once it sunk in, it made perfect sense for Ai to be the one behind it. Thinking back, all of the clues have been subtly laid out to us. The most apparent one that comes to mind is the number of examples where not just Ai, but his fellow Ignis observing their origins in the shadows until they decide to confront them, such as Flame. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, Ai’s motive for quietly directing Yuusaku onto the path of revenge against the Hanoi Knights makes complete strategic sense as well. He needed a someone who too was impacted by the Hanoi Knights’ activities, which makes Yuusaku, his origin the best one to do it. In fact, now that I think of it, it makes me laugh even harder now when I recall Yuusaku claiming Ai to be his hostage, when really, he was doing exactly what Ai had wanted him to do.

Was it cruel of Ai to do all of that? Yes, of course it was. But his decisions incidentally ended up benefiting Yuusaku in a positive way. By arranging him and Kusanagi to meet each other, he gave him not only a partner to rely on, but also a friend. When he gave him the Cyberse Deck, although he was fuelling him with revenge, it enabled Yuusaku to get the closure he needed to free himself from the past, but also bond with the very entity that was created through that traumatic event. And through that, amazingly, he was not only able to reconnect with the one who saved them all (Ryoken), but he was able able to start living again and form new relationships with other people, such as Aoi and Takeru.

And just as Ai had so much impact on Yuusaku, it was same the other-way around. Ai didn’t expect to form the type of bond he and Yuusaku now share. They are friends who both gone through hell and back again, and this is what makes this situation so tragic.

Ai assured us he has no intention of annihilating Humans, he just wants to give A.I. a chance to survive, their free-will will be copies of himself at first, but then they can forge their own paths overtime through their own experiences. Like Humans, their decision of what paths they take can either be good or bad, and forge their own identity separate from his own. However, even though he says it’s so that he isn’t lonely, and while he is, I don’t think he is actually referring to himself, but his fellow A.I. in general. The reason for that is because it contradicts what he has been pushing Yuusaku to do: forcing him to defeat him. This is also why he is holding the consciousness of others hostage. And I have discussed this before, how Ai’s loneliness and despair has consumed him to the point that being the only Ignis left is too much for him. It’s hard for him to let go of the failure of being unable to save his comrades, and live in a world without them.

But what kills me the most is the fact Ai wants Yuusaku to be the one to put him to rest. He has deliberately put Yuusaku in the position where there is only one outcome. Should Yuusaku be defeated, Ai will continue to produce the SOLtis copies of himself, and those whose consciousness been taken will never wake up again. And if Yuusaku defeats him, then he will get them all back, end the production of Ai’s copies, but Ai will be the one to cease to exist. It’s terribly selfish of him put Yuusaku in such position, especially with how close they are. That’s why Yuusaku is so upset about it.

Overall, it was a very sobering episode. It is sad that this show doesn’t appear it will be as long as its predecessors, especially when there are still a number of things we would like to see be addressed or further fleshed out. Although VRAINS is far from perfect, it’s a show that I have been enjoying very much, and would very much like to see them pursue its potential to be a great series rather than cut it shorter than it really needs to be (don’t even get me started on the seven episodes of recap that taken up precious air-time!).

Next week, oof this is going to be a heartbreaker and I’m not ready for it.


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  1. Vamoss39

    Was I the only one disoriented by the music change when Ryoken gave Yusauku the mystery card?

    1. Eva

      I know right?! It was so abrupt I burst out laughing!

      1. Vamoss39

        I had to do a double take. I was kinda hoping it’d hit Yuusaku in the face. Also… I can’t be the only one glad we got to see Revolver 3.0 some more right?

        1. Eva

          It’s too bad it doesn’t look like we will get the opportunity to see even more of his third evolution though. Q v Q|||

        2. elior1

          yes also I liked their final goodbye it was fine and not abrupt

  2. williamallen222

    I’m afraid I have sad news Eva. Vrains will be ending at episode 120 on September 25th, I just got confirmation from, and so it looks like Yusaku VS Ai will not only be the Final Boss Duel, but also the Ceremonial Duel as well. While I am sad to see Vrains ending so soon, it does give me a glimmer of hope that Yugioh Series 7 has the potential to be the best one yet since they theoretically have six months to work on it if it is airing in March 2020.
    Until then I live in hope that Vrains will end with a bang instead of a whimper like Arc-V did, since these next three episodes can potentially deliver a satisfactory conclusion if they focus on the right areas. I look forward to seeing you all next week.

    1. Eva

      CRAAAPPPPPPPPPP! I was afraid of this! I had a bad feeling it was going to end this soon. That really blows. I hope they end it on a high note! Q___Q God damn it, I’m not ready for this series to end.
      That said, I really do hope that the next one will benefit the extra time they have to work on it.

  3. Kazanova

    I thought you’re not going to update the review this week and gonna do a triple review. Glad that you’re not.
    Alright, one mystery was solved. It was rather quite sudden, but I’m okay with it because it gave more depths for Yusaku and Ai. They initially only used each other to achieve their goal, but eventually they formed a strong friendship, with Ai even admitted that now Yusaku is his only friend. And so it’s saddening that even though Yusaku is his friend, it’s still not enough to sooth Ai’s loneliness, so at the very least is he wants to die by his only friend’s hand. I’m sure Ai knows, as you said, it’s terribly selfish of him. However, I think Ai is able to do this because he is also sure that Yusaku would be all right even if he does disappear because Yusaku is not alone anymore like he said when he was about to destroy the Neuro Link.
    Now that Ai has answered the reason behind his action and who put the Cyberse Deck for Yusaku to find, there’s only one more question left that’s still bugging me: the “truth” that Lightning is talking about. Maybe this “truth” is also what drove Ai to decide to end himself.
    Next week, we’re going to see Lost Incident flashback again. But I hope to see it in Ai’s POV. We already saw more than enough of the Lost Incident from Yusaku’s POV, so seeing it from Ai’s perspective would be good.
    Since the series is going to end soon, looks like any hope for the other Ignis will somehow return has disappeared in a smoke. Now I’m concerned how Ai’s fate would be. Will he die following his Ignis friend? Or will Yusaku vince him at the very end? I’m nervous…
    Vrains gonna end in episode 120… I’m not gonna complain or anything now, I’m tired already. I’ll just enjoy whatever is left of this series until the end.
    And almost forgot:
    Am I the only one squealing inside seeing Revolver without his mask?! XD I know we already saw it in previous episode, but his face wasn’t so clear due to the blast.
    Kiku! It’s been a while since she last appeared. No lines, but still happy to see her.
    Yusaku finally called Ryoken by his real name!

    1. Eva

      I’m sorry I couldn’t get it out yesterday! I was really sick so I wasn’t in condition to write anything. Luckily today I am in a lot better condition than I have been for the past week or so. But I knew would get it out today no matter what, so I didn’t put up a notice. Perhaps I should do that next time for clarification sakes.
      Also, in situations when I am going to do a double post, I always put up a notice here in the comment section, our twitter and tumblr. 🙂
      Q____Q I’m really worried for Ai, I’m scared this is going to have a bittersweet tragic end at this rate.
      It was really nice to see Revolver without his mask, he’s a real cutie underneath it haha!

  4. Eva

    Notice: YGO VRAINS Ep 118 Review will be released as a double-post next week.

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