Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – Episode 4

This episode we indeed meet Green, like I expected. It took a bit to find out why Purple knew about him, but not the rest and the reveal was a shock to the characters. I found the whole thing funny.

Green is quite fancy, he’s not quite boastful and arrogant, but he comes across as fairly pretentious and he’s receiving a lot of female attention in the classroom. He’s a newly transfered student and we find out he’s also the son of a very important Japanese company. Yellow seems a little bit affected by this, he boasts that he has had more successful relationships and popularity, but all in his 2D games, of course.

Green can play the guitar, speak English, he used to live in America and when they go to Home Economics he’s trying to show he can cook scotch eggs. All the girls think he’s pretty cool. Red has the idea to entice Green into a friendly food competition, but he doesn’t fall for it. In the end Purple seems to be the only one who’s actually ruffled by the whole thing and he starts his own side of the competition.

The teacher tells them to make a dish with eggs and all of their set off on making something. Shenanigans start as soon as Red takes out this huge ass ostrich egg that seems impossible to crack. While he’s gone to find something to open the egg with, Pink cooks her scrambled eggs dish, Black makes some drop egg soup, Yellow makes a special omelette wrapped onigiri and Purple finishes his preparations, Green is working on his scotch eggs. It was funny that during the cooking montague they also even included a nod to that salt dude meme from a while back. I guess with references like that, if you catch them, they may give you a little glee.

Purple realizes pretty quickly that his time won’t be enough to finish the dish, and Red returns just in time to make his monster cake, but he ends up messing up and causing a fire on Green’s food! Purple and Green are quick to work together to solve the problem and then we find out they’re actually cousins! Once again, now it makes sense that Purple knew about Green from beforehand. Red is supposed to apologize for causing problems, but he’s his usual self instead and just insistently begs Green to join the Hero club and help them solve missions. Green is obviously annoyed and just refuses.

Later on, while they’re trying to think of ways to get him to join, Purple suggests getting one of his favorite exclusive desserts from one of these places where they only sell a limited number of the item. Next day, they go to the place and line up very early. We learn a bit more about their lives and personalities during the bit of conversation here. Red always trains early and Purple pays a lot of attention to detail and has a big sense of duty. Despite Pink’s inner reluctance to get involved with them, she always ends up coming along, which I know is the point of the show, but makes her seem a bit pitiful. Well, I still like her though, since she’s always providing great comedic counterbalance to the ridiculous delusions of the guys.

After buying the sweets, the group runs to the bus stop to try and avoid being late, but they miss the bus. Poor Purple is truly bullied! He was white as a ghost just think he’d get in trouble for being late. Ah, that reminds me that the joke Black made about erasing their memories was pretty funny too. The dialogue in this show is pretty cool when it involves Pink, Purple and Black. Yellow and Red are a bit on the ‘meh’ side for me, but I don’t particularly hate them either.

This is when they run into Yellow and board the J-Karaoke bus! I’d totally ride that bus, too, honestly. They make it to school right on time and before they can get to class Red has the oportunity to apologize to Green and offer the dessert. Green gracefully accepts to join the Hero club. He probably doesn’t know what he’s signing up for, but he seems very willing. I’m hoping we get some comedy gold when he finds out. Pink realizes here that maybe Green will be able to fit in with the rest of the group better than she originally expected.

Well, there you have it! I wonder if this will be it for the cast? I wonder if there will be a secret Blue joining in later down the line? Either way I’m kind of looking forward to more ‘club solves problems’ situations, so maybe we’ll have more of those next time!

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