Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 22: Master of the Mansion

Well, this episode had a lot of heightened emotions. I knew after all the exciting and action-packed episodes we had before, the show would suddenly slow down. This episode has the problem of past episodes, where I felt it was extremely slow and was dragged out longer than necessary. This whole “trial” probably could have finished sooner but I guess they wanted to end it with that cliffhanger.

Like Zenitsu and Inosuke, most of the Hashira left terrible first impressions. I don’t know what it takes to become a Hashira, but I know one thing is strength. No doubt these people are powerful, but some of them don’t act like how I imagined they would.

I can understand their position. They are demon slayers, they slay demons. They’ve seen what demons have done, how many people they’ve killed, and I’m sure they all have heartbreaking backstories. But wow they’re a really immature bunch. They seem to respect their Master so much, and yet they were willing to dish out their own punishment without hearing Master’s words. It says a lot that Shinobu, the creepy sadistic one, was able to keep calm and do what was right, such as asking Tanjiro for the full story of why he was traveling with a demon. And Love-chan also showed her maturity as she told everyone that they should wait for Master. The others were so immature and honestly it annoyed me the whole time. It’s also a little cringey and cliche that each Hashira is a different anime trope and they only acted in the way that their trope is supposed to act, but to 11.

The conflict of Tanjiro breaking the rules by traveling with a demon is fair. And I understand why the Hashira are not as accepting, but their actions throughout the episode boggled my mind. I don’t understand why they were being so hostile towards Nezuko when she wasn’t doing a damn thing. She didn’t move a muscle in the box, and what’s worse is that it was even daytime, out in the sunlight. She poses no threat to any of them at that instant, especially in front of nine incredibly powerful individuals. Just one of them would be able to kill her in an instant, and yet they were acting so impatient and rash that they were looking like children. No, they were more like bullies. They elbow Tanjiro, this kid that’s ranked much lower than them, who is on the ground with his hands tied behind his back, and oh yeah, his bones are broken. And Sanemi…ugh, continues to stab the box even though Nezuko is doing absolutely nothing.

Sanemi was just terrible. His blood test to prove that Nezuko will attack him? Fine, okay. Stabbing her repeatedly when she doesn’t do anything? Fuck off. I don’t think Nezuko is going to attack him, even though the cliffhanger wants to make you wonder. Like, what the fuck do you expect? You keep hitting and provoking someone, eventually they’re going to defend themselves and attack back. Or like with a dog. Pit bulls have a bad rep. You want to prove they attack people, but the dog is just sitting there doing nothing, minding its own business. You start pestering the dog and hitting it, and then the pit bull bites you. See, pit bulls do attack people! I mean, really? It’s beyond stupid.

What’s even more annoying is that Urokodoki, an ex-Hashira, even writes a letter to tell Master that Nezuko has never harmed anyone in the two years he’s known her. They have the word of a famous Hashira, and yet they still show the hostility. I can understand not accepting this decision immediately and remaining skeptical, but being this brash and violent is pathetic. But hey, a total bro move from both Urokodoki and Giyu to agree to suicide if Nezuko does end up harming a human. T_T

It’s hard to believe that these Hashira are incapable of thinking. Good demons existing can’t be impossible, though I understand that it’s not a common occurence. However, the fact that most of them couldn’t be calm and mature about the whole situation paints the Hashira in a bad light. Demons have the lust to kill humans, but humans also have the lust to kill humans and yet no one mentions that.

Maybe I’m exaggerating and being harsh, but that’s honestly how I felt. I do understand their skepticism, but when Shinobu is one of the few to remain calm and take things seriously, that’s a bit of a problem.

And I guess Love-chan, too. I wonder how her technique works?


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9 thoughts on “Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 22: Master of the Mansion

  1. The production can’t help without dragging things out- the anime ends in 2 episodes, and they can’t exactly have the season end in a cliffhanger within the middle of the next mission, can they?

    There’s no word of season 2, unfortunately.

    1. Yeah I totally see why they would drag it out, but it’s jarring to see how noticeable it is with long pauses and Love-chan’s many thoughts.

      Oh I’m sure we’ll get a season two. With how insanely popular this show has been, I would be shocked if we didn’t get another one.

  2. Don’t worry. Yeah, they seem annoying and all, but you’ll find the Hashiras likeable later on in Season 2. Only 4 episodes left until Season 1 ends.

    1. Hard agree here, the hashiras come off as abrasive and unlikeable but the exact next arc makes you start falling in love with them. Here’s hoping for a season 2 so we can get the whole experience ;_;

    2. Yeah I’m sure I’ll learn to like them (maybe not all, who knows). It’s probably going to be like another Zenitsu/Inosuke situation where I won’t like them at first but grow to like them later.

  3. I disagree with you. Beside the Wind guy, none of the other Hashira actually did anything to the sibling. They only discuss the punishment, which is really reasonable since this is what they think why they was summoned. And many of their point actually valid from their POV. From their POV, Tanjirou put the life of innocent people in danger by protecting Nezuko. The Flame Hashirra even said that if she ever snap and kill someone, there no going back, they can’t bring back the deaths. We as the audience can see that they are wrong cause we have been following the sibling for a long time, but they don’t have that knowledge. The Sound Hashira said that Tanjirou have to provide proof beside his own word since he is Nezuko brother and there going to by bias. Also there good demons, 3 of them, 2 of which the Hashira never know about( Tamayo and her assistant). That mean for them, Nezuko is the only good demon ever since demon first appeal, so their skeptic level is understandable. As for the Wind Hashira, I would said it cause he too loyal to his master ideas and what he stand for, that why he so angry when the master told them to spare Nezuko, He can’t wrap his head around his master decision which go again everything he stand for, deperate to change his master mind. It all about perpective.

    1. I think this is very logical and very true. Even in the beginning we saw Tomioka say that long ago someone said what Tanjiro did, and was promptly devoured. Nezuko and Tanjiro are the exception, not the rule, and it means that it’s very interesting to see. I was mad at them all at first as I read the manga and then realized: man they have all gotten to the highest peak in their chosen field, and their chosen field has them see many many deaths. What a harsh thing to see- and it will take time.

      1. I definitely understand where all of them are coming from, especially with seeing how many innocents died after the spider arc. I just thought that they were too rash from the start but I understand that their skepticism is high. When I mention the other Hashira besides Sanemi, I just mean that they were complicit in his (and Snake’s) crappy behavior since they didn’t stop them (except for Shinobu attempting to). I really am looking forward to learning about their backstories though and their relationship with Master, especially when it comes to Sanemi.

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