We pick up in episode three exactly where episode two left off, with Sun-chan, Himawari and Cosmos walking into the library and catching Joro talking with Pansy. Of course, everyone jumps to the wrong conclusion and immediately starts attacking Joro. When eventually, he snaps like a twig and starts calling the girls out on how they used him. You know what, good on him. They deserved it, they were kind of absolutely shitty to him. He is perfectly within his rights to call them out.
Unfortunately, Sun-chan calls him out on trying to set him and Pansy up despite claiming he was doing his best to help the other girls and Pansy backs him, for, some reason. She mumbles to ‘trust her’ as everything in his life goes to hell. He’s down his friends, another girl overheard everything and passed it along to the rest of the school so now he has to face relentless bullying from everyone for a few days.

Fortunately for him, Pansy has a plan to get him, Cosmos and Himawari to see exactly what the real Sun-chan is like. Which is an absolute bastard, like damn, I thought Joro’s real personality was rotten but Sun-chan is somehow worse. This entirely flips everything, seeing his move with the basketball question as immensely manipulative and the way he used the girls to isolate Joro. How he knew entirely how they felt about them and used them in part of his revenge scheme.
Because apparently he’d had a girl he liked ask him to help get him together with Joro. Basically, where Joro was at the beginning but he set out to ruin his friend in the long term over it. Gotta respect a guy for playing the long game, i guess. Unfortunately for Sun-chan, Joro and the girls hear everything.
Joro gets to confront him and tell him what he did to the girls was wrong.

Eventually, Sun-chan apologizes and the girls tell the rest of the school to back up on the bullying. Also, the best and most amazing part of episode three is when Pansy shows what she really looks like. I knew she was an absolute beauty under the glasses and braids because of the ending, but I didn’t expect the binding. I didn’t expect that she secretly had really large boobs. Aesthetically, she is entirely Joro’s type but he says despite the fact he could easily like what she has on the outside. He doesn’t ever think he could love her personality.

So all’s well that ends well, mostly. That’s where episode 3 ends, then we pick up with episode four and while Joro isn’t being bullied relentlessly anymore. He’s still without his friends, he’s lonely but he’s avoiding and dodging making up with them. Pansy calls him out and tells him to just do it, so first is Himawari and their entire make-up session is just two blockheads being blockheads. They both want to make amends and just kind of explode on each other about it.
Then we move on to Sun-chan and they, literally beg like children to be friends with him again. What absolute children, it’s still vaguely hilarious and by the end of the scene, they’re all buddy-buddy again. At least, for the most part. Welp, that’s it. Nobody else to make up too, we’re all friends again and…

Wait, are you telling me we forgot…oh god, what kind of horror movie BS stuck into my cute comedy anime!? Cosmos acting like a possessed demon follows Joro around all-day hoping it’s her turn for an apology. Joro eventually realizes this and goes to make up with her, her’s is..weird. Creepy almost, in the way she practiced some weird things when it came to the apology. Also, what kind of image does she have of him anyway? What’s all this ‘Wish’ stuff. I can’t help but wonder if she’s really that messed up or if she’s just messing with him.
Anyway, they’re friends again.

So everyone gets together in the library to study. Cosmos in intense about studying, Himawari is saved by Pansy and everything seems to be going well. The end.
Or is it?
Throughout the episode, we meet a new character named Hina Hanetachi, nickname: ‘Asunaro’ who’s a member of the newspaper club. She keeps asking Joro questions about the upcoming school dance, which i suppose seems innocent enough. Though at the end of the episode, we see her printing a paper about him stringing three girls along. What the heck is with that?!

I mean, real talk his intentions to make them into his harem is sketchy as all hell but he really hasn’t done anything yet. So, not sure where this is coming from or what her motivation is. I guess we’ll see.

Welp, this is the last double post. I’ll be caught up and covering this weekly from this point on. I hope everyone enjoys my reviews and enjoys this show!

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  1. arisakazeka

    This show took a hard right turn into ‘what the fuck’ when Sun-chan got involved with everything! I am here for it though, God Bless! I love this show so much!

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