Vinland Saga Episode 9 [Log Warfare]

I don’t know why Viking lore features a man strong enough to sink ships by throwing logs at them, and I don’t know why it seems more feasible than the lion punching in Dr. Stone, but by God did I believe he was able to do it and I am terrified. As is common in this show anyone with the name ‘Thor’ in their name is just a badass. This time Thorfinn is sent to kill a man named Thorkell – a man who is making the defense of London actively possible just because he is bored of uninteresting battles and wants to have meaningful fights with better opponents. Meanwhile the only thing standing between Thorfinn and another duel with Askeladd is taking this guys head.

In a lot of shows they like to show the protagonists winning constantly and then outclassed. In Vinland Saga I have never had any illusions that anyone is protected from death. Thorfinn has nearly been stabbed through in a good number of situations, and so when he went to fight log man I had no pre conceptions. This was easily his hardest fight of the series and resulted in a draw: he cut off two of Thorkell’s fingers while his shoulder was dislocated. Still, he limps onto the battlefield as he hopes to win his next duel. The only thing pressing him on right now is the broiling anger in his gut, his need for vengeance. But we’re really seeing that wear on him at this point in the story.

Admittedly, It’s really funny everytime they leave Thorfinn to die and he pops up again. “Oh, you lived!” Askeladd you smarmy bastard man. This episode featured some of the best animation on top of it, with Thorkell’s log weaving and the dynamic fight between he and Thorfinn. I must. . see ….more log dueling.. . Even so, Thorkell yells as Thorfinn leaves, anticipating when they’ll fight again and looking forward to it. But Thorfinn doesn’t understand. What’s exciting about battle? For him, it has only one purpose.


NOTICE: Due to travel, Vinland Saga and Dr. Stone will be delayed into next week! 

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