Kono Oto Tomare Episode 21

This week we witnessed Satowa, Chika and Sane all come to realize the importance of their parts and what makes the soul of Tenkyu. Sane came to learn the reason why Takinami assigned him the part with the 17-Stringed Koto was because of his role of connecting everyone’s sound together. Sane’s sound is one that harmonizes well with others, which is crucial when there are so many different sounds. Without someone being able to do that, there is a great risk of the music becoming disorganized and messy. I am glad that Akira shared that with him, because it was something Sane needed to hear to give him some renewed confidence in himself. He was really getting too caught up in his head about being unable to keep up with Chika, and Akira absolutely did not want him to fall into the same kind of trap she had just recently climbed out of herself. Though I must say, it is kind of ironic how we have this game of chase going between the three of them, as Chika has found himself in a similar predicament of trying his hardest to catch up to Satowa’s level as quickly as he can. The only difference is that he has a completely different mindset, one that is more positive yet, recklessly driven as the same time. Takezou in particular noticed this and went as far to forbid Chika from practicing after he noticed he was overdoing it to the point his fingers had become horribly bloodied and bruised.

Speaking of Takezou, it feels like it has been a while since we last heard of him, haven’t we? Hahaha! He has been benched for quite a while this arc, so it was nice to see him step back into the spotlight, even if it’s for a bit. He ended up playing a big part today in contributing to indirectly pointing out the last key ingredient they needed to make Tenkyu truly shine. Takezou did this when he opened up how he felt Chika’s sound is the embodiment of his very soul, someone who is shining, gentle and full of warmth. And goodness, I couldn’t agree more!

That’s why his sound surprises so many, because they don’t expect it, especially those who have heard or know about his past. But what made this scene even more special was that Takezou had basically repeated what his grandfather once told them, “…pieces of music are the souls of the people who created them.” A sentimental memory, which then prompting him to realize what he was missing to properly deliver Tenkyu: the need to learn how the piece came to be in the first place. So the next thing he did was ask Satowa to tell her story, and then recommended her to share it the others as well, which she did. With so much heart and emotions behind the piece, I am so excited to hear the full performance, especially with Sane’s sample, which was another wonderful tease of the greatness yet to come!

I am sure there may have been some who were fearful we were able to run into the same shit all over again with Chika’s past coming back to haunt him. We saw this when the old hag attempted to sabotage Satowa and the club by bringing up Chika’s and the others’ history, and going as far to even suggest Satowa to even be transferred to another school! (and the nerve she has to do that!!!!) And boy, Akira and Satowa’s mother were not having any of it. Akira called her grandmother out for being a snake and defended Chika’s honour and love for the koto, and Satowa’s mother slammed the hammer down to make sure nobody interferes with her daughter’s life and friends. It is good to see that her mother still cares for her, but it is also terribly that instead of facing her and owning up for her mistakes, she is too much of a coward to face her by feeling she no longer has the right to do so. I am also glad that Akira had tried to invite her to watch the upcoming Nationals performance, and that Satowa had also sent an invitation to her as well.

Ah it was such a good episode, filled with the goodness of heartwarming moments of wholesome friendships— AND SPEAKING OF: TAKEZOU, I SAW THAT BLUSH. YOUR HEART FLUTTERED WHEN HIRO SMILED, DIDN’T IT BOY! KEKEKEKEKEKEKE! AND CHIKA, I SAW THAT LOOK IN YOUR EYES, YOU CAN’T FOOL ME! I actually noticed they had cut out quite a bit, but made some smart adjustments so that it didn’t feel like anything was missing! So props to staff for pulling that off! Oh and of course, if you watch the Opening ever week, you may have noticed they changed that too! Instead of staring off into the distance as Satowa falls, she is there to help her right back on her feet, and is now part of the group shot for the club! What a nice touch to the end of Akira’s arc!

I am so excited for Nationals Qualifers! I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s pieces! BRING ON THE PERFORMANCES!!!!!


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