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Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu
ぼくのとなりに暗黒破壊神がいます | A Destructive God Sits Next to Me, Bokuhaka
Animation Company: EMT Squared
Premiere: January 10, 2020 @ 21:00 (JST)
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Josei
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Seri Koyuki is just trying to have a normal school life, but instead he ends up acting as the straight man to his odd classmate, Kabuto Hanadori. Kabuto is is a delusional high school student, whose fantasies range from believing he is a knight on a journey, to claiming that removing his eyepatch will release a darker alter-ego who he refers to as Michael Offenbarung Dunkelheit. Seri is determined not to let himself get pushed around by Kabuto, but it seems that this will be easier said than done!

Eva: PASS – I have zero interest in this one.
Berry: PASS – I’m not really into chuuni shows so I’ll skip. Art style is cute tho.
Midnight: I have a mild amount of interest in this, not enough to jump and say I’d cover it but i might watch it.
Aplus: PASS – I’m kinda burnt out on chuuni after watching Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy. The characters here look cuter and I like the art more, but I’m buuurnt.
Quietcupcake: This one seems like it could be fun to watch, I’m already digging the music from the PVs. Though, it might be something I’ll binge after it finishes airing depending on the response it gets.
Pandora: PASS – Is this Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Part 2? Not interested because I watched all that show, kinda forcibly.

Darwin’s Game
Animation Company: Nexus
Premiere: January 4, 2020 @ 00:00 (JST)
Genre: Action, Mystery, Shounen
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

An unknowing Sudou Kaname is invited to try out a new mysterious mobile app game called Darwin’s Game, but later realizes that he’s in for more than he’s bargained for when he finds out that there’s no way to quit the game.

Eva: PASS – I would like to watch it but at the same time, I am already spooked, ahaha…

Berry: Hmm….I’m not sure. There’s just so much of these but I could possibly check it out? For some reason I really like the girl’s design.

Midnight: Welp, it basically had me at mystery but the character designs are also really good and I’m digging the heck out of the animation. I’m totally going to give this one a chance.
Aplus: I’m very into the idea of this and the art looks awesome. Isekai me up. Where’s truck-kun when you need him?
Quietcupcake: Not gonna lie! I’m pretty excited for this one. Something like this isn’t usually my first choice, but the PVs did a really good job of convincing me to give it a chance!
Pandora: PASS – Another game isekai? Nah, ima pass. I just don’t enjoy them as much as my younger self did.
Possible Bloggers: Quietcupcake, Midnight

Animation Company: MAPPA
Premiere: January 13, 2020 @ 00:00 (JST)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror, Seinen, Fantasy
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Hole—a dark, decrepit, and disorderly district where the strong prey on the weak and death is an ordinary occurrence—is all but befitting of the name given to it. A realm separated from law and ethics, it is a testing ground to the magic users who dominate it. As a race occupying the highest rungs of their society, the magic users think of the denizens of Hole as no more than insects. Murdered, mutilated, and made experiments without a second thought, the powerless Hole dwellers litter the halls of Hole’s hospital on a daily basis.

Possessing free access to and from the cesspool, and with little challenge to their authority, the magic users appear indomitable to most—aside for a few. Kaiman, more reptile than man, is one such individual. He hunts them on a heedless quest for answers with only a trusted pair of bayonets and his immunity to magic. Cursed by his appearance and tormented by nightmares, magic users are his only clue to restoring his life to normal. With his biggest obstacle being his stomach, his female companion Nikaidou, who runs the restaurant Hungry Bug, is his greatest ally.

Set in a gritty world of hellish design, Dorohedoro manages a healthy blend of comedy and lightheartedness with death and carnage. Taking plenty of twists and turns while following the lives of Hole’s residents, it weaves a unique world of unearthly origin and dreary appearance not for the squeamish or easily disturbed.

Eva: PASS – Horror? Pass.
Berry: This really catches my attention. It has a lot of style and an atmosphere I dig, but I’m not quite sure this is a show I could blog about? I’ll put my name down but it’s not a guarantee.
Midnight: Hmmm, interested but not sure if I’d blog it. I am all about horror, comedy and social commentary. It’s one I’d have to see before making up my mind, in other words I am holding putting myself from taking too many shows this season.
Aplus: Has a lot of good tags for me and the description only makes it more appealing. Balancing comedy and ‘carnage’ sounds mildly difficult, but let’s see what they got.
Quietcupcake: PASS – This isn’t really my cup of tea, but it looks like it could be a stand out anime for those who are interested.
Pandora: PASS – I’m not interested, but it seems like it’s an interesting world to be in. Plenty of social commentary at least.
Possible Bloggers: Berry

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!
映像研には手を出すな! | Hands Off the Motion Picture Club!
Animation Company: Science SARU
Premiere: January 6, 2020 @ 00:10 (JST)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, School, Seinen
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Asakusa Midori wants to create an anime, but she’s too disheartened to make that first step by herself. By pure chance, she meets Mizusaki Tsubame, an up-and-coming socialite secretly dreaming of becoming an animator. Together with Midori’s money-loving best friend Kanamori Sayaka, the energetic trio slowly work towards making their “ultimate world” a reality!

Eva: It is kind of hard to gauge whether it will be something I will want to watch, but I am kind of digging it so I’ll give it few episodes.
Berry: This looks pretty cute, and yeah anything that has to do with making anime or whatever usually grabs my attention.
Midnight: Oh no, cute shows about making anime or manga are my weak point but they are ultimately binges for me so, no chance on me covering it but I can absolutely foresee myself watching this.
Aplus: I’m with everyone else on this. This show is either going to be a great binge watch at some point or it’s going to put me to sleep. The art is nice too. Well, it’s unique and I like stuff that looks a bit odd.
Quietcupcake: This one seems like it has a lot going for it, but I haven’t quite been sold, I’ll give the first few episodes a try though!
Pandora: This seems so interesting, but it might be so boring I might have to die and force myself through it.

