In order to obtain a tactical advantage over the Kingdom of Might, Senku has decided to make communication devices. This all sounds well and good, but he decided to make cellphones. I don’t know how many of you have ever lived in a place without modern commodities and survived via the Robinson Caruso method (and neither have I) but you know something is telling me that is a whole lot of effort when he could just try and make radios. I guess you do you, Senku? Of course this episodes premise also gave away another long held secret of the opening: another person who will defect to team science because of food.

Listen. Cotton candy is great and they’re using the power of sugar to save lives here. To save humanity he will use cotton candy and electricity! But seriously, this episode Senku spends a large amount of time making a makeshift cotton candy machine. The reason is actually valid beyond giving everyone new food to fawn over, the machine will allow them to spin wires in order to make electrical current. But that doesn’t stop everyone in town from having a Food Wars moment and gushing over the sugar. On top of that, Hyoga’s fire starting spy lady is really clearly won over by cotton candy.

Listen in a world where a dude tells me “I want your entire gender to have a terrible mortality rate giving birth because I deny all science” and then another dude tells me “I’d like to return science, I have soap and delicious food alongside equality” I would happily pick Mr. Science. I know some people are worried about the manner of choice between the two and I laugh at them. Senku is basically saying ‘hey everyone if you’d like to live from appendicitis then you should probably join my team’. I will, Senku, I will join team ‘wash hands with soap’.

At the end of the day Senku gets to look like Thor while he wields electricity and we get some almost lewd cotton candy scenes? We all know Doctor Stone at this point: he spends a few episodes doing cool science stuff and then it all comes together in a great moment that explains human advancement. For now though, lewd food scenes are about where we’re at. After the ramen and the soda I can only say this is to be expected. Fine by me!