We take a break from following Izuku’s adventures this week to check in on the other kids from his class that have begun their work-study.  We begin the episode with a brief look at Tsuya and Ururaka’s internship with the number 9 Hero, Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu. Oh, oh god, I think I just found my second favorite pro-hero after Eraserhead. They fight down two people with Giant Quirks that are battling in the middle of the city [One of which looks strangely like Eren’s Titan form], after they win, they are informed by Ryukyu that they will soon be meeting up with Sir Nighteye and his agency to discuss the situation between the villains and the mafia.

The bulk of the episode focuses around Kirishima, with a little bit of Shigaraki and Overhaul at the beginning.
With Shigaraki and Overhaul, we pick up where the last episode left off with Shigaraki being irritated and put out about how complex it was to come down with the meeting room. They sit to work out a deal that benefits both of them, which means, Overhaul won’t be getting to lead over the League of Villians. They will be equal partners, also, he wants to know a little more about what Overhauls plan is and what it was in that shot that canceled the quirk of Compress. As Overhaul explains it, ‘All for one ruled by taking peoples quirks, I just decided to just take it to the next logical step.’

This is where we cut to Kirishima and Tamaki of the Big three at their work-study with Fat Gum, a genuinely upbeat pro-hero who can get anything stuck into his oversized body. As they are patrolling and walking around the city when they see a group of what look like more common mafia types that had been trying to sell some illegal drugs. For the most part, Fat Gum snatches up most of them except for one that slips away from him and he’s grabbed up by Tamaki. Who has the best quirk I’ve ever heard of.
It’s basically the ‘You are what you eat’ quirk and he can manifest traits of whatever he’s eaten into his fighting style. Such as octopus from Takoyaki, wings, and talons from some fried chicken and a clam hand. With the gang all gathered up, everything is fine, except for the one outlining member of the gang hanging out in the crowd of spectators. Who shoots Tamaki with their quirk canceling gun, then starts running as he’s confronted by Kirishima. They end up in an alley and while this guy is fairly weak, a man hiding behind the coattails of stronger men.
With a power-enhancing drug, he becomes something of a problem. He extends long blades from his body and goes all out to attack, at first, the blades are even sharp enough to cut through Kirishima’s hardening. Until he pulls out the ultimate move he’d been working on, the skill that he’d come up with from advice from All Might and Bakugo.
His goal is to be something that can’t be broken down, to endure, and then once he can take the brunt of the attacks, move in for the finisher.

His new form looks so cool! He’s so cool! He just stands there and protects the spectators in the alley. Shielding the attack perfectly and then breaking through it to provide the ultimate attack to take the bad guy down. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to be totally cool because the villain got up and was ultimately caught by Fat Gum. Still, the people in the alley who witnessed what Kirishima did were very impressed and the name ‘Red Riot’ began to ring out.

Post credits the rest of the class observes Kirishima, Tsuyu and Ururaka as they begin getting press coverage due to their heroic feats. Meanwhile, all that Midoriya can think about…is Eri.

That’s where the episode wraps, next episode, the meeting of the hero agencies to discuss Overhaul and the situation with the League of Villains. Also, where Eri fits into all of this.