At the end of the last episode, we wrapped with Deku doing his All Might impression and offending Sir Nighteye. Though not for the reasons that you would think, he jumps in immediately criticizing small details about the impersonation. It’s like Deku was like “I’m All Might’s biggest fan.” and Nighteye was like “Hold my beer kid.”
Of course, Deku whips out his massive knowledge and notes the exact incident that he took his All Might impression from. A moment that a kid that All Might was rescuing turned the river that he was drowning in into a river of vinegar. Which made All Might squint more and thus having the wrinkles slightly different than usual. So, they bolt into a fanboy moment. Mirio seems relieved that despite the bad first impression that there is still a chance for young Midoriya.

Until Nighteye proposes a test for Izuku, take the seal stamp from Nighteye directly and stamp the approval for the work-study himself. Seems easy enough until you know Nighteye’s quirk, Sir Nighteye’s quirk is called ‘foresight’ if he’s touched someone and looked them directly in the eyes for the night hour he can read ahead of every move they’re going to make.
Of course, while he was inspecting Midoriya’s All Might impression he fulfilled both of those conditions. So Midoriya tries his best to try despite the odds being stacked against him and constant mocking from Nighteye. Who is perfectly aware of who Midoriya is and what his importance to All Might is.
In short, Nighteye thinks that All Might chose wrong. That Mirio should have been the successor of One for All.

Midoriya does his best but ultimately fails, though, since he went out of his way not to step on any of the All Might merchandise, even while trying to form a plan to get the stamp. Nighteye does laugh a bit, so he allows him to take on the work-study at the agency but only to convince him that he should pass on One for All, since it can only be passed on by the will of the current user. So while it’s a hollow victory, it’s a victory none the less.

Meanwhile back at the school, the students seem proud of Deku but a little jealous because of all the restrictions that the teachers have slapped on the work-study. A few select students are in luck though, Tokoyami got specially chosen by the number 3 hero, Hawk. Kirishima was summoned to speak with a member of the Big 3, along with Tsuyu and Ururaka as well.  Unable to wait, those three head off to the third years’ dorm and we’ll see where that goes. I don’t know about Tsuyu and Ururaka, but I’ve heard from manga readers that this is a pretty big arc for Kirishima. So I’m excited to see where his story goes.

We cut to Midoriya’s first day on the job and they are going out to scout for information, on Overhaul. They know who he is, they know he contacted the league of villains but I’m not sure they grasp just how dangerous he is. There is absolutely the chilling realization that Sir Nighteye can’t touch Overhaul to use his quirk too.

After the credits might be the most important scene in the episode. We’ve seen her in the opening and ending, but we get a proper character introduction to Eri as she runs out of an alleyway and right into Deku as she is being pursued by Overhaul. I have a lot of questions that will hopefully be answered in the next episode. Also, poor Midoriya. It’s actually his first day on the job and he gets stuck in the worst-case situation.

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  1. arisakazeka

    Nighteye’s quirk is so damn cool and Izuku won this fight in a way that only he can do it. God this show just gets better and better every time I watch it!

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