Haikyuu!!: To the Top (S4)
ハイキュー!! TO THE TOP | Haikyuu!! Season 4
Animation Company: Production I.G.
Premiere: January 11, 2020 @ 01:25 (JST)
Genre: Comedy, Sports, Shounen, Drama, School
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

The fourth season of ‘Haikyuu!!’
Berry: Heeeeeeeeeeell yeah. Honestly that’s the only thing I need to say. I love Haikyuu. Hell yeah.
Midnight: I legit just started season 2 and besides, I can only stand watching it dubbed. I will marathon once this is dubbed though.
Aplus: Wow, it’s finally here. I’m equal parts nervous and excited. So many series have been butchered by sequels that didn’t feel right. I wonder if it will live up to it’s past seasons. It’s probably my #1 sports anime, definitely in top 3. I don’t blog sports shows because there’s not much to talk about, but I am excited to watch.
Quietcupcake: Trust me, I’m excited about this one, but I’m just…. not caught up with all the seasons.
Pandora: PASS – Miss me on that sports anime. But I only watched 3 episodes of this show, and it was quite fun, but they kinda dragged.

Ishuzoku Reviewers
Animation Company: Passione
Premiere: January 11, 2020 @ 23:00 (JST)
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

In our world, the human race constantly debates about several important issues, such as: which girl is the best girl? How good is something as fapping material? Which fetish is the sexiest? Accompany these great warriors as they present us with different girls, different opinions, different boners, and show us that the fantasy world may not be all that different from ours.

Eva: PASS! I can’t even…

Berry: PASS – Heeeeeeeeeeell no. Hell no. Y’know, it’s really hard to defend anime whenever we get stuff like this. Like…wow. Anime really was a mistake.
Midnight: PASS – I….my brain hurts, a lot. What am I ever looking at?
Aplus: Lol ‘different boners’. I didn’t know there was more than one kind. Sounds like a great anime for marketing purposes, but it’s probably going to be bland and boring after an episode or two.
Quietcupcake: PASS – I… don’t even know what to say
Pandora: You know, when i saw this show on MAL, i was like this is gonna be ridiculous. BUT IMA DO IT DUE TO MY NATURE,  im crazy folks!
Possible Bloggers: Pandora

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
地縛少年 花子くん | Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun
Animation Company: Lerche
Premiere: January 10, 2020 @ 01:58 (JST)
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural, School, Shounen
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

It is said that “Hanako-san” lives in the girl’s toilet on the 3rd floor in the old school building and will grant anyone a wish for a price. Yashiro Nene goes looking for “Hanako-san” in the hopes for a successful love encounter, but the one that she meets is completely​ different from what she imagined.

Eva: …What the hell did I just read? This sounds so silly, but I am also super intrigued?! Excited to see how this one turns out.
Berry: Oh yeah, I want this. I absolutely how stylized the art is with it’s vibrant colors and thick outlines. It’s very eyecatching and the character designs are great, and this twist on the Hanako-san ghost story is hilarious. I’m very excited for this one.
Midnight: Welp, this is another one of those ones where I’m looking at it and I adore what I’m seeing but i don’t think i want to toss my hat into the ring to cover it. So another one on the watch list.
Aplus: Bathroom ghost… I’ve seen that somewhere before. I wonder where… Looks fun-ish, and then the art looks great so it will carry just an ok plot. I’ll watch but not interested in covering.
Quietcupcake: Not gonna lie, I’m kind of intrigued after watching the PVs. I might keep my ear out and give a go.
Pandora: Bathroom ghosts make me laugh, I might give it a quick try on my own time. There is bathroom ghosts at my college, so I be interested now.
Possible Bloggers: Berry

Koisuru Asteroid
Animation Company:  Doga Kobo
Premiere: January 3, 2020 @ 07:00 (JST)
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

When she was little, Mira Kinohata met a boy named Ao at a campsite in town. While gazing at the starry sky together, Mira learns that there’s a star with the same name as herself, but no star named Ao. The two then promised to one day explore asteroids together and find a star to name it after him.

Several years later, Mira enrolls at the Hoshizaki high school and decides to join the astronomy club to fulfill her promise. However, she learns that the astronomy club will be merged with the geological research society to form the earth science club. Reluctantly, Mira goes to the club room and is reunited with Ao Manaka—the person she made the promise to explore asteroids with—and is shocked to learn that she is a girl!

Eva: Oh my god, this already feels so wholesome! I don’t think I will be picking it up, but I will certainly be watching!
Berry: This seems precious. I’m usually not into these types of shows but the animation is very pretty, and the astronomy stuff sounds great so I think I’ll give it a peek.
Midnight: Oh well this just sounds adorable, but slice-of-life shows are way too hard to cover.
Aplus: Looks all around good, cute and enjoyable but, like Midnight says, SoL is not good blogging material, at least for me.
Quietcupcake: PASS – It looks cute though!
Pandora: PASS – I’m good, no club shows this time around, they get boring.

Kuutei Dragons
空挺ドラゴンズ | Drifting Dragons
Animation Company: Polygon Pictures
Premiere: January 9, 2020 @ 00:55 (JST)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Dragons, the rulers of the sky. To many people on the surface, they are a dire threat, but at the same time, a valuable source of medicine, oil, and food. There are those who hunt the dragons. They travel the skies in dragon-hunting airships. This is the story of one of those ships, the “Quin Zaza,” and its crew.

Eva: PASS – Eh… I don’t know, it’s not pulling me in. I’ll be skipping out on this one.
Berry: PASS – Yeah this might be something I’ll just wait for when it comes out on Netflix. It sounds cool but I think I’ll hold off unless there’s a lot of hype around this one.
Midnight: Dragons, Dragon hunting, it should sound interesting to me but for some reason, it doesn’t. The animation looks absolutely gorgeous though so maybe if I hear good things I’ll give it a try once it dumps on Netflix sometime in 2021.
Aplus: This looks so fun! Airships and the 3D remind me of Kotobuki from a few seasons ago which I think was a sleeper hit and one of my favorite shows from the past year. Oh man, it’s been almost a full year since it came out. So this is perfect timing! Nice.
Quietcupcake: Dragons? Airships? Heck yeah! I’m in! I’m pretty interested to see how they explore this narrative
Pandora: PASS I feel like those dragons are gonna be peaceful, but they are hunting them anyways. Not my thing.
Possible Bloggers: Quietcupcake

Kyokou Suiri
虚構推理 | In/Spectre
Animation Company: Brain’s Base
Premiere: January 12, 2020 @ 01:30 (JST)
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Demons, Supernatural, Romance, Shounen
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

At the young age of 11, Kotoko Iwanaga was abducted by youkai for two weeks and asked to become their “God of Wisdom,” a mediator between the spirit and human worlds, to which the girl quickly agreed but at the cost of her right eye and left leg. Now, six years later, whenever youkai wish for their problems to be solved, they make their way to Kotoko for consultation.

