Assassin’s Pride Episode 7: No Guidance Above or Below

I can say that this episode wasn’t as terrible as the last two. It was okay? Still not all that great, there’s still lots of issues, but I guess it’s moving in the right direction? But even if it is, the structure of the episode was still very jarring as I felt like it jumped from one thing to another too quickly. The show doesn’t let us savor any moment because things are moving too fast, such as the student being attacked to…nothing happening? Because the girls go on their training trip, then they see a public execution, which is pretty horrifying but we move on immediately to the church scene where the mood is softer. The balance of emotions isn’t executed well at all.

I’m not sure if the subplot of Kufa being Rosetti’s pretend fiance is all that important but it does seem like they are connected somehow with that flashback. If I had to make a guess, they’re probably both orphans that were both taken in by Marquis Blossom awhile ago and something bad happened and they were separated. Rosetti mentioned being an orphan, Blossom mentioning that Kufa looked familiar, the kid in the flashback mentioning blood and having white hair, if it’s not that then I don’t know what else.

There’s a couple interesting things from this episode. One, the attacks that are happening. And two, Melida’s dreams.

Melida’s dreams seem to be a simple answer. Since she’s sharing mana with Kufa, the most likely answer is that because of their connection, she’s able to see his memories. Why is this suddenly happening? Who knows, but it looks like Melida is going to find out the truth about her instructor soon.

With the attacks, it looks painfully obvious that Rosetti’s father is behind it all. The dude was shady from the beginning and in these types of plots, someone like Blossom is usually the bad guy. Also the town is weird as hell, those “diseases” don’t sit right with me. I can’t even begin to guess what he’s really doing, I hope it’s not a boring reason. Also, it’d be boring if he was the bad guy but I can see that happening.

It would really be interesting, however, if Kufa really was the one behind the attacks. He is a vampire, the guy does need his blood. It’d make things more exciting for sure, and that would probably reveal who he really is to everyone. Thankfully it looks like we’re finally getting into Kufa as a character. So far he’s just been in the background, being the usual professional man. His character hasn’t shone since the first episode so I’ve been a little bored with him, but it looks like he’s going to get some focus. That last bit in the end where Kufa grabs Melida’s neck as she’s sleeping intrigued me. I really have no clue what Kufa feels for Melida. It looks like he grew up in a rough life, and he seems genuinely happy that Melida feels so strongly towards him as he admits that it’s the first time someone’s ever felt this way for him. While it’s obvious that Melida has feelings for him what with all that jealousy, I’m not sure what Kufa is feeling. The problem is that Melida does act like a child, but he does respect her but I don’t feel any romantic feelings from him. Maybe…appreciation? Happiness? But then he plays into her fantasies by taking her out on dates and such. But then he grabbed her neck, so does he want to kill her? Or maybe drink her blood? Then there was that thing he said to the bandage guy during their fight, where he’d be glad if she killed him.

Doesn’t help that Kufa also doesn’t know what to do either, whatever it is going through his head. Also that vial of liquid he got in the beginning, I wonder what he’s going to use it for.

The episode was better but still has problems of flying by things. We keep jumping from one thing to another without much transition (no investigation on Kufa for the first attack?????) and it creates a jarring experience. There were a couple interesting moments, but they could easily be ruined by boring writing if they move on in the way I guessed. I hope not.

Yup, it looks like Madia really is a professor. She’s just…there. After infiltrating the school and trying to kill the students. Alright then. :/


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