This show always brings a smile to my face. There’s so much to love about it and the fact we got more just makes me so giddy. Just as giddy as Akira when she beat Zangief’s arcade mode with everyone cheering behind her. Though I won’t lie, only getting nine episodes this time around, with this first episode having a recap in the first half makes me a little concerned. I do know that the manga is done already, so does that mean we’ll finish it this season with so little episodes? Or we’ll just have to get another season?

Anyway, the episode was pretty good. Yes, the first half was a recap but it was told in Akira’s point of view. It was a great decision, because with Akira being mute we don’t really know everything about her. She’s still pretty easy to read when she makes her facial expressions, which has happened more the more time she spent with Haruo. But it was great seeing the moment when Akira fell in love with video games.

And, I like Akira’s sister. She’s very funny and she makes a very entertaining pair with Haruo’s mom with their wackiness, but I’m not going to lie that it was pretty shitty of her to suddenly lay everything on her little sister. Instead of just ditching her family duties and just throwing all of that on her much quieter sister, who isn’t the type of stand up for herself, she should have done everything in her power to lessen the stresses and burden? It’s probably much easier said than done, but at least put in the effort. Especially seeing how horrible and restrictive Akira’s life is throughout the show, so bad that she even ran away. Akira is a girl that’s a bit rambunctious in that sense, such as her sneaking out to go to the arcade where she finally found her love for games. I think it’s funny that the only reason she chose Zangief and other characters like him was because nobody played him. She most likely saw herself in Zangief since she’s never been given a chance either, and also being lonely. It was heartwarming seeing her look so happy as she played in the arcade, but reality strikes again and she had to return home. We already know that Akira loves video games because it’s an escape from her stressful and restrictive life, but it was great actually seeing the moment.

And thankfully now, after the events that happened in the OVA episodes, Moemi has been less strict this time around for her. Speaking of, let me just say that Haruo making his own RPG game for Akira is the cutest thing ever!

We leave the recap in the second half of the episode, and Miyao and Haruo are playing together in the arcade. The romance between him and Akira is finally making some progress and it looks like he’s starting to realize his feelings after the convention they went to. Miyao eggs him on and kind of teases him, and he deems it to give Haruo a crash course in romance.

They stop for some snacks and for some reason Miyao thought it was a good idea to invite Hidaka? I mean, he was going to Haruo’s house so they could talk about Akira and dating, so why would he invite Hidaka? The poor girl has had enough, even though it looks like she’s still not going to give up on her feelings for him even after her loss to him. Which…damn, Hidaka. I kind of wish they wouldn’t drag this on any longer because it makes me feel more and more bad for her. The story is obviously pointing to Haruo and Akira being the main pair, it’s painfully obvious actually. So why do this? It’s just sad and I do feel for her. Though I will say, through all of this drama was she able to grow and be a more stronger person. I don’t totally like this mean-spirited slapping (same goes for Akira) but I kind of like how feisty she is. But…let her live!

The trio head to Haruo’s place, Guile tries to warn him to turn away because when they get there he finds Makoto and Akira there playing “vulgar shiritori” in the living room. Which is a hilarious thought. The girls head up to Haruo’s room and it’s probably the most awkward scene so far, but very hilarious. It cracked me up that while Makoto and Miyao were suffering from the tension, Haruo was casually eating snacks. At the very last second, Hidaka speaks but the credits roll. Darn it!

This was a pretty okay start. I’m not too happy the first half of the episode was a recap, but it was a really well done recap anyway so I can’t complain too much. I’m looking forward to the romance that I hope will happen this season between Haruo and Akira. I’ve always loved their interactions with each other with their fun nerdiness, which is a great feat because Akira never says a word. Speaking of, I hope we finally get to hear Akira actually speak. It’s amazing that she hasn’t said a thing yet and I can still like her character, but it would be such a huge moment if she actually said some words – and to Haruo. Fingers crossed.

The OP was very cute because it was like an update to the first OP, which I already loved. The video game references are so fun, I never get tired of seeing Guile give Haruo advice. And now Zangief for Akira! It’s just so great, I can’t wait for more drama and more laughs.

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