Meanwhile, Kurou Sakuragawa, a 22-year-old university student, has just broken up with his girlfriend after he fled alone when the two encountered a kappa. Seeing this as her chance to become closer with him, Kotoko immediately makes her move, hoping to get married to Kurou one day. However, she quickly realizes there is something more to Kurou. With this knowledge, she asks for his help in solving the various issues presented by the supernatural, all the while wishing her newfound partner will eventually reciprocate her feelings.

Eva: PASS – I read the manga, couldn’t get into it.
Berry: This sounds so cool but yeahhh the age gap is kind of making me conflicted. It’s not the worse gap but whole marriage thing is really weird. The actual premise sounds cool so…ehhh. I’m not sure.
Midnight: PASS – Okay, so, the girl becomes a goddess at 11, 6 years later she’d be 17 and the guy is 22. That’s a big nope from me. Pass!
Aplus: I think this actually looks kind of interesting. I’m significantly more interested in their backstories and development than the romance bit, but maybe that’ll be something worthwhile too. I’ll at least cover the beginning. Let’s see where this goes.
Quietcupcake: PASS – Not really interested
Pandora: PASS – I feel like that girl about to be disappointed. I do feel bad that she lost her leg. I’m good man, ima pass.
Possible Bloggers: Aplus

Murenase! Seton Gakuen
群れなせ!シートン学園 | Come Together! to the Seton Academy
Animation Company: Studio Gokumi
Premiere: January 7, 2020 @ 00:30 (JST)
Genre: Comedy, School, Ecchi, Romance
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Seton Academy, a school full of animals where, thanks to population decline, there are fewer humans than any other creature. Mazama Jin, an animal hater and the only human male in his class, falls in love with Hino Hitomi, the only female human, the moment he lays eyes her. However he soon finds himself entangled with various other creatures after he reluctantly joins the ‘pack’ of Lanka the wolf, the only other member of her pack.

Eva: PASS – After watching the PV and taking a quick peek at the manga, I don’t think this one will appeal to me.
Berry: PASS – Not my type of show.
Midnight: PASS – Cute chibi designs, nice premise…but it’s an ecchi. Potentially cute storyline…but it’s an ecchi. No Thank you.
Aplus: An animal hater. Bro, you’re ruining everything. Who hurt you? The ecchi tag got me interested. I was about to bail. Won’t cover it though because the last ecchi/romance didn’t go well for me either. Too often replaces plot with fan service. I’ll watch it alone at night away from others and never talk about it, like everyone else.
Quietcupcake: PASS – Not interested.
Pandora: I’m good because he’s hopefully gonna learn animals aren’t that bad. Pass.

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga
Animation Company: Studio Pierrot
Premiere: January 11, 2020 @ 01:23 (JST)
Genre: Comedy, Historical, Seinen, Slice of Life
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

In the “one-of-a-kind samurai-general-reincarnated-as-a-canine comedy,” Nobunaga perishes at Honnouji as in history, and reincarnates in modern-day Japan as a dog named Shinamon. Other Warring States era warlords such as Takeda Shingen eventually join him, also as dogs.

Eva: I don’t plan on watching this anytime soon, but I might in the future during one of those days I decide to watch a random comedy on the whim.
Berry: Yo did they really have to put the dog’s bootyhole right in our faces? Anyway, anytime I see Nobunaga in the title I kind of want to die because of Japan’s hard on for this guy. But…they’re dogs! I’ve been wanting a dog anime for awhile! And how could you not love that first PV? THEY’RE DOGS! <3
Midnight: You know, normally my immediate reaction to a historical tag is a HARD pass but dogs. They had to make them into dogs. I want to watch this, but covering it is not an option.
Aplus: PASS – I like historical but when they make it gimmicky like this, I can’t stand it. I like dogs too, it’s just the art looks generic as heck and like I said, gimmicky as all hell.
Quietcupcake: PASS – I don’t think I’m the audience for this
Pandora: PASS – Historical Tag is a whole pass. I can’t deal with this stuff.

Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu
推しが武道館いってくれたら死ぬ | If the Fan Goes to Budoukan, She’ll Die
Animation Company: 8-Bit
Premiere: January 10, 2020 @ 01:28 (JST)
Genre: Comedy, Music, Seinen
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3 | PV 4

A girl is obsessed with her favourite idol, a minor member of a less popular group, enough that she says she’d die to see her play at Budoukan.

Eva: This feels like it could be super fun to watch, or a major cringe-fest. I will still give it a go.
Berry: Wow the animation is way more pretty than I thought it would be. This sounds like it’ll be a cool look into a facet of the idol community, for better or for worse. But it sounds very interesting and I’m in!
Midnight: Oh no, I really liked the PV! This seems really cute.
Aplus: Ehhhh, It looks pretty but idol shows are so often a miss for me.
Quietcupcake: This seems like it could be super cute! I might not be able to keep up with it as it airs, but I’ll definitely be checking it out!
Pandora: She’ll die??? what? It’s worth a watch, but I might not want to blog it.
Possible Bloggers: Berry

おーばーふろぉ | My Brother Slipped Inside Me In The Bathtub
Animation Company: Studio Hokiboshi
Premiere: January, 2020 (JST)
Genre: Romance, Ecchi
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Brother, are we really taking a bath together?”
And so, a forbidden bathing experience began. Me, my sister, and childhood friend—one man and two women—are sharing one bath. After involuntarily “overflowing,” the sister’s secret love come out?!
This is a young romantic comedy that won’t let you say, “it’s over!”

Eva: PASS! NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. I’m outta here.

Berry: PASS – Uhhhh whaaaat the fuck. Is this just straight up hentai? And what do you mean “slipped inside me”?! OVERFLOWING?! WHAT.
Midnight: PASS – Nope! Nope! The moment you say ‘brother’ in an ecchi I’m GONE.
Aplus: I’ll remain quietly interested from the dumpster I reside in.
Quietcupcake: PASS – Please no.
Pandora: Yo, you see me coming in here to scoop up a really weird and not normal show that looks like something you would find on a hentai website.
Possible Bloggers: Pandora

Animation Company: Geno Studio
Premiere: January 2019 (JST)
Genre: Supernatural
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

The psychic suspense story revolves around people who possess the ability to infiltrate people’s minds and manipulate memories. Their powers have been used in the underworld for covering up incidents, assassinations, and other deeds. These powers can not only destroy other people’s spirits, but also corrupt the users’ own hearts at the same time. The users had to protect their fragile and insecure hearts, as if chained to each other. They are called “pets” out of fear and despising.

