Assassin’s Pride Episode 4: Two Young Ladies Assemble at the Chained Castle

Not going to lie, the reveal of the two cadets was exactly like that moment in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (angry Dumbledore voice) “MeLiDa DiD yOu PuT yOuR nAmE iN tHe StAiNeD gLaSs?!”

In all seriousness, I saw it coming a mile away that Melida and Ellie were going to be chosen for this tournament. Suddenly we’re now thrusted into a new tournament, where the girls of Freinfjkddfjkd school are going to go up against another school. Each school chooses two cadets, meaning four girls will participate. Though technically twelve will, because each cadet gets to choose two candidates from their school to fight with them. They’ll fight each other in order to obtain the title of Luna Lumiere. The rules of this tournament are really interesting, as for the whole week until the trial, they will not have any access to the outside world at all. I realized that Melida was in a smaller room so it looks like the girls and the tutors get to live in a dorm temporarily. Of course Kufa and Rose are there for their girls, but Ellie’s head maid forces her way there too and she causes some trouble.

Since Melida isn’t exactly well-liked, people were very suspicious that her name was chosen and they think she wrote her name herself. But while almost everyone was against her, Nerva volunteered to fight with her, and last year’s Queen, though I’m wary of her. Of course, Melida didn’t do anything wrong (she never does!). It was Mrs. Othello that did it herself, and I sure wonder how she did it. Didn’t the school already have the glass slab ready with the chosen cadets? How in the heck did Othello do it anyway? Does the school not have tight security on this thing? Kind of hard to believe. Othello, like everyone else, doesn’t like Melida for being an embarrassment and wants Ellie to basically destroy her to show everyone that she’s the rightful heir to the Angel house and whatnot. Kufa outs her and she admits this to Rose and the girls without shame. Ellie remains quiet but Melida speaks up, saying once she wins, she wants her to acknowledge her. Once again, Melida is awesome.

The drama between the girls doesn’t stop there. I’m not too sure how I feel about Ellie so far. I know she does love Melida and she wants to remain as her “little sister”, but her talk with Melida was pretty rough. While Kufa is off handling Black Madia, Ellie speaks with Melida about the upcoming trial. She tells her that she’s going to lose on purpose so Melida can win, so that people can finally acknowledge her. But she basically tells her that Melida isn’t strong enough to beat her, and that she’s really doing it more for her sake rather than hers. Which is kind of a big ouch. Of course Melida is hurt by all this, and knowing how hard she’s been working, it’s a huge letdown to basically hear that she’s not strong enough, as matter of factly it was said. This definitely is not the way to go about this, so it’ll be interesting to see how things will go from here.

On the other side of things, Kufa takes on Black Madia. Gotta say, I love the way Black Madia communicates with those black cards. It’s really unique and cool, and she(?) is a really mysterious person. Again, I sure wish the show would explain things a little more when it comes to the classes. Kufa’s very brief explanations of a Clown class isn’t enough. From what little we got, it sure sounds like the Clown is a pretty broken class. How are classes assigned and do most people get them? Is it like My Hero Academia where if you don’t get a class/quirk, you’re just weird and useless? How many are there?

The fight between Kufa and Black Madia was pretty cool, we got to see what she’s capable of. From his explanation, a Clown is able to use the same weapons and abilities as the other classes. Like I said, that sounds OP as heck. I’d like a little more explanation on that and how it specifically works. Though for balance sake, maybe the Clown isn’t exactly great at all the classes. While they can use the toolkit of all these classes, they’re just average at all of them? That would make the most sense, or else I’m sure Kufa would be even more terrified of her. Suspicions on Kufa have only grown after this fight, and this definitely won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing Black Madia as she’ll be lurking in the shadows.

Another thing to mention was the black-haired girl from the other school appearing before Melida. I’m not exactly sure what to think about that either, but it seems like she knows a lot. She’s definitely someone to keep an eye on. This was a pretty decent episode. Things are ramping up with the drama, so we’ll see what’ll happen next.


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