I’m honestly in awe of this anime. So much happened, and the cliffhanger is huge! There’s so much to talk about so here we go.

Let me just start off by saying that Studio Orange is really starting to become an animation studio that’s impressing me. Sure, they haven’t had the best track record, with some stinkers and some decent shows. But when it comes to their full 3DCG shows, such as this and Land of the Lustrous, they knock it out of the park in more ways than one. Recently they released a music video they animated for Idolish7’s new song and let me tell you…it’s gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. But not only are they probably the best studio when it comes to fully 3D shows, their direction is also top notch.

There are a lot of scenes that were done so well with so much care. The constant back and forth transition from the Legosi/Jack scene to the current fight against the lion mobster was phenomenal. Legosi’s metaphor with the escalator was visualized really well. But the most breathtaking scene was in the bedroom when Legosi held Haru, and the room’s mirrors reflected the same scene from the first episode in different camera angles. Just…ahhh, gives me goosebumps but I’ll get to that part in a bit.

I really enjoyed this episode a lot, it’s probably my favorite of the show even though there are lots of good ones, though I kind of have some gripes with it. Like I mentioned, the fight scene with the lion boss was phenomenal both with it’s amazing fighting choreography, as well as blending in the conversation Legosi had with Jack about finding the point of being born who he is. It’s great to see how far Legosi has gone. He admits that him caring for his pet beetle was more for his sake in protecting someone smaller and weaker than him, and that could parallel with Haru who is also in the same boat. His little pet bug’s spirit flying away from his fist brought all these thoughts together, only to fly away as if Legosi is ready to move on and let go of those thoughts. He was comfortable to go into full carnivorous wolf mode, even in front of Haru and attack the lion boss with all of his terrifying strength, sinking his teeth into his neck and ripping out his skin. Our meek and awkward Legosi to a fierce and bloody wolf. All so he could protect the one that he loved, and he’s finally found his reason. He’s always hid his full strength, he never wanted to bother anyone, and he did his best to stay on the sidelines and just try and get along with everyone. He’s never really accepted himself as a carnivore, but at this moment he was able to be comfortable enough and finally accept himself. This whole sequence was intense, nerve wracking, a little terrifying, but so powerful and brilliant. I’ve never mentioned him, but Legosi’s voice actor is perfect and the voice acting really elevated the scene even more. Not just in this scene, but pretty much the entire show but it was really apparent this time around. Bravo.

Even though very wounded, Legosi goes to hold his hand out to Haru. I feel like this scene was very important, because if Haru didn’t accept him after all that…then what? I don’t know what would have happened. This was a really defining moment for Legosi and for his growth, I can’t even imagine the devastation if Haru didn’t take his hand. But luckily she did, and the two were able to leave together.

What’s very interesting is, though while Legosi went all out…he still didn’t kill the lion boss. He missed his vitals on purpose. However, we get a shocking twist when Louis appears and threatens him with his own gun, only to shoot him through his mouth. My god this episode was very violent haha. It’s so interesting to see the contrast between Legosi and Louis. While Legosi, the carnivore, has all the strength and drive to easily kill he chooses not to. And Louis, an herbivore, who is much weaker compared to his wolf “friend” had no hesitation in killing. It’s something that we’ve seen from them since the beginning, the envy of each other and how they were born. This time it was shown plainly to us who they really are. I’m not sure what Louis was planning to do. Was he ready to save Haru as well, or did he predict that Legosi wouldn’t kill the boss so he went to finish him off himself? His conscious was eating him up inside? Either way, while I’m not the biggest fan of Louis, I have to admit that he’s a stone cold badass. However there’s an implication that this was the end for him, and I can only see it that way. He kills the boss, sure, but then there was no way he’d be able to escape. Two lions come in and Louis basically offers himself up to them. Honestly after what he did, where can he go from here? This was basically a suicide wish for him, and it seems like he’s accepted it. Accept what? Accept that Haru might have fallen for Legosi, that he doesn’t deserve her, or doesn’t deserve his own life? His status of being a Beastar going out the window after he made his decision? There’s a lot to unpack here and they make it seem like Louis is a goner, but I really wonder if they’ll just leave it at that. Maybe Gouhin is still sticking around and can save him. By the way, where the heck is Gouhin?!

The aftermath was a little weird, which is maybe my only complaint with this episode. It started off with high emotions and intensity, and then it mellowed out pretty quickly with Legosi and Haru going out to eat. And good ol’ Legosi always carries money in his shoe so they were able to buy something to eat. I just find it so funny that no one reacted to this big wolf man wearing a bloody tank top, walking around with a half naked rabbit. The mood shift was a little abrupt and jarring with how chill they both were, but then things ramp up again when they both choose to spend the night in a love hotel. My mans Legosi is in “male mode” but they don’t really have a choice, so they have to share a bed.

This next part was very intimate, emotional, and had me going “Ooooooh” like an idiot. Legosi tries to kiss Haru, but she interrupts him and says he should wash his clothes. She takes off his shirt to see all the scars on his back, which was from his fight with Bill from the play. It’s at this moment that he reveals to Haru his secret: He tried to eat her that one night. I’ll say it again, this entire scene was gorgeous and phenomenal. The mirrors in the room reflected the scene from the first episode, while on the bed Legosi held Haru in the same way. But of course looking at them side by side, you can see the different emotions between them and how far the two have come in their relationship. One intense and fearful, the other soft and gentle. Haru admits that she was able to figure it out it was him, though not immediately. It explains why she was a little wary of him when she realized who he was, because he acted in a completely different way with her, and that’s understandable. But she acted so nice with him because she always had fun when she was with him. Wanting to set things in motion between them, Haru asks him whether he’ll eat her, or sleep with her. Things get steamy very quick, but a little awkward but it makes sense. Legosi does love Haru, but while he’s touching her and getting in the mood, his mind is going a mile a minute with “Is this really okay?” and all that. But things seem to be going in the right direction, until Haru unconsciously sticks her arm in Legosi’s mouth. I was a little confused here, but it seems that some animals tend to sacrifice themselves when confronted with their predator and throw themselves at their mouth, which is what Haru did instinctually. Meaning…even though it seems she has fallen for Legosi and wanted to sleep with him, her body reacted in a way that showed that this relationship…is wrong. And the way it ended on that still…again, Orange is just killing it.

Grrr there’s only more episode left! There’s still so much that can happen and I’m dying to find out more so I’m so excited for next week. How will things progress from here with Legosi and Haru, what happened to Louis? Legosi’s beetle dying also makes me a little nervous. If that beetle was supposed to symbolize Haru, well…


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