Eva: PASS – DAMN, that’s some really messed up and scary stuff going on in this plot! I probably should avoid this one, haha.
Berry: Midnight and I always seem to eye the same mystery shows. I’ll put my name down anyway because this seems intriguing. >:T
Midnight: The minute I laid eyes on this show on ani-chart, I knew, this is my show. This show calls me to on every possible level. Being able to manipulate memories, an ability that can corrupt their hearts. This show is perfect for me and I adore everything about it.
Aplus: I’ll let Midnight and Berry duke it out, but I am very interested! Will be watching alongside of whoever decides to cover it.
Quietcupcake: So, first and foremost, I’m terrified of fish so that PV was an experience… But aside from that the premise season seems kind of interesting, I might wait until after it finishes airing before putting it on my watch list though.
Pandora: PASS – I’m good, I’m leaving the interesting shows for the pros! Weird shows for me!

Possible Bloggers: Midnight, Berry

Animation Company: GEEKTOYS
Premiere: January 8, 2020 (JST)
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Shounen
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3 | PV 4

In a post-apocalyptic world dominated by the so-called “Numbers,” each human will have their identity branded with their own “Count,” which could define any number related to their life. May it be one’s walked distance or amount of compliments given to them by others, this Count could lead them to the abyss when it has dropped to zero.

In the year 305 of the Alcian calendar, Hina has inherited a mission from her Mother, whose Count has depreciated to zero, to search for the Legendary Red Baron. In her adventure, she meets a half-masked swordsman named Licht who tries to hide his identity, as he is known as a degenerate for having an incredibly low Count.

Eva: This is yet another one of those manga series I randomly picked out a whim and enjoyed! Strangely, I am not in a rush to watch it right away, so I am under the impression this is one of those type of series where I have to be in the mood to watch it. As such, I will binge-watch this one at a later date!
Berry: Midnight saying that this could be another Assassin’s Pride makes me shudder and cry but I get what she means. HOWEVER…yeah the premise sounds awesome and I’m very intrigued. I want to give this a chance!
Midnight: I’m really into the premise for this one and I’m digging the character designs. It could be really good or it could be Assassins Pride where the pacing was so weird I lost interest. We’ll see.
Aplus: My count would be 0, for the number of times I’ll watch this show. Jk jk, it looks pretty good. The plot sounds very interesting at least. Will depend on pacing.
Quietcupcake: It doesn’t look like something that I usually go for, but depending on how they spin the story, I might be willing to check it out later on!
Pandora: PASS – Nah, I’m good, its like that episode on black mirror or psycho pass. That scared me so much, because of real life implications. PASS.
Possible Bloggers: Berry

Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumeishitemita. (RikeKoi)
理系が恋に落ちたので証明してみた。 | Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It
Animation Company: Zero-G
Premiere: January 11, 2020 (JST)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Note: All episodes will be released on the same day on Amazon Prime. *If picked up: It will be covered episodically once a week.

Yukimura Shinya, and Himuro Ayame are two scientists that want to find out if love can be solved by a scientific theory. These two scientists also have feelings for each other and want to be able to solve their true feelings through similar theoretical facts. With this perfect opportunity, these scientists will attempt to solve the theory of the love they express for each other.

Eva: FINALLY A PURE ROMANTIC COMEDY!!!!!!!!! Will be watching! I NEED MY FULFILLMENT OF ROMCOMS! Please be good.
Berry: This looks so cute and hilarious, I’ll absolutely give it a watch.
Midnight: I feel like I know someone who would be really into this. I might give it a binge-watch since it’ll be dropped all at once on prime, but I have no interest in covering it.
Aplus: PASS
Quietcupcake: This seems like it has the potential to be absolutely hilarious. It might be a little bit hard to blog, but I’ll give it a whirl!
Pandora: I find that interesting, because is love something that can be made. And why do you we only fall in love with certain people? And why do certain loves don’t last. So many questions that need to be answered by this show. I’ll give it a watch if i have time.
Possible Bloggers: Quietcupcake

Runway de Waratte
ランウェイで笑って | Smile at the Runway
Animation Company: Ezo’la
Premiere: January 10, 2020 (JST)
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Chiyuki Fujito has a dream: to become a Paris Collection model. The problem is, she’s too short to be a model, and everyone around her tells her so! But no matter what they say, she won’t give up. Her classmate, a poor student named Ikuto Tsumura, also has a dream: to become a fashion designer. One day Chiyuki tells him that it’s “probably impossible” for him, causing him to consider giving it up…?! This is the story of two individuals wholeheartedly chasing after their dreams in spite of all the negativity that comes after them!

Eva: I first came across this series a year ago and it is an absolute gem! I adore both of the protagonists (Chiyuki and Ikuto), and I am always rooting for them to do their best in spite of the harsh world of the fashion industry! Definitely give this series a chance! (I hope they don’t water down the designs too much, that’s some of the best parts!)
Berry: I don’t know too much about the fashion industry myself but this sounds awesome. Not a premise we see every day so I’m all in!
Midnight: Oh man! I love this premise! It sounds so good, I will have to give this a watch.
Aplus: I’m such a sucker for the ‘people chasing a dream that everyone tells them to give up on’ type shows. I didn’t know being a model had height requirements but I’m sure I’ll find out more once I start watching the show.
Quietcupcake: I am so excited for this anime!! I fell in love  with t he premise and both Chiyuki and Ikuto seems like absolutely phenomenal characters. I don’t know too much about the fashion industries but this entire premise absolutely fascinates me. I’ll definitely be watching this one.
Pandora: PASS – It sounds interesting, but the fashion industry is ruthless. So I’m good.
Possible Bloggers: Eva, Quietcupcake

Somali to Mori no Kamisama
ソマリと森の神様 | Somali and the Forest Spirit
Animation Company: Satelight
Premiere: January 10, 2020 (JST)
Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

The world is ruled by spirits, goblins and all manner of strange creatures. Human beings are persecuted, to the very point of extinction. One day, a golem and a lone human girl meet. This is a record of the pair; one a member of a ruined race, the other a watchman of the forest. It tells of their travels together, and of the bond between father and daughter.

