CHOYOYU!- Episodes 4&5

At long last after lessons in Mayo and Economics, we get to the content that we really wanted. Watching Tsukasa and the rest of the prodigies decide that they’re going to take this country and flip it’s whole world upside down.
With Lyrule kidnapped by the lord that Shinobu was trash-talking in the last episode, the group has to go save her but before that. They have to get the villagers word that they aren’t just okay with causing a revolution. They have to get the villagers to promise that they’re ready to change the world and speed up the evolution of technology and culture at an alarming pace and the idea that nothing will be the same as before. Of course, the village agrees and thus they get to work starting their revolution.

Meanwhile, with Lyrule. We get unfortunately treated to what could have tipped into something too inappropriate for me to talk about. Lucky for her, and the audience, just as the lord (who is absolutely disgusting and a pig.) leans in to kiss her, her magic creates a spark of lightning between them and forces them apart. Of course, he’s not pleased about this so he has her tied up.

The villagers, Masato, and everyone but Shinobu and Tsukasa storm the outside of the castle with Duralumin shields and weapons and Elk snipes down soldiers from a distance with his new bow and arrow with a scope. Akatsuki throws down some smoke bombs with colored smoke that they claim are poisonous and the outdoor battle is basically won. Inside, Shinobu is facing off against the court mage and dodging all of his attacks on pure deduction and instinct and a few ninja tricks bring down the mage.
This leaves Tsukasa to head on to save Lyrule.

Remember the last episode? When I said that I thought that Tsukasa was going to take a gun and cap someone with it? I was basically correct, that’s exactly the approach he takes when he confronts the lord. Of course, the lord has a gun as well though a much slower and much less efficient one. So of course, Tsukasa shoots at him but because Tsukasa is far too kind of a person it’s only a rubber bullet and the lord continues to live. As Tsukasa goes to check on Lyrule and untie her, she awakes but the person speaking to him isn’t Lyrule.
It’s something else entirely and probably the thing that summoned them there in the first place. Unfortunately, he can’t get any information out her before she fades back into Lyrule.

That basically wraps up episode four.
Episode five picks up with the group’s plan for getting the people to rally behind them. So in order to do that, they create a religion based on the dead religion they’d heard about. The seven-light order, with God Akatsuki and his angels. Well, you know what, I guess to simple farmer folks a magic show would look like something brought from the heavens. They also bring the gift of mayo to the town and quickly get people backing them. Of course, the most important support comes from the government. So Tsukasa sneaks into the mayors’ mansion, wearing a maids outfit and talks him into announcing backing for the seven-light religion.

He announces it as such and things are going well, now they need to get the knights under them or more precisely get a captain of the guard for the newly formed Knights of the Seven-Light religion.  It just so happens that Tsukasa has someone in mind, so he goes to scout out his potential candidate and gets turned down the first time. Of course, nobody that knows Tsukasa thinks he’ll stop with just that so he visits the man at his house. The man that Tsukasa has his eyes on is named Bernard. He’s a well-liked and respected knight and a family man.
So of course, Tsukasa talks to him about making a world where everyone is equal. Despite whatever status they were born into, opportunities for everyone. Of course, this includes his little girl. Bernard is understandably a little cautious before it’s clear that the empire will be attacking soon and without mercy but he eventually agrees.

Meanwhile, Shinobu and Elk are off in the snowy mountains getting information on the empire’s troops. Shinobu hears of a supposedly powerful mage named Oslo El Gustav. We get a small preview at the end of the episode on what he is like by witnessing him slice off the head of the cowardly guard that had come to burn down the village and fled the castle as it was under attack. He seems pretty powerful, of course, he’s going to be the next antagonist that the prodigies are going to battle against with parlor tricks and science.
Shinobu and Elk are also planning to go scout him out before he makes his assault.

This is it. This is the content that I’m here for, watching these people do absurd things like building a truck and hold a magic show in it and convince a bunch of other world creatures that they’re god and his angels. I’m looking forward to the next advancement!

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