Things finally starting to pick up for our team! Woo hoo!

I’m so glad that Sora’s mom is alive! With the past few episodes they really made it seem like she had already passed away. It’s really heartwarming to hear that Sora sends her little progress updates like how much he’s grown or that he’s joined a basketball team with some rather scary looking players. But I think what really gets me is the texts that he wants to play basketball with her again and I just have a feeling that something tragic is going to happen and it’s going to hurt. They’re going to give us more development into Sora and his mom’s relationship and then they’re going to hit us with the bad news and aaaaa I just really hope I’m wrong.

But on that note, the flashback to the snowy day was a really nice moment between the two. Understandably, Sora would be upset that he, the better player, was benched while the taller person ended up being able to play in the game. But I really like how his mom handled the situation? I mean, yeah telling your son that she would have made the same decision probably isn’t the best way to start out, but telling him to work harder so they have no other choice but to acknowledge him just makes me 🙂 . Especially, when we see how far Sora’s gotten with that attitude. I don’t know if that was the defining moment to stop being bitter about his height, but looking at him in high school now brimming with absolute joy for the game and just being able to play it is just… really nice.

If there’s a sign up sheet to support Sora please pass it to me because he brings me so much joy while watching this anime. I’ll join Madoka and his mom in cheering him on! I love the amount of energy Sora exudes in his love for basketball, it’s such a genuine passion I just can’t help but root for him. But speaking of people I just have to root for – let’s not forget Momoharu!‌ Just like Sora people have pushed him away from Basketball for something he couldn’t control and he’s found his spark again! They are both drastically different characters, on the one hand you have the delinquent and on the other you have the ball of sunshine, but they work well together. It’s so interesting to watch these two completely opposite personalities reach the same conclusions and work together with very little confrontation.

But if we’re talking about confrontation, I think the biggest obstacle we’re facing is probably Chiaki and his absolute unwillingness to participate. I’ll be honest, while I’m still super interested to know his story, Chiaki is just starting to lose his luster for me. Generally, he keeps the comedy going, but at least in this episode he just felt so far removed that I just don’t know what to think of him. Clearly, he has some very valuable skills, but how do they fit in with the rest of the team? Gah! I’m just impatient and want to know his story!!!

And while that frustrates me a little bit, I can forgive the series because We finally got to see our team in action! And so far things they seem to be doing really well! Of course, it seems like the next episode might bring a lot of disappointment to the team members. But! Sora and Momoharu really showed the opponent that you don’t have the “basketball stature” the be a good player or worthy opponent. Overall, another really enjoyable episode – I’m kind of dreading next weeks episode because it seems like it’s gonna hurt quite a bit! But hey! At least they’re starting somewhere!!


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