Eva: As long as they don’t turn this father daughter relationship into a romantic one like some other titles which started off with a similar premise (god damn it, I lost count how many times I’ve been burned by these twists already!), then yes I am absolutely hopping aboard the feels train! APPRECIATE THE PURELY WHOLESOME FATHER/DAUGHTER BONDS!
Berry: I understand everyone’s concerns but oh my god this stole my heart. I love this fantasy setting, and the thought of a little girl and an emotionless golem thing traveling together and creating a bond and being father/daughter…AHHHHHHH.
Midnight: Cute, but worrisome for the reasons brought up above. I’ll let other people watch it and if it remains cute and just father/daughter cuteness I’ll give it a watch at a later date.
Aplus: Ohh, I’m definitely watching. I love father-daughter shows. The dad’s rage mode or whatever looks like the Owl from Tokyo Ghoul and it’s giving me bad vibes because of what happened to that series, but I am very excited for this.
Quietcupcake: I adore the setting that this all takes place in, the designs are just great! I don’t know if I’ll watch this one right away though!
Pandora: PASSfeel all the loli lovers coming Every time a father x daughter show is mentioned, it may turn romantic like Eva said. That’s kinda creepy.
Possible Bloggers: Berry

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T (S3)
とある科学の超電磁砲[レールガン]T | A Certain Scientific Railgun 3
Animation Company: J.C.Staff
Premiere: January 10, 2020 (JST)
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Super Power
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

The third season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities—and delightfully destructive Railgun projectile move—make her a rock star in Academy City. The techno-metropolis is packed with supernaturally powered students known as espers, including Misaka’s flirty friend and roommate, Kuroko. In this city full of super-powered gangs, mad scientists, and monsters—there’s no shortage of action!

Eva: PASS – Haven’t watched the previous seasons
Berry: PASS – Haven’t seen any of the seasons.
Midnight: Pass – Honestly, I keep meaning to pick this series up but i just keep not doing it. Oh well.
Aplus: Hehehehe, it’s time. Index and Accelerator were ok, but this is the show everyone is really here for. I’ve been missing my Biribiri. Unfortunately, I will not be blogging it though. I am so pumped for this show though! Finalllllly.
Quietcupcake: PASS – Haven’t seen the previous seasons
Pandora: PASS – I didn’t watch any of these XD


Animation Company: Children’s Playground Entertainment
Premiere: January 9, 2020
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, Ecchi
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Ever since watching a magic show held by him and his wife Maeve, Makoto Shiranui has always admired Mamoru Hoshisato—a world-class magician, as well as friend of his parents—and came to Tokyo to become his apprentice. Kana, nicknamed Hatena, is the couple’s daughter and his childhood friend. As the hustle and bustle activities in Tokyo catches Makoto off guard such as burglaries by a beautiful thief, he depends on Hatena’s comforting side. When he came to Hoshisato’s now-haunted mansion to reunite with his childhood friend, he is greeted by the family’s butler and maid, Jeeves and Emma along with Hatena, only to discover that they are not as compatible anymore.

Eva: This sounds like it will be right up my alley, I’ll give this a whirl!
Berry: The ecchi turns me off but I love the premise! It looks really cute and fun and something I would enjoy so I’m watching regardless.
Midnight: Cute character designs, Supernatural tag, good premise…WHY IS IT ECCHI!??!!?  CAN YOU KEEP THAT OUT OF MY ADORABLE MAGIC ANIME!?!?!? I guess as long as it’s not over the top or gratuitous I’ll drop in and give this a look.
Aplus: Yeah, the ecchi confused me too. But the only thing better than magic is ecchi magic.
Quietcupcake: Oh! This looks cute! I’m definitely willing to give it a shot!
Pandora: PASS – I am not interested in magic. Pass!

Possible Bloggers: Eva

Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kante
宝石商リチャード氏の謎鑑定 | The Case Files of Jeweler Richard
Animation Company: Shuka
Premiere: January 9, 2020
Genre: Mystery
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

The ‘heartwarming jewel mystery’ series centers on the handsome jewelry appraiser Richard Ranashinha Dvorpian and the bright and cheerful college student Seigi Nakata as they uncover the hidden messages that lie within jewels while they solve various jewel-related cases by unraveling the hidden psychological aspects of their owners that lie within the gems.

Eva: Yup, this is the type of mystery I am into! Will be watching this!
Berry: PASS – Hmm, I’m not sure. Doesn’t really capture my interest.
Midnight: Hnnngg!~ don’t overwhelm yourself with things to cover Midnight…don’t do it…don’t do it…I will be watching this. No doubt!
Aplus: That sounds so cool! I will be watching.
Quietcupcake: I can go either way with this one! It’s definitely caught my eye, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fully commit to this.
Pandora: This was interesting and it’s already on my list to watch!!!! I’m going to watch on my free time.

Possible Bloggers: Eva

Infinite Dendrogram
Animation Company: NAZ
Premiere: January 9, 2020 @ 23:00 (JST)
Genre: Fantasy, Game
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

In the year 2043, <Infinite Dendrogram>, the world’s first successful full-dive VRMMO was released. In addition to its ability to perfectly simulate the five senses, along with its many other amazing features, the game promised to offer players a world full of infinite possibilities. Nearly two years later, soon-to-be college freshman, Reiji Mukudori, is finally able to buy a copy of the game and start playing. With some help from his experienced older brother, Shuu, and his partner Embryo, Reiji embarks on an adventure into the world of <Infinite Dendrogram>. Just what will he discover and encounter in this game world known for its incredible realism and infinite possibilities?

Eva: PASS – Sorry I am burned out from these VRMMO stories.
Berry: PASS – Nope.
Midnight: Oh hey, it’s not an Isekai and it seems more in line with something like Recovery of an MMO junkie or a show like that. Not interested enough to cover it, but I might check it out.
Aplus: I am confuse. What is? Isekai? No. But VRMMO? Yes. No get. Isekai. Where. If it goes into action/adventure territory, then I’m in.
Quietcupcake: I never really got into series like this, if it ends up being a stand out series then maybe I’ll consider giving it a chance.
Pandora: PASS – He’s not stuck in the game! WOW! Or is he? I’m still not watching it, I leave that game to my brother.

Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu
痛いのは嫌なので防御力に極振りしたいと思います | I Hate Being in Pain, So I Think I’ll Make a Full Defense Build
Animation Company: Silver Link
Premiere: January 8, 2020
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

After receiving an invitation from her friend Risa Shiromine, Kaede Honjou begins playing the VRMMO game New World Online as the character Maple. Lacking knowledge of the game, she allocates all her status points to defense. As a result, her movements are slow, she cannot use magic, and even gets attacked by the rabbits. However, she obtains a skill called “Absolute Defense” due to maxing out her vitality points, and a counter skill that kills in a single hit. A “mobile fortress style” novice with a poisonous skill that makes all attacks invalid and overrides all obstacles, she goes off to adventures, disregarding her irregularities.

