Some very predictable things, and I suppose one surprising thing happened this episode. Rosetti’s father was obviously behind the one behind the weird “diseases” that were going around the city. Pretty boring and obvious, but I was pretty surprised in the end when we found out that Rosetti is actually a vampire. And it looks like all of those attacks that have been happening have all been her doing.

This was mostly a Melida episode, but we had Black Madia investigating with her because she’s good now I guess. It was pretty cool to have Melida be an investigator, and we do see that she is pretty capable without Kufa being there for her. Though yes, Madia was there to help. With her help, they were able to find out Blossom’s big secret. The “mystery spots” are all a bunch of bull to scare people away from these areas, as they’re all a big ruse to cover up his secret passageways to his creepy experimentation rooms. Blossom has been experimenting on people by messing with a gene or whatever that creates lycanthropes. Not going to lie, this part was kind of boring and I didn’t care for it too much. Blossom isn’t exactly interesting himself or anything so it was a little hard to care.

But things take a shift when Melida finds Rosetti and Ellie attacked. Unfortunately, the villagers realize Melida’s connection with Kufa as he keeps getting blamed and so they want to capture her as a hostage to lure him out, because this idiot’s been hiding this whole time. Not really making himself look all that innocent so I don’t blame these people.

So Melida has to leave, as she takes Ellie’s sword with her. She ends up investigating the weird spot in the greenhouse Blossom and Kufa took her away from. It’s another passageway and she makes her way through. Again, just very nice seeing Melida take on this investigating on her own. We already know that Melida is a really brave girl with lots of courage, but it’s just so nice being reminded of it.

She ends up in a library and comes across a paper with Blossom’s signature. She finds a bunch of papers and books of his research and experimentation that he’s done, but she’s also interrupted by the voice in her head that’s been bothering her. This time, she’s actually able to talk to him. But it’s then that Rosetti, who everyone thought was dead, walks into the room. But her appearance is different as most of her hair is white, she has fangs, and one of her eyes glows with blue mana. The same blue mana that was seen at the crime scenes, and Rosetti was in the room all those times. She’s a vampire, and from what the mystery man tells Melida, it seems that she’s been one for awhile. He mentions that she’s been having a dangerous thirst for the past seven years, the same seven years from that flashback. Was it Kufa that maybe turned her into one since then to save her life? She hasn’t drank blood all this time, and now she’s attacking all these people because she can’t control it? Though it sounds like this mystery man in Melida’s head is the one that’s controlling her, but we don’t even know who he is or where he is. I gotta say, it is pretty surprising. I did not expect to see Rosetti as a vampire so it’ll be interesting to see where things go from here.

Kufa arrives to protect Melida, but he ends up showing his true vampire side to try and snap some sense into Rosetti but she ends up running off. But Melida sees the whole thing and is obviously confused and a little scared, so Kufa has lots of explaining to do. It’s also worth noting that Ellie mentioned that she had wanted to tell Melida something, so I wonder if she suspected Rosetti to be behind everything?

I can see Melida being afraid that maybe she’s possibly a vampire as well since she shares mana with Kufa, and I have to wonder the same thing. It’ll be interesting to see how he explains all of this to her and how she’ll react to all of it. I’m also looking forward to seeing Rosetti’s situation explained and how this whole arc will end.


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