This show is going in the direction I feared when I learned that the staff was having issues. To be blunt, this episode was atrocious. It was frustrating in many ways, with the bad pacing and the abysmal animation making scenes look so awkward and just…bad. It’s like the animation staff ran out of time and worked as fast as they could to get the scenes out, and that resulted in derpy faces and whatnot. Which is most likely what actually happened. But the rushing of everything is a whole other thing.

I know action isn’t the number one thing I was supposed to take from this episode. It was all about Melida and Elise mending things together after what Elise told her. Their relationship has really been affected by their family and this was finally their chance to make things right. Melida explained what happened to Kufa and he suggested that she take a stand and really make Elise get her point across more clearly. Basically, they really needed to chat. And thankfully they did because everything turned out alright in the end. Elise doesn’t like having attention directed at her, she hates being in the spotlight, and she loves Melida doting on her. She loves her and wants to continue being her “little sister”, but with the way things are, she can’t. She sees herself as stronger than Melida and doesn’t want that any longer. She doesn’t want to be above her or on equal footing either, she wants Melida to shine on her instead. Melida does manage to show her strength, showing that she’s not so weak anymore. Now that they were able to speak to each other clearly, their relationship is going to take a turn for the better. Especially now that Melida asks Ellie to join her squad. Melida’s confidence is great, and I hope people start paying attention to her. I feel like she’s really proven herself to so many people and yet people still think she’s talentless. Like damn, what is she supposed to do?

That’s basically the only thing I cared about in this episode because the rest wasn’t that great. But I suppose another significant thing from this episode was that Mule girl, who collected mana or something from the glass palace. That actually might be a bad thing for Melida, because then they’ll be able to see her mana and see that she’s not a Paladin. Right? I guess that’s how things work. Kufa mistook her as Black Madia but she doesn’t seem to be a bad girl, but very mysterious.

The only other thing worth noting in this episode was Black Madia showing up, but it was the most disappointing thing. Apparently she can talk, so her unique quirk that made me like her is out the window. She disguises herself as Nerva to sneak in and kill Melida but the girls run away from her, and Kufa comes to fight her. And the fight was basically cut. I was very confused when the fight started in the palace, then ended up in the forest in like…a second? And it was over. Cool, you had the time to draw Madia without her clothes acting all tsundere and like a completely different character, but not the fight? Ah, I see where the priorities are. Then for some reason Kufa doesn’t reprimand her for almost killing them all, though he did send her to send a message to “Father”, who I guess is their boss? Sounds like the mafia. Also, it just occurred to me that we know basically nothing about Kufa and his group so I have no idea how anything works. I don’t know who they’re reporting to, I don’t even know what’s going on anymore outside of the Melida/Elise stuff. Oh, and now Madia is going to be an instructor at the school now? Is she going to disguise herself or are they really going to let an assassin that threatened the lives of many students to just work there? What the hell is even happening anymore?

I just left this episode disappointed. I’m very afraid of what other mess we’re going to get. I was hoping this show wouldn’t succumb to becoming trash but if this continues, it’ll just end up being a dumpster fire. This episode was bad in so many ways and I hope this is just a one-time thing. I like what the show set up with, but we’ll see.


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