Eva: PASS – The Defence is so OP, it just killed my interest! I’ll see myself out.
Berry: PASS – Again, just nope.
Midnight: PASS – She’s cute, but no thank you.
Aplus: It looks fun y’all. And like something I’d do in a video game. I need it to be a few levels more serious though. It looks too childish? It will really depend on that. Not worth blogging IMO.
Quietcupcake: PASS – I’m not super interested in this!
Pandora: PASS – EWWWW! why would you do that!!! It’s like rising shield hero except the girl did that shit on purpose. But she does have a powerful attack tho. I’m still not watching it.

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi
魔術士オーフェンはぐれ旅 | Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
Animation Company: Studio Deen
Premiere: January 7, 2020 @ 23:00 (JST)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Martial Arts
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

A sorcerer who was once the top student of the famous Tower of Fang, now spends his time chasing around his hopeless clients as a moneylender, at least until his client comes up with a plan to make money: marriage fraud. Unwillingly being dragged in to the plan, Orphen encounters a monster who has long been his goal since the day he left the Tower of Fang. Between those who seek to kill the monster and Orphen, giving everything to protect the monster, his lousy but peaceful days end. Trying to turn back his sister, Azalie, back to her true form leads to many more mysteries and the key to the secret to the world.

Eva: I never watched the original, but it feelsl like it might be the kind of old-school series I would really enjoy! Looking forward to it!
Berry: PASS – Ehhh…doesn’t interest me.
Midnight: I watched the original Orphen series back in the day and liked it a lot actually. I’m kind of interested in where this reboot series is going, so I’ll give episode one a shot and see if it has the same appeal as the old show.
Aplus: PASS
Quietcupcake: PASS – There’s a lot going on here. This might be one, where I just won’t be able to get super invested.
Pandora: PASS – Sounds bad in general and everything is gonna go wrong.


A3! Season Spring & Summer
Act! Addict! Actors! Season Spring & Summer
Animation Company: P.A. Works & Studio 3Hz
Premiere: January 14, 2020 @ 00:00 (JST)
Genre: Music
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

“Director! Please help us bloom!”

In Tokyo, there is a place called Velude Way. It is a district notorious for its performers and theatrical groups. Izumi Tachibana, who was previously a stage actress, arrives with a letter that reads, “Full of debt! Zero customers! Only one actor!” It describes the current state of the once-popular theater group Mankai Company. Her task is to rebuild the company to its former glory as the new owner and chief director

Eva: I’ll have to give it a go.

Berry: Hmm…I’ll give it a shot. I know how crazy popular this series is so I have to check it out. I just hope it delivers on the hype unlike Enstars.
Midnight: PASS – Hmmm, music animes tend to lose me pretty fast. The guys are super cute though!
Aplus: PASS
Quietcupcake: A lot of people seem to like A3!, but I haven’t really gotten into it. If it happens to be a stand out anime, I might give it a chance later on.
Pandora: PASS – Basically Sing! with anime? Not bad, but I’m good – PASS!

Possible Bloggers: Berry

BanG Dream! 3rd Season
BanG Dream!(バンドリ!)第3期 
Animation Company: SANZIGEN
Premiere: January 23, 2020
Genre: Music, Slice of Life
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Third season of ‘BanG Dream!’ series.
Eva: PASS I have been playing the game a bit (the music is sooooo good!!!), but I have yet to watch the first two seasons….
I’ll get around to it. EVENTUALLY!~
Berry: THIS BABY IS MINE! Second season was great so I can’t wait to see what they’ll do this time. Add RAS in the game please?
Midnight: PASS – Oh look, a female idol group that isn’t Franchouchou. My interest is GONE.
Aplus: Bang Dream is the only idol show I didn’t give up on. I love the focus on multiple bands and I like a few songs from everyone. Obviously Roselia is #1 though. Will 100% be watching.
Quietcupcake: PASS – I only just started the second season, but the entire time I just think to myself “I could be playing the game”
Pandora: PASS – I don’t watch idol shows.

Possible Bloggers: Berry

Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden (TV)
マギアレコード 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ外伝 (TV) | Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record (TV)
Animation Company: Shaft
Premiere: January 5, 2020 @ 00:00 (JST)
Genre: Psychological, Magic, Thriller, Drama
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

The new heroine of Magia Record is Iroha, a magical girl on the hunt for her missing sister Ui in Kamihama. Also in Kamihama is Madoka, who’s searching for the similarly-missing Homura.

Eva: If it came out right after the OG Mahou Shoujo Madoka in 2010, I would have been all over it. But now I’m so done with the trend, and I just want to see more fluffy magical girl shows that I enjoyed almost two decades ago.
Berry: PASS – I was never a fan of Madoka. Yeah yeah I know what you’re saying. No thanks.
Midnight: Yo! I’m Midnight and this is my show. I have been waiting on the upside of the end of Rebellion for more Madoka content and while I haven’t had the patience to play the game i’m all here for the anime!
Aplus: I’m into it. I will definitely check it out. If it’s at all able to distinguish itself from a regular magical girl show (just being dark isn’t enough anymore) then I will watch.
Quietcupcake: Look, I second Eva, but part of me is just curious enough to check it out. I really want to know just how much this story will grow and build upon everything we know. I’ll give it a few episodes before making a final call!
Pandora: PASS – I’m good too, I already watched some of the OG and I’m actually good with dark magical girl shows.
Possible Bloggers: Midnight

Animation Company: Felix Film
Premiere: January 9, 2020
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Neko Works announced at Comiket 95 a new TV anime series based on the Nekopara visual novels.
Eva: [SIGH] PASS – Forget it. The Loli designs are already a big NO for me.
Berry: PASS – Isn’t this an eroge? Anyway, no thanks.
Midnight: PASS – …A big no thank you for loli catgirls.
Aplus: “Of course I’m watching this.” I say to myself. In all honesty, while cat girls are cute, these shows are soooo boring. If it has any redeeming quality I’ll watch it.
Quietcupcake: PASS – No thank you.
Pandora: PASS – What is this show even about? Cat girls are cute tho! I’ma pass tho.

Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!
SHOW BY ROCK!!ましゅまいれっしゅ!! 
Animation Company: Kinema Citrus
Premiere: January 9, 2020 @ 22:30 (JST)
Genre: Comedy, Music
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

The new anime will center around the band Mashumairesh!!!!, which includes guitarist and vocalist Howan of fox lineage, guitarist and vocalist MashimaHimeko of striped cat lineage, bassist and vocalist Delmin of the Devilmint Kiryū lineage, and drummer and vocalist Ruhuyu of wolf-girl lineage.

Eva: PASS – Show by Rock!! is really cute, but I never actually finished watching it. I should probably do that first before I watch this one. Nevertheless, it’s great to see a new story with new characters!
Berry: Okay so I’ve covered every single season of Show By Rock because I love it so. I didn’t expect to see another anime of it, but I’m glad they’re focusing on completely new characters since the original story is basically over. So, yes, sign me up! Though…I am bummed that Bones isn’t animating it this time.
Midnight: PASS – Is it Zombieland Saga season 2? No? Okay then, that’s where I stand on female idol shows. Pass.
Aplus: PASS – I haven’t watched previous seasons. The only experience I have with Show By Rock is a 10 hour loop of the dark blue haired girl in cat ears dancing. I’ve put that on in the background probably too many times.
Quietcupcake: PASS – I’ve heard that a lot of people like Show by Rock!!, but I personally haven’t had the chance to get into it.
Pandora: PASS – Idol show, I’m good.

Possible Bloggers: Berry

Zenonzard: The Animation
Animation Company: 8-Bit
Premiere: January, 2020
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Drama
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Note: Anime Adaptation to Bandai App Game Zenonzard, Considered the Episode 0 of the Adaptation. It Released on Zenonzard YouTube channel on September 10 and aired on TV on September 13 Midnight.

The year 20XX. Humans called <Concodes> and ultra-high-performance AI called <Codeman> team up as buddies to compete in the card battle game ZENOZARD. People are going wild with excitement at the world championships, THE ZENON. One day, Sota Azuma, an average high school student, is challenged to a battle by a mysterious woman, Eilietta Lash. She reveals that she’s a Codeman and that her intent is to team up with Sota and participate in THE ZENON. Sota reluctantly agrees. Sota and Eilietta’s first opponent turns out to be the super-famous player Shion Saionji, who attends Sota’s school, and her buddy, Ash Claude.

Eva: PASS – I watched episode 0, couldn’t get into it.
Berry: PASS – Doesn’t look like my type of thing.
Midnight: Hmmm, this is another one of those ones where I’d have to listen to early reviews to see if it’s any good before starting it.
Aplus: PASS – Blegh, this doesn’t look like it’ll be good. I’m ready to eat my words, but this looks really bland.
Quietcupcake: PASS – It just doesn’t grab me.
Pandora: PASS – I’m good, gaming anime aren’t my cup of tea unless it’s High Score Girl because they be doing the 90’s.


Animation Company: A-1 Pictures
Premiere: January 11, 2020 @ 23:00 (JST)
Genre: Music, Idol
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3 | PV 4 

TV Anime Series for Idol Group 22/7.
Eva: I am absolutely watching this!
Berry: I don’t know this idol group but damn this looks gorgeous. Ahh so many music shows pulling me in.
Midnight: Female idol shows aren’t my….oh god they’re so cute. The outfit design is adorable…m-maybe I might give this a view. Just a little..
Aplus: PASS – Cute, but I shall resist.
Quietcupcake: It looks cute! I watched a couple of their music videos and I’m definitely interested in checking this Idol group out!
Pandora: PASS – CUTE GIRLS! But I don’t watch Idol shows. cheche
Possible Bloggers: Eva

ARP Backstage Pass
Animation Company: Asmik Ace???
Premiere: January 13, 2020 @ 23:00 (JST)
Genre: Music
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

ARP (nominally an abbreviation for Artists Republic Production) is a dance vocal group which holds live performances — featuring singing, dancing, and interactive talking with the audience — in real-time using the latest augmented-reality technology. The ikemen (handsome) group members include their de facto leader Shinji, the talented dancer León, and the members of the Rebel Cross duo (designer Daiya and composer/writer Rage).

Eva: It’s an idol show, of course I am going to check it out. How nice it would be to have another idol show I enjoy to add to the list! But I am not expecting much.
Berry: PASS – This one doesn’t seem all that impressive though. I’ll just hear what people have to say about this one before I check it out.
Midnight: PASS – Oh phew, okay, idols but they’re male but they aren’t cute enough to sway my heart. So pass.
Aplus: PASS – Making them boys changes nothing! No idols.
Quietcupcake: PASS – I’m probably going to Pass on this one!
Pandora: PASS – Yet another idol show.


Healin’ GoodPrecure
Animation Company: Toei Animation
Premiere: February 2, 2020
Genre: Action, Magic, Fantasy, Shoujo
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

New Precure series.
Our partners are animals!? Join forces with the Healing Animals in order to heal our precious Earth!

Eva: I really hope this one will be better… The last few Precures series haven’t really hit the mark for me, and while Star Twinkle had me hopeful and opstimistic in the beginning, I ended up dropping it and haven’t felt comepelled to resume watching it ever since. So as per ususal I plan to give it 10 Episodes to see where it goes and can only hope for the best. LETS GO PRECURE!
Berry: I wasn’t a fan of Star Twinkle and dropped it early. I still want to give Precure a chance, so I hope this one will keep me invested.
Midnight: PASS – I like magical girl shows but Pre-cure has just never been my thing, pass.
Aplus: PASS
Quietcupcake: PASS – I haven’t really watched any precure!
Pandora: PASS – Never watched any precure stuff.

Possible Bloggers: Eva

Animation Company: NAZ
Premiere: January 6, 2020
Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3 

The virtual world of ID: Invaded is full of tumbling, floating houses, colliding masses of land, and disappearing structures. Sakaido, a detective, finds himself in this world, and is quickly tasked with unraveling the murder of Kaeru, a young girl who was fatally stabbed. Soon it becomes apparent that the unconventional physical rules of the new world aren’t limited to buildings or roads since Sakaido’s body also presents various states of disconnection.

Eva: Ooooh this sounds pretty neat. Another mystery to add to my list of shows to watch this season!
Berry: Well damn, another cool mystery show. All I have to say is that this looks very cool so…yes!
Midnight: I missed my chance to see this early on Funimation a few days ago, but i’m probably going to be watching it. The only reason i’m not jumping coverage is I’m already signed up for three shows.
Aplus: I’m loving the abundance of mysteries this season! Will watch, don’t know how it’ll go, but I am pretty excited for it.
Quietcupcake: Ahhhhh this seems like it could be really good. I don’t know if I’ll watch it while it’s airing though.
Pandora: PASS – That seems complicated as hell. How are they gonna make this make sense!

