Stop the presses, because the newspaper girl got absolutely obliterated by President Cosmos. So, it’s been a week since the end of the last episode. In this time, Joro has been isolated from everyone except Asunaro and has become pretty dependant on her.  So when he gets a troubling phone call from Sun-chan regarding the PTA being homophobic and pitching a fit about two boys dancing in the Flower dance, he of course immediately turns to Asunaro to ask her to be the third girl in the dance.
Immediately as if she was stalking them the entire time and asks to speak with Asunaro personally. She pitches a fit though and demands that Joro accompany her. So he does, which honestly works out worse for her in the long run. If she knew or even suspected what Cosmos was going to say, why bring Joro? Maybe she thought that Cosmos wouldn’t say it in front of Joro? That having him there would make it awkward for Cosmos and she wouldn’t blow Asunaro’s entire plan? Either way, it doesn’t work and Cosmos details the entire plan.

Her plan included the following steps. Leak outrageous and embarrassing rumors among the first-year students about Joro (The reason the first-year girl declined the dance), Leak the newspaper article and isolate Joro from his friends so she could have him all to herself, call the PTA and tip them off about Sun-chan’s part in the dance so they would come in and force another girl in and lastly, her final goal to get into the dance and have a chance at having a bond with Joro.
All in the name of love. All because of that stupid baseball game a year ago. Joro apparently saved her from a runaway ball, but in reality, he was just moving to get a better look at Pansy’s boobs.  So in natural Joro fashion, he’s a complete asshat to her in response to the awful things she did and for some reason, I don’t think this turns her off. It certainly doesn’t turn President Cosmos off, if anything I have to wonder why her character flipped so drastically from loving Sun-chan in the first bit to being ALL OVER JORO now.

Anyway, with that out of the way, we’re still down one person for the dance and of course. It goes the way I said it should of from the beginning and has Pansy join in the dance. Not as her nerdy, pigtail and glasses self though. Nope, as the hot version that almost nobody recognizes. So of course, there is a low muttering of ‘Who’s that?’ among the students as she comes up on the stage. She asks him why he’s been helping her, why he’s been trying to help her make friends with his friends.
He says he owes her for how she helped him before, but I think there is a little more to it than that. The dances wrap up, Himawari states plain out that she is not crushing on Joro. Cosmos kisses him on the cheek and declares herself as Pansy’s rival of sorts (in a friendly way), and Pansy is welcomed into their friend group with open arms.

All’s well that ends well, I guess. At least until some new conflict rears it’s ugly head, maybe the return of Bench-kun? We still have the pinkish/reddish hair chick that has only been sort of lurking and threatening Joro in regards to the newspaper article.  So we’ll see where it goes from here.