Animation Company: PRA
Premiere: January 8, 2020 @ 22:30 (JST)
Genre: Sports, School
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Natsusa Yuzuki entered university expecting to be the rugby club’s ace, but he can no longer play rugby due to certain circumstances. Ibuki Ueoka is a senior who also quit playing rugby. There is also Yasunari Tsuru, Natsusa’s junior who finds him disagreeable. On the other hand, another junior, Yuu Mashiro looks up to Natsusa and follows in his footsteps. Last, there is Seiichirou Shingyouji, Natsusa’s childhood best friend. This is an original rugby anime of former teammates who fight together in matches of Kansai’s university rugby league.

Eva: I am always down for original sports animes, but for whatever reason rudby series just haven’t been able to hold my interest. Nevertheless, it never doesn’t hurt to keep giving them a shot!
Berry: Hmm, the guys are cute. There’s so many things I want to watch so this one might be lower on my priority list.
Midnight: PASS – Very few sports animes appeal to me and this one doesn’t seem like it’s going to be one of them. Pass.
Aplus: SPROTS again. Will watch. The last rugby show left a bad taste in my mouth. All Out? I did not like that show one bit. Hopefully this will revitalize me.
Quietcupcake: I tried to watch Try Knights, I really did but … now I’m afraid of what rugby anime can do. I’ll check in on it once a few episodes come out to see if I should at least give it a chance.
Pandora: PASS – Sports anime again.

Uchi Tama?! Uchi no Tama Shirimasenka?
Animation Company: MAPPA | Lapin Track
Premiere: January 10, 2020 (JST)
Genre: Slice of Life
Trailer: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3

Spin-off of “Tama and Friends” that reimagines the cast of the franchise as humans.
Eva: PASS – Not my type.
Berry: PASS – Never heard of Tama and friends so no.
Midnight: PASS – I’ve heard of Tama and friends, but I haven’t seen it.
Aplus: PASS
Quietcupcake: PASS – I haven’t seen any part of Tama and Friends! So I’m not particularly interested!
Pandora: PASS – What is this anime? I never watched the first season.


Eva: Whew, I was a bit worried about whether or not this season would have enough to appeal to me, but I pleasantly surprised to see there is quite a nice mix of genres to choose from. Among them, some of the shows I am most excited to for are 22/7, Hatena☆Illusion, Healin’ Good♡Precure and/or Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kante and Runway de Waratt. ID:Invaded, number24, RikeKoiSomali to Mori no Kamisama. Surprisingly, I didn’t sign up for as many as I usually do but mostly because a lot them are type of shows I would rather watch than cover. I am looking forward to what Winter 2020 Season has to offer!

Berry: Uhhh holy crap, I signed up for 9 shows this season which is probably the most I’ve ever signed up for. Dorohedoro, Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekureta Shinu, Plunderer, Pet, Somali to Mori no Kamisama, A3! Season Spring & Summer, Bang Dream! Season 3, and Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! But I guarantee that there’s no way in hell that I’m covering all of those, no matter how much I may want to. The most I can take is probably 5 but we’ll see. And what’s more, is that there’s plenty of shows on top of these that I really want to watch because they look great! Lots of cute ones, lots of music ones! And hey there’s also Haikyuu so ahhhhh! This Winter season looks fantastic so I’m excited!

Midnight: Wow, there are so many shows I at least want to give a chance this season. However, for now, let’s focus on the things I want to cover. There is, of course, the much anticipated ‘Pet that somehow got pushed from Fall to Winter. ‘Darwin’s Game‘ is my aesthetic for sure and I can’t wait to dive right into it. I’ll be continuing My Hero into this season and I am more then excited to see where that is going. Thought if you sat me down and straight up asked me what I am most excited for this season I would have to tell you that it’s ‘Magica Record‘. I love Madoka, a lot, and I am excited to see an expansion to that world. I haven’t been following the game, so there are many surprises ahead! I can’t wait, hopefully we’ll see some returning characters too. [like my girl Sakura] Winter’s looking to be a hype season guys! Let’s go!

Aplus: Too many shows, so many mysteries. The weird thing about this season is very few shows look in the middle. I think we’re reaching this point where everything looks amazing or like complete trash. As far as what I signed up for, I have Kyokou Suiri marked down. There is a lot more I am interested in and may potentially do first impressions of, but these shows look like they will be the most likely to succeed. Kuutei Dragons, Haikyu s4, and Railgun s3 are also definitely up there for me. Overall, I think this season looks like it’s going to a blast, as it always is if you find the right stuff. I’ll be remaining hopeful but skeptical to the bitter end, but I can’t help but get just a bit excited.

Quietcupcake: Ahhhhhhh there are so many things I want to check out this season! So many new idol groups to check out too! At first glance, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be interested in a lot of what was airing, but after doing a bit more research there are so many that I want to watch. Ultimately, I am most excited for Darwin’s Game and Runway de Waratte. But beyond that, also Kuutei Dragons seems like it could be a hidden gem within the season. I know the animation style will turn a lot of people away, but I’m still really excited to see what it has to offer! Beyond these, I’m also incredibly excited for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun and RikeKoi, they are definitely very different series, but I have a feeling that they’ll be stand out in their own way. Let’s not forget about the abundance of idol anime though! There’s definitely plenty to go around, but  I’m probably most interested in checking out 22/7. I don’t know anything about the group, but I’m just itching to learn more about them. It really looks like we’re starting off 2020 with a lot of potentially phenomenal anime!

Pandora: Why is there so many isekai and idol anime this season? Hmm, ask the public, not me. I’m gonna watch a few ecchi and a few mystery shows, because those are interesting. My ecchi shows include Ishuzoku Reviewers and Overflow. I love incest sometimes, it’s exciting and taboo and okay as long as they don’t have children!  My mystery shows include Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kanteand Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun. And I got a quality friendship anime to watch also:Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu. I’m gonna blog my ecchi shows, because I enjoy them the most and I won’t get bored at all too much. Most ecchi is comedy, most of the time, so I should get my daily dose of comedy.


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  1. il-Palazzo

    Ah, Pandora, our blogger of culture.
    Ishuzoku Reviewers is a fun and creative series. You won’t be disappointed.

    1. Pandora

      hahaXD thanks
      Yay!! That makes me